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Kingdom rankWest Indies
West Indies.png
Primary culture
(Of Founder)

Capital province


State religion
(Of Founder)

Technology group
(Of Founder)
West Indies ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−10% Development cost
+1 Merchant

Construction cost.png Plantation Economy

−10% Construction cost
+10% Production efficiency

Institution spread.png Blue Mountain Coffee

+20% Institution spread

National unrest.png The Sugar Revolution

−2 National unrest

Trade power.png The American Trade Hub

+5% Global trade power
+10% Trade range

Max promoted cultures.png Miskito-Zambos

+2 Max promoted cultures

Diplomatic reputation.png Interconnected Relations

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Naval force limit modifier.png Colonial Legacy

+25% Naval force limit modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Colonist


Execute decision.png{{{decision_name}}}

Potential requirements
  • None
  • None

  • None


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