Wealth of Nations

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The Wealth of Nations expansion DLC was annonced on January 27th 2014[1] and scheduled for release Q2 2014. The expansion is to focus on trade and conflict drivers.

Poster for Wealth of Nations

Planned features

These are features announced on the product page[2] and

  • Use covert diplomatic action to create trade conflicts: Bring out your negotiating skills and explore new diplomatic ways to justify and force trade conflicts against your competition
  • Steal from your competitors with the use of privateers: Dare to hire privateers that will steal trade from your competitors by leaching trade into a pirate nation. But if you do, know that this will increase the risk of war since your competitors will have a just cause for war.
  • Create a new trade capital & strengthen your trade: Designate a specific port as your main trade capital, separately from your country’s capital, in a coastal province within the same continent.
  • Improved trading in inland nodes: Merchants placed in inland trade nodes gets increased bonus in proportion to your country’s trade efficiency and will increase your possibilities to trade in faraway inland trade nodes.
  • Establish East India Companies: Strengthen your trade network and reach faraway lands by establishing East India Companies.