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The '''Wealth of Nations''' expansion [[DLC]] was announced on 2014-01-27<ref>[[Forum:751757]]</ref> and was released on 2014-05-29. The expansion focuses on trade and conflict drivers.
The '''Wealth of Nations''' expansion [[DLC]] was announced on 2014-01-27<ref>[[Forum:751757]]</ref> and was released on 2014-05-29. The expansion focuses on trade and conflict drivers.
[[File:EUIV-WON-Poster.png|thumb|right|580px|Poster for Wealth of Nations]]
[[File:EUIV-WON-Poster.png|framed|right|Poster for Wealth of Nations]]

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The Wealth of Nations expansion DLC was announced on 2014-01-27[1] and was released on 2014-05-29. The expansion focuses on trade and conflict drivers.

Poster for Wealth of Nations


These are exclusive features announced in the patch notes:[2]

  • A new casus belli is introduced: Trade conflict.
  • Privateers replace pirates. A light ship can be send on such a mission, where it will hoist Jolly Rogers flag and create 1,5 times its normal trade power in the node. The income goes to the pirate nation collecting as a merchant in the node. The pirate nation will pay 40% of the income generated to the nation sending the privateer. If a nation has over 20% of the income in a node getting targeted by privateers they gain a CB against the privateering nation.
  • Trade companies are introduced. They are assigned by western countries to provinces in specific areas of the world to give naval forcelimit, trade power and several other trade related benefits. These bonuses come at the cost of 100% of the forcelimit and 50% of the taxation in the provinces assigned to the trade company.
  • Trade steering towards inland nodes is introduced. It will increase the transfer of income towards an inland node with a merchant present or from a node where a merchant is forwarding trade towards an inland node.
  • Building of canals is now possible. Canals are great projects in specifically Holstein (Kiel canal), Dumyat and Sinai (Suez Canal) and if Random New World is not turned on: Panama (Panama Canal). Canals give trade power and possibility to traverse the area with boats.
  • Reformed religion gets Fervor mechanic
  • Hindu religion gets Deity mechanic and a lot of special events
  • Transfer trade power makes it possible to demand trade power. Demanding trade power acts as a truce, while in effect.
  • New peace options of enforce Military Access and enforce Fleet Basing Rights are introduced.
  • Merchant republics now give a bonus to Goods Produced in non-owned provinces.
  • It is now possible to let the game dynamically alter province names based on the province owner.
  • And new ship models for Great Frigate, War Galley, Galiot, Brig and Trabakul.

Coinciding game patch

Main article: Patch 1.6

The release of the Wealth of Nations expansion coincided with a supporting, free patch for the base game.

List of video content

Title and Link Description Date
Feature Part 1 - Trade Companies Trade companies and their mechanics. 19-05-2014
Feature Part 2 - Trade CB's and Terra Incognita A bunch of new Trade CB's and updated Terra Incognita. 19-05-2014
Feature Part 3 - Religion Mechanics & Rival System The overhauled rival system and a Power Projection mechanic. Plus, Reformed and Hindu religions have been fleshed out. 20-05-2014
Feature Part 4 - Policies & Privateers Pirates are extinct in Wealth of Nations. Instead Privateers can have a serious impact on trade and the income of your enemies.

They generate a bit of gold, but most of it goes towards maintaing the supply of rum.

Feature Part 5 - Courland & Other Nations Courland, but we're Swedes so Kurland it is. 21-05-2014
Feature Part 6 - Renewed Macro interface & New religions We've changed the flow of the interface significantly.

The original Macro interface was already pretty flexible, however it's now been fleshed out to the point that all the important stuff has been added to it. Also, we take a look at Coptic and Ibadi religions.

Feature Part 7 - Canals & Great Works system Introducing the Great Works system and the canals that are part of it.

In Wealth of Nations you now will be able to build three canals in the late game; The Kiel Canal, Suez Canal and the Panama Canal can now all be build for a mere 20 000 ducats.

Features - Highlights In this video we've condensed the Feature Stream down to the core components of Wealth of Nations. 22-05-2014

Other useful sources

Title and Link Description Date
manuals for Europa Universalis 4 Includes official manual for Europa Universalis 4 Wealth of Nations 09-06-2014
Official patchnotes for patch 1.6 The patchnotes and explanation of what Wealth of Nation adds. 29-05-2014

Developer diaries for Wealth of Nations is available.