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Alerts are notifications presented to the player bringing various important things to their attention. They take the form of an icon on a green, yellow or red banner, the colour corresponding to the urgency of the situation.


List of alerts


Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
Bankruptcy Looming Due to reaching the maximum number of loans and having negative balance, the country is expected to go bankrupt within the next year. Your current negative balance and the date when you are expected to go bankrupt. Opens the economy tab.
You have loans Lists outstanding loans: their renewal date, the creditor (usually 'Bank'), and their total amount (principal + interest). Opens the economy tab.
You can build province improvements You have enough   ducats, free building slots, and eligible buildings to build at least one. Lists buildings you can build and provinces in which you can build them (up to 3, otherwise "in more than 3 provinces"). Opens the buildings macrobuilder.
You have reached your maximum number of allowed loans The interest from your current loans exceeds your income. You may not take any more loans. Running out of money now will result in bankruptcy. Opens the economy tab.

Government, technology and ideas

Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
You can now invest in a new idea You have enough monarch points to buy a new idea.

  The icon with the green flask is used if taking it now will increase your   Innovativeness.

Lists idea groups that you can buy an idea in. Opens the ideas tab.
You can invest in new technology You have enough monarch points to buy a technology in at least one category.

  The icon with the green flask is used if taking it now will increase your   Innovativeness.

Lists tech types that can be bought. Opens the technology tab.
You can now choose a new idea group Your current level of   administrative technology allows you to have more idea groups than you have selected. Opens the ideas tab.
You have a free Advisor Slot One of your three advisor slots is empty. Lists categories with free slots. Opens the court tab.
National Decisions Available Your country meets the requirements for taking one or more decisions. Lists available decisions. Opens the decisions tab.
Innovativeness is decreasing   You are behind time on technology compared to your neighbours and so your   Innovativeness is going down. Shows the monthly rate of Innovativeness decrease. Opens the technology tab.
Maximum Monarch Power reached You have accumulated the maximum number of   monarch points in at least one category (999 × (1 + your current institutions tech penalty)). Lists monarch point types that are maxed out. Nothing.
Mission fulfilled Your country has met the requirements to complete one or more missions. Lists missions that can be completed. Opens the missions tab.
Too many military leaders! You have more military leaders (  generals other than ruler/heir,   conquistadors,   admirals, and   explorers) than your   "Leader(s) without upkeep" value allows. Shows how much   military power you are losing each month due to excess leaders. Opens the military tab.
You can upgrade your Government Rank. You have enough development and prestige to upgrade your government rank from   duchy to   kingdom or from kingdom to   empire, and you are not prohibited from doing so (e.g. by government type/reforms or being a non-elector in the HRE). Opens the government tab.
Some of your provinces lack cores! You own a province that either you do not have a core on and you are not in the process of coring, or is part of a state and has only a territorial core. Lists provinces without cores or in states with territorial cores. Opens the stability tab with the "Manage Overextension" panel open.
There are disloyal Estates in your country! One or more estates has less than   40% loyalty, causing them to give you penalties instead of bonuses. Lists disloyal estates and their loyalty. Opens the estates tab.
Your Corruption is growing Your   yearly corruption value is positive. You may want to consider removing or mitigating the sources of corruption and/or increasing the Root Out Corruption slider. Opens the economy tab.
Your Corruption is very high You have 50 or more   corruption, greatly increasing all power costs. You should take steps to reduce it. Opens the economy tab.
You can make States Your   "Number of states" value is higher than the number of states you have, and one or more of your territories has your cores or territorial cores in all provinces. Lists territories you can make into states and how many provinces you own in them out of the number of states in those areas. Opens the state tab for each such area in turn.
You can embrace an Institution An   institution you haven't embraced is present in enough owned provinces that the money you have now is enough to embrace it. Lists institutions you can embrace. Opens the institutions interface on the technology tab.
You can enact a Government Reform   You have accumulated enough   government reform progress to enact a reform. Opens the Government Reform interface.
Free Policy Available You have completed at least two idea groups and can enact at least one policy without incurring a monthly cost in monarch points. Lists categories in which you can take one or more free policies. Opens the policies tab.

Military and war

Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
Low Maintenance The country is at war with the maintenance slider at less than maximum. Current percentage of army morale due to maintenance. Opens the economy tab.
Country is at war! Lists countries you are at war with. Opens the war info window for each war in turn.
You have exiled armies. One of your armies is exiled, probably because it was in foreign territory when a war began or ended. Lists provinces where your exiled armies are. Pans to each exiled army in turn.
Superior Unit Types The most advanced land unit types available to you in at least one category (infantry, cavalry, artillery) are more advanced than the ones you have currently selected. This usually appears after you take a new level in   military technology. Lists one of the more advanced types and your currently selected type in each category. Opens the military tab.
Your ports are blockaded! You are at war and enemy ships are stationed off at least one of your coasts (possibly occupied enemy provinces), blockading them. Lists blockaded ports and how many there are. Pans to each blockaded port in turn.
Mercenary force limit reached You have fielded the maximum number of mercenary regiments as determined by your land force limit and   available mercenaries modifier. Shows the maximum number of mercenary regiments. Opens the economy tab.
Your units have suffered casualties At least one of your regiments is below maximum strength and your maintenance slider is above zero. Shows: how many regiments are reinforcing, how much   manpower they need to reinforce, and how much you are paying for reinforcement. Opens the economy tab.
Call for Peace! You have significant warscore in a war that has gone on for 5 years or more, or it has been 3 months since a country you are at war with surrendered unconditionally. You are getting additional monthly war exhaustion as a result. Shows how much monthly   war exhaustion you are getting from the call for peace. Opens the peace negotiation window if you have a free   diplomat.
There are mothballed forts in your country! You own and control provinces with fort buildings that are mothballed while at war. Occupied provinces (yours or the enemy's) don't trigger this alert. Lists owned provinces with mothballed forts. Pans to each mothballed fort in turn.
High Naval Attrition You have ships at less than   50% durability suffering attrition. Lists fleets that are suffering high   attrition. Selects each fleet that is suffering high attrition in turn.
You can select a Naval Doctrine   You do not currently have a Naval Doctrine selected, but you have enough naval force limit and money for your fleet size to do so. Opens the military tab with the Select Naval Doctrine interface open.


Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
Unlawful Territory! A country owns an imperial province without having a core on it. As the Holy Roman Emperor, you can use the "Demand Unlawful Territory" diplomatic action to demand that it be returned to its rightful owner. Lists countries with unlawful territory. Opens diplomacy with relevant countries.
Expiring Casus Belli: You have casus belli with a limited duration that are expiring soon. Lists countries, casus belli against them, and expiry dates. Nothing.
Truce will expire You have truces with one or more other countries. Lists countries with truces and when they will expire. Pans to each such country in turn.
Disputed Succession This alert is used to find possible personal union partners. It only appears for Christian monarchies. Lists Christian countries without heirs, the ages of their rulers, and their prestige. Opens diplomacy with each such country in turn.
You have uncontested claims that will expire. You have non-permanent claims on foreign provinces. Lists provinces with non-permanent claims. Pans to each such province in turn.
Too many diplomatic relations. You have more diplomatic relations than your   "Diplomatic Relations" value allows. Shows how much   diplomatic power you are losing each month due to excess relations, plus all countries you have relations with and what those relations are (same info as the tooltip on the diplomacy tab).
You can intervene in wars between other Great Powers   A war you're not yet involved in has at least one   Great Power on each side. As a Great Power yourself, you can intervene in support of the side with strictly fewer Great Powers. Lists Great Powers you can aid by joining their wars. Opens the "Intervene in War" diplomatic interaction with the relevant countries.
You will soon be dropped from the federation.   As a member of a federation, your confederates are unhappy with your presence in the federation and the leader will soon kick you out of it. ? ?
One or more of your subjects have a high Liberty Desire. One of your subjects is disloyal due to having 50% or more   liberty desire. They will not participate in wars and are likely to seek support for independence. Lists rebellious subjects and their liberty desire. Opens the subjects tab.
Too few rivals You have selected fewer possible rivals (excluding allies) than you have eligible rivals and are suffering a penalty to   Power Projection as a result. Opens the diplomacy tab focusing on your country.
Personal Union on Monarch Death Due to   royal marriages or   rivalries and having no heir, you will become the junior partner in a   personal union if your ruler dies now. Lists countries that may form a PU over you and who will succeed as ruler, or which countries will fight a succession war, as appropriate. In the latter case, the first country listed is the one that will become the new overlord and be the defender in the succession war. Opens the court tab.
Foreign Heir   As a country with Elective Monarchy government (  Poland /   Commonwealth in vanilla), another country has more support for their heir than you have for yours. Shows the currently favoured heir's name and country of origin. Opens the court tab, where you can click the button to support your heir.
You can call allies to your wars! One or more of your   allies would be willing to accept a Call to Arms to your current wars without being promised land. Lists countries that would accept a call without being promised land. Opens diplomacy with each country in turn that would accept a call without being promised land.
Alliance Breaking One or more of your   allies no longer considers your alliance worth keeping and will break it soon. ? ?
Unconditional Surrender A country you are leading a war against has surrendered unconditionally. Any peace offer worth up to 100% warscore will be accepted automatically. If you don't submit one within 3 months, you will get Call for Peace. Lists each country that has surrendered unconditionally. Opens the peace negotiation window with the country that has surrendered.
You have hired Condottieri while at peace   You may be wasting money by not using the condottieri you have hired. You may want to dismiss them. Lists condottieri armies you have hired and how much they cost. Opens diplomacy with each country renting you condottieri in turn.
You have rented out condottieri that can be pulled back   The initial contract duration for a condottieri army you have rented out has expired, so you can cancel the contract at will (provided it's not in battle). Opens diplomacy with each country in turn that you can call back condottieri from.
Your Condottieri clients are disappointed!   The countries you have rented condottieri to no longer want them and are likely to send them back. Opens diplomacy with each country in turn that is disappointed with the condottieri you rented to them.
You are losing your Great Power status.   As a low-ranked   Great Power that is still otherwise eligible for the status, another country has a higher Great Power score than you. You will therefore soon lose the status of Great Power. Shows when you will lose Great Power status (5 years after slipping from 8th place). Opens the Great Powers interface.
Countries wish to hire Condottieri   You are at peace and one or more countries are interested in hiring condottieri. (But they are are not necessarily interested in hiring them from you, if they are inaccessible to you.) Lists countries that want to hire condottieri. Opens diplomacy with each country that wants to hire condottieri in turn.

Trade and colonization

Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
You need to choose a Native Policy!   You have at least one   Colonist envoy, but before you can send it to colonize empty provinces, you need to choose a native policy. Opens the stability tab.
Costly Trade Embargoes! You are embargoing a country that is not your or your overlord's rival or a subject of such and are therefore suffering a penalty to   trade efficiency. Lists non-rival countries subject to your embargoes. Opens diplomacy with the relevant countries in turn (whence you can revoke the embargo if you have a free   diplomat).
Explorer ready!   You have a fleet in port with at least three   light or   heavy ships led by an   explorer and able to take an exploration mission. Lists the names of explorers who are ready to explore. Selects each fleet that is ready to explore in turn.
Can use Propagate Religion Trading Policies   As a Muslim country, you have over   50% trade power share in a trade node with a   merchant in a trade company region and therefore can use the Propagate Religion trade policy. Lists the trade nodes where you can use the policy. Opens the trade node window for each applicable trade node in turn.
You can afford Trade Company Investments!   As a country with one or more   Trade Companies, you have enough money and eligible trade company investments to make one. Lists investments that can be made and how many areas they can be made in. Pans to each trade company region that can be invested in in turn.

Stability and rebellion

Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
Rebel uprising A rebel faction in your country has 80% or more progress towards revolting and has positive unrest. Lists rebel factions with 80% or more progress and how much progress they have. Opens the stability tab.
Looming Disaster Your country meets the requirements for one or more disasters. The disaster progress may or may not be ticking. Lists looming disasters, their current progress, the factors affecting their progress, and when they are expected to happen. Opens the stability tab.
You have rebels that are close to enforcing their demands! One of the active rebel factions in your country has nearly 100% progress towards enforcing their demands. Opens the stability tab.
Your overextension is dangerously high! You have more than   75% overextension, giving the country some severe penalties. Opens the stability tab with the "Manage Overextension" panel open.
Your War Exhaustion is high! You have 5 or more   war exhaustion, giving the country some severe penalties. You may want to consider spending   diplomatic power to reduce it. Opens the stability tab.
Provincial Unrest At least one of your provinces has positive   local unrest. Lists provinces with unrest and the current level of unrest. Opens the stability tab.
Your stability is low! You have negative   stability. You may want to consider spending   administrative power to boost it. Opens the stability tab.


Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
Defender of the Faith The title of   Defender of the Faith is available and you have enough money to claim it. Opens the religion tab.
You can convert provinces to [state religion]!   Missionary strength is more than 0% in a province with non-state religion and you have a free   missionary. Opens the religion tab.
High Fervor   As a   Reformed country, you have   90 or more Fervor, near the cap of 100. To avoid it going to waste, you should select one or more focuses in order to spend it. Shows how much Fervor you have. Opens the religion tab.
No Current Deity.   As a   Hindu or   Norse ruler, you have not yet selected a personal deity. Opens the religion tab.
You can now pass a religious reform.   As a   Nahuatl,   Mayan, or   Inti country, you have met the requirements to pass a religious reform. Lists the names of available reforms. Opens the religious reforms interface.
Aspects of Faith Can Be Selected   As a   Protestant country, you have enough   Church Power to select an Aspect of Faith, and at least one free slot. Opens the religion tab.
No Current Cult   As a   Fetishist country, you currently have no cult selected. Opens the religion tab.
It is possible to pick another Blessing for your faith!   As a   Coptic country, the holy sites your religion controls enables you to select an additional blessing. Opens the Pick Blessing interface.
Can invite Scholar   As a Muslim country, you can invite scholars from another country with a different school from you (and you're not doing so already). Lists schools whose scholars you can invite. Opens the religion tab.

Special government type alerts

Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
Migration possible.   As an OPM with the   Native Council or Siberian Clan Council government, your   migration cooldown has expired and so you can migrate to a new province. Opens the migration window.
You can now invest in a native advancement.   As a country with the   Native Council government, you have enough monarch points to buy a native idea in that category. Lists native ideas that are available to be taken. Opens the Natives interface.
No Debate in Parliament.   As a country with a   Parliament, you have not selected an issue for it to debate, resulting in increased   corruption. Shows the level of corruption increase from not debating anything. Opens the parliament interface.
Too few Seats in Parliament.   The number of provinces you have given a seat in   Parliament is lower than the number you need from your number of state provinces. Seats will be assigned automatically unless you do so manually. Shows how many seats you need and how many you have. Opens the parliament interface.
Large Merchant Republic You have more than 20 state provinces as a   merchant republic (  Dharma: a republic with the Plutocracy reform) and are thus suffering a decay in   republican tradition. You may want to consider releasing some provinces as Trading Cities. Shows how much republican tradition you are losing yearly and how many excess state provinces you have. Pans to your capital.
Can enact a Decree!   As the   Emperor of China, you have enough   Meritocracy to enact a decree, and you currently have no decree active. Opens the Empire of China interface.
Can use a Russian ability!   As a country with Russian Principality or Tsardom government, one of the three Russian abilities has enough progress that you can use it. Lists abilities that you can use. Opens the government tab.
Can enact a Taxation Policy!   As a country with Iqta government, you have not enacted a taxation policy in the last 20 years, so you can do so again. Lists policies you may choose. Opens the government tab.
Can use a Cultural Interaction!   As a country with Mamluk government, one of the three cultural interactions has enough progress that you can use it. Lists interactions that can be used. Opens the government tab.
Can use a Feudal Theocracy Action!   As a country with Feudal Theocracy government, you have not used one of your feudal theocracy actions in the last 5 years and have enough monarch power to do so. Lists actions you can use. Opens the government tab.
Can demand a Tribal Tribute!   As a country with Tribal Federation government, you have not demanded one of your tribal tributes in the last 5 years and have enough tribal allegiance to do so. Lists tributes you can demand. Opens the government tab.
You can use a Cossacks ability!   As a   republic with Sich Rada government, you have enough progress towards one of the three Cossack abilities to use it. Lists abilities that can be used. Opens the government tab.


Icon Name Description Tooltip info Click
[Age] is ending in [N] months! The start criteria for an Age have been met and therefore the current age is ending. Nothing, but the title says how many months are left of the current age.   Opens the Ages interface.
Can purchase an ability   You have accumulated enough   Splendor (800) to buy an age ability.   Opens the Ages interface.