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A Paradox game file parser written in Python 3.

Trade with cycles

User:Evil4Zerggin/Trade with cycles


HTML-style tag test

Bold. [1]

Template test

Advisor cost.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Full Innovativeness
  • Pueblo traditions
  • Smolenskian traditions
  • Ashikaga idea 5: Bugyoshu and Hokoshu
  • Offaly idea 2: Irish Hospitality
  • Semien idea 6: Lost Tribe of Beta Israel
  • Sumatran idea 4: Center of Scholarship
  • Great Qing ambition
  • Bohemian traditions
  • Byzantine traditions
  • Cherokee traditions
  • Khmer traditions
  • National traditions
  • Saxon traditions
  • Espionage idea 1: Efficient Spies
  • Arakanese idea 6: Muslim Advisors
  • Ashanti idea 1: Elder Council
  • Candarid idea 4: Anatolian Center for Learning
  • Catalan idea 2: Consell de Cent
  • Deccani Sultanate idea 7: Joint Marathi-Habshi State
  • Franconian idea 7: Franconian Bourgeoisie
  • Greek idea 4: Greek Diaspora
  • Hatakeyama idea 4: Hatakeyama Retainers
  • Hindustani idea 2: Persianate Courtly Culture
  • Luzon idea 6: A Safe Haven
  • Malabari idea 2: Cultural Melting Pot
  • Norman idea 2: Norman Philosophers
  • Ouchi idea 7: Retainer Factions
  • Palatinate idea 2: Heidelberg University
  • Permian idea 1: Capital of Prikamye
  • Russian idea 6: The Table of Ranks
  • Ryazan idea 7: Western Contacts
  • Somali idea 7: Arab and Persian Influx
  • Swabian idea 5: A Miserly People
  • Tirhuti idea 1: Scholars and Poets
  • Wallachian idea 4: Foreign Advisors
  • Tibetan ambition
  • Influence-Innovative: Foreign Advisors
  • Innovative-Diplomatic: The Diplomatic Cooperation
  • Innovative-Plutocratic: The Education Act

Mod priority test


  • Same filename, same idea group name: Mod has priority.
  • Same filename, deleted idea group: Idea group disappears.
  • Later filename, same idea group name: Mod version is used.
  • Later filename, different idea group name: Vanilla version is used.
  • Earlier filename, different idea group name: Mod version is used.

Conclusion: Seems to behave as if mod files are copied over the vanilla files: mod files replace vanilla files on the same path, and priority is carried out by filenames otherwise. Mod values for a key seem to override vanilla regardless.