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Paradox Wikis moderator
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Dauth is part of the moderating team for the Paradox Wikis. Dauth has organised several contests on the PDX Wiki network and focuses on infrastructure and QA of content on the wikis.

Below is a list for use as a maintenance guide allowing work on specific projects such as updating from old versions or expanding current ones. To update the numbers on this page append the url wtih ?action=purge . Further useful pages are Special:SpecialPages and Category:Articles by version.

Wiki status

Special:Wantedpages — Nonexistant pages that have many links pointed to them. ~ 20
Category:Rewrite — Pages that require a rewrite. 0 page(s).
Category:Need editing — Pages that require a clean up 0 page(s).
Category:Need copy editing — Pages that require copy editing 0 page(s).
Category:Candidates for deletion — Pages where deletion is requested. 0 page(s).
Category:Duplicates — Duplicate pages. 0 page(s).
Category:Expand — Articles with sections that need expanding. 31 page(s).
Category:Links — Articles that need links adding. 0 page(s).
Category:To be merged — Articles where a merge is requested. 0 page(s).
Category:To be split — Split requested 1 page(s).
Category:To be moved‎ — Move requested 0 page(s).
Category:Stubs — Articles that need expanding. 0 page(s).
Category:Under construction‎ — Under construction 0 page(s).
Category:Computer generated — Computer generated articles which require human editing. 82 page(s).
Category:Potentially outdated — Articles where an update is requested. 1,126 page(s).
Category:Pages with infoboxes without versioning— Articles where an infobox needs versioning. 0 page(s).
Category:Verification needed — Pages that require Verification. 0 page(s).
Category:Pages with broken file links — Articles with missing images. 32 page(s).
Category:Pages with unrecognized icon strings — Articles with broken icons. 54 page(s).
Special:UnusedImages — Files that are not used in any articles.