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Joined 4 June 2016

Needed Achievements

Achievement Starting conditions Requirements Notes   Ver DI
Conscript a 3 star general from a Daimyo Subject.
  Culture group is Japanese Has cherry picker flag. 1.20 M
Starting as an Orthodox Nation, Consecrate Metropolitan in Roma.
  Is Orthodox
  •   Own and core Roma
  •   Activated consecrate metropolitan in the stated area of Central Italy
Easiest to do as   Muscovy.   1.22 M
Sleepless in Seattle
Own 10 Coffee producing provinces, and have your capital in Chehalis.
  •   Capital is Chehalis
  •   Own 10 Coffee producing provinces
1.25 M
As Bohemia, own Dublin as a core province.
  Playing as   Bohemia 1.12 M
Parisian Pasha
Assign Pasha to Paris.
  •   Government type is Ottoman Government
  •   Paris has a pasha
  1.23 M
The Prince of Egypt
Starting as Florence, form Egypt.
  Playing as   Florence   Is   Egypt 1.23 M
This Revolution Was Crushed
In a war against the target of the Revolution, control their capital and have at least 99% war score.
  •   Is at war with a revolution target
  •   Control the capital of the revolution target
  •   Have greater than 98% warscore against the revolution target
Revolution disaster (French Revolution variant) announced in event: 'Revolution in $COUNTRY$' (or 'The General Estates'). A country will become the revolution target ("Revolutionary" in its name) if capital occupied by rebels while disaster is active. Can only be ended by having +3 stability as a monarchy or becoming the revolution target. Can check if the disaster is still active by looking for the +10 unrest modifier on provinces.   1.8 M
Complete all English and British missions.
  •   Complete all English and British missions.
1.25 H
Auld Alliance Reversed
As Scotland, have France as a vassal (do not form Great Britain).
  Playing as   Scotland 1.9 H
As Mazovia or Silesia, form the nation of Poland.
  Playing as either: 1.14 H
As Teutonic Order or Livonian Order, own all of Russia as core provinces and convert it to Catholic.
  Playing as either: Easiest as Teutonic Order, ally Moscovy, Austria and Bohemia and DOW Poland ASAP. Otherwise Poland will form a PU with Lithuania! Restarting until Poland chooses a local noble is also a viable strategy. 1.12 H
Bunte Kuh
As Hamburg, trade in both Gems and Livestock.
  Playing as   Hamburg
  •   Has country modifier Trading in Livestock
  •   Has country modifier Trading in Gems
1.23 H
Consulate of the Sea
As Aragon conquer all Mediterranean Centers of Trade.
  Playing as   Aragon

  Own the following provinces:

For the event see: Consulate of the Sea.

The requirements do not match the actual Centers of Trade.

1.18 H
Dovmont's Own
Starting as Pskov, have 100 standing Streltsy units.
  Playing as   Pskov   Has at least 100 Streltsy units   1.22 H
Dracula's Revenge
Start as Wallachia or Moldavia, form Romania and own or have a subject own all of the Balkans.
  Playing as either: 1.9 H
From Humble Origins
Starting as a custom nation with no more than 50 points, have at least 2000 total development.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 51 nation designer points
  1.14 H
Good King René
Start as Provence, form the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  Playing as   Provence   Is   Jerusalem 1.23 H
A Hero’s Welcome
As Karaman, form the Sultanate of Rûm.
  Playing as   Karaman   Is   Rûm 1.23 H
It's All Greek To Me
Form Greece and own and have cores on Zeta, Thatta, Lamba, and Roh.
  •   Is   Greece
  •   Own the provinces of Zeta (138), Thatta (504), Roh (578), and Lamba (4104)
Forming Greece requires Greek primary culture. Zeta begins held by   Serbia, Thatta held by   Sind, Roh held by   Timurids, and Lamba uncolonized in Central Africa. 1.22 H
As Serbia, own the entire Balkans as core provinces.
  Playing as   Serbia 1.14 H
Luck of the Irish
Own and have cores on the British Isles as an Irish nation.
  Playing as either:   Own and core all provinces of the Britain region.   Desmond is a good choice due to early military ideas. Rushing to conquer the rest of the Irish OPMs and securing an alliance with   Scotland can deter   England until the time is right. 1.2 H
As Lucca, own Lucknow!
  Playing as   Lucca Lucknow is in northern India, initially owned by   Jaunpur. 1.12 H
Mare Nostrum
Restore the Roman Empire and own the entire Mediterranean and Black Sea coast lines.
  Not playing as   The Papal State
Click to view the full version size.
Easiest to do as the   Ottomans after converting to Christianity. Durrës, Lezhë, and Saruhan are not required. 1.16 H
Philippine Tiger
As Cebu, recreate the Chola Empire.
  •   Is   Cebu
  •   Own the Coromandel region, the Kerala, Mysore, Rayalaseema, Orissa, West Bengal, East Bengal, Arakan, Lower Burma, North Tenasserim, Tenasserim, Malaya, Malacca, Central Thai, Kalimantan, North Sumatra, Batak, Minangkabau, West Java and South Sumatra areas, as well as the provinces of Battambang, Oudong, Phnom Penh, Prek Russey, Teuk Khmao and South Kanara.
1.25 H
Pick Your Poison
As Kaffa, develop in Cafa while a subject of yours owns it.
  Playing as   Kaffa
  •   Developed in Caffa (285).
  •   Any subject nation owns Caffa.
  1.18 H
Sailor Mon
As Pegu, have at least 100,000 sailors.
  Playing as   Pegu   Have max sailors of more than 100,000 1.16 H
Sons of Carthage
As Tunisia, own and have cores on Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Algiers and the southern coast of Spain.
  Playing as   Tunis   Own and core the following provinces:
Click to view the full version size.
1.6 H
Sun Invasion
As the Madyas, own and have cores on Tepeacac, Mexico, Tullucan and Huastec.
  •   Is   Madyas
  •   Own and core the provinces of Tepeacac, Mexico, Tullucan and Huastec.
1.25 H
Sworn Fealty
Starting as an Arabian Tribal Federation, unite Arabia and have Maximum tribal Allegiance.
  •   Culture group is Levantine
  •   Culture is not Turkish
  •   Government type is Tribal Federation
  1.23 H
The 52 Garhs
As Garhwal own and maintain 52 forts without going into debt.
  Playing as   Garhwal
  •   Has no loans
  •   Own at least 52 forts (level 2)
1.22 H
The Animal Kingdom
As Manipur, unite the Bengal region and convert it to Animism.
  Playing as   Manipur
  •   All provinces in the Bengal region are owned by the player's country or its non-tributary subjects.
  •   All provinces in the Bengal region are Animist
1.16 H
As Fezzan, control at least 90% of the trade power in Tunis, Katsina, Safi and Timbuktu.
  Playing as   Fezzan   Have at least 90% trade power in Katsina, Safi, Timbuktu and Tunis trade nodes 1.16 H
Pandya Empire
Starting as Madurai, conquer the Pandya Territories.
  Playing as   Madurai   Own all provinces in the region of Coromandel and the areas of Kerala, Mysore, and Rayalaseema 1.23 H
The pen is mightier than the sword
Have three unions at the same time as Austria.
  Playing as   Austria Austrian missions can give Restore Union CBs on Bohemia and Hungary. Check the page for the exact requirements. Events can also lead to a Habsburg ruling in Spain, allowing Austria the opportunity to claim the throne of Castile, and possibly Aragon and Naples as well. 1.1 H
Protect the Secret
As Yemen, prevent any European Nation from owning a Coffee-producing province in the Old World until 1700.
  Not using a random New World
  •   Culture is Yemeni
  •   Is year 1700
  •   Is   Yemen
  •   No coffee-producing provinces in Asia, Africa, or Oceania are held by a country with its capital in Europe.
1.23 H
Turkish Delight
Start as Candar and own 20 Sugar provinces between you and your subjects.
  Playing as   Candar   Have 20 provinces of sugar owned by   Candar and its non-tributary subjects Tributary states do not count towards the achievement. Fleeing to the new world is recommended, if not required for this achievement. 1.18 H
Venetian Sea
Have a 75% trade share in both the Alexandria and Constantinople nodes as Venice, owning less than 10 cities.
  Playing as   Venice
  •   Not playing as a released vassal
  •   Have less than 10 provinces
  •   Have at least 75% of the total trade power in the trade nodes Alexandria and Constantinople
1.7 H
With a little help..
As Ragusa, lead a Trade League of at least 5 nations and guarantee the Ottomans' independence.
  Playing as   Ragusa
  •   Lead a Trade League of at least 5 nations
  •   Guarantee the independence of   Ottomans
You can only guarantee a country if you are larger than it. Ironically, taking land from the ottomans for a vassal is probably the best way to do this.   1.16 H
Mass Production
Starting as Odoyev, own one of every manufactury.
  Playing as   Odoyev   Own at least one manufactory of each type Building the manufactories isn't very hard, but surviving long enough to get to the required technology (Admin Tech 16) as well as getting provinces with the correct trade goods. Excludes furnaces. 1.22 H
As Athens, own 50 universities.
  Playing as   Athens 1.14 VH
African Power
Own and have cores on all provinces in Africa as Kongo.
  Playing as   Kongo

  Own and core all provinces in the continent of Africa

  • Empty provinces and unfinished colonies are excluded, and may be safely ignored.
  • The continent is the same as the Africa super-region, plus Gaza and Diego Garcia. The isolated islands required are: Comoros, Mahe, Diego Garcia, Mauritius, Île Bourbon, Sao Tome, Fernando Po, St. Helena, and Cape Verde (but not the Canarias, Madeira, Maldives, Socotra, or any in the Mediterranean).
1.1 VH
As Albania, own or have a subject own Iberia and the Caucasus.
  Playing as   Albania 1.9 VH
Around the World in 80 Years
Starting as a Custom Nation of up to 400 points in the British Region, own New York, San Francisco, Suez, Bombay, Calcutta, Hong Kong and Yokohama by 1524.11.11.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 401 nation designer points
  •   Not using a random New World
  •   Own no provinces outside the Britain region
  •   The date is before 12 November 1524
  •   Own Manhattan (965), Salinan (869), Suez (2315), North Konkan (529), Bengal Delta (561), Canton (667), and Musashi (1028)
Requires Salinan instead of Miwok (San Francisco).   1.23 VH
Avar Khaganate
Achieve Empire rank and conquer Hungary as Avaria.
  Playing as   Avaria
  •   Is empire
  •   Avaria owns all provinces in the areas Alföld, Transdanubia, Slovakia, Northern Transylvania, and Southern Transylvania.
1.23 VH
As France, hold 100 European core provinces before 1500.
  Playing as   France Most used route is attacking Scandinavia or Balkans. Make sure to conquer low-development provinces to limit AE. 1.12 VH
Choson One
As Korea, own or have a subject own all Shinto, Confucian and Buddhist provinces in the world.
  Playing as   Korea   All provinces following an Eastern religion are owned by   Korea or its non-tributary subjects. 1.16 VH
Empire of Mann
As Mann, conquer all Islands in the world.
  •   Is   Mann
  •   Own all island provinces in the world.
Mann can't be selected as a country in 1444, you must release it as a vassal and choose the option to play as released vassal. 1.25 VH
First Come, First Serve
Starting as a Western technology custom nation in North America or South America with no more than 200 points, unite the two continents.
  •   Playing as a custom nation
  •   Only 1 custom nation exists in the world
  •   Used no more than 201 nation designer points
  •   Not using a random New World.
  •   Is in western technology group
  •   Capital is on the North or South American continent.
    • Owned by this country
    • A core of this country
    • Wasteland or Sea
To qualify, both Americas must be fully colonized. Let the Colonial Nations do most of the job; their overlords will not defend them in a war. Only native provinces give OE; this means you are able to annex the Colonial Nations in one war, but do the war before they break free.   1.14 VH
Start as Orissa and own or have a subject own all tropical wood provinces.
  Playing as   Orissa   All provinces with tropical wood are owned by the player's country or its non-tributary subjects. 1.9 VH
Frozen Assets
Start as Novgorod and control 90% of the trade power in the White Sea trade node while it is the highest valued trade node in the world.
  Playing as   Novgorod   Have 90% trade share in White Sea and it's the highest valued trade node in the world.
  • Forming other nations will not prevent this achievement.
  • Note that "highest valued trade" means Total trade value minus outgoing trade.
1.14 VH
Gothic Invasion
Start as Theodoro and conquer all Germanic culture provinces in Europe.
  Playing as   Theodoro 1.9 VH
Great Perm
As Perm, own or have a subject own the Russian, Siberian, Scandinavian, Canadian, Hudson Bay and Cascadian regions.
  Playing as   Perm Provinces owned by vassals and other non-tributary subjects of the player's country will count for the achievement. 1.14 VH
Home and Away
As Wales, hold Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris and London.
  •   Is   Wales
  •   Own Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Rome, Paris and London
It is not needed to core the required provinces. 1.25 VH
I'll graze my horse here.. And here...
As a Horde, own over 200 provinces producing grain.
  Government type is   Steppe Nomads
  •   Is steppe nomad
  •   200 provinces produce grain
1.20 VH
As Najd, own 500 Sunni provinces.
  •   Own 500 provinces with Sunni religion
  •   Is Sunni
Easier to achieve as many new provinces were added to the game since release. 1.1 VH
Komnenoi Empire
As Trebizond, have the Empire government rank.
  Playing as   Trebizond Forming Byzantium or another country will prevent the achievement.   1.12 VH
Meissner Porcelain
As Saxony, own or have a subject own all Chinaware provinces in the world.
  Playing as   Saxony Chinaware appears in China, Japan and the East Indies. 1.12 VH
Sunset Invasion
Own and have cores on Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rome as the Aztecs.
  Playing as   Aztec   Own and core the provinces of Lisboa, Madrid, Paris, London, Holland, and Roma. 1.2 VH
The Buddhists Strike Back
As Ceylon, own all of India and convert it to Theravada Buddhism (do not form another nation).
  Playing as   Ceylon 1.12 VH
The Re-Reconquista
As Granada, form Andalusia and reconquer all of Iberia.
  Playing as   Granada 1.4 VH
Saladin's Legacy
Playing as Hisn Kayfa, reforge the Ayyubid Empire.
  Playing as   Hisn Kayfa   Own all provinces in the regions Egypt and Mashriq and the areas Aleppo, Tabuk, Medina, Mecca, Asir, Tihama al-Yemen, Upper Yemen, Lower Yemen, Hadramut, and Kurdistan 1.23 VH
The Third Way
Start as an Ibadi nation and eliminate all rival schools of Islam (do not convert to another religion).
  Religion is   Ibadi 1.14 VH
We bled for this
Win a war with at least one million dead on both sides.
  Won a war with over 1 million casualties on both sides. Both sides each need to have at least 1 million casualties. Easiest to do with coalition (requires  ) or league wars. 1.18 VH
Where the heart is
As Dahomey, force all non-Fetishist nations out of Niger and Sahel by 1500.
  Playing as   Dahomey
  •   The year is before 1500
  •   All provinces in the Niger region are either empty or owned by a   Fetishist nation.
  •   All provinces in the Sahel region are either empty or owned by a   Fetishist nation.
1.20 VH
Norwegian Wood
Own or have a subject own all naval supplies provinces as Norway.
  Playing as   Norway   All provinces with naval supplies are owned by   Norway or its non-tributary subjects. Note that the achievement can not be completed if you form any other nation. 1.1 I
One Faith!
Have all non-wasteland land provinces in the world be of your religion.
  No colonized non-wasteland province has a different religion than this country. Using the random new world will drastically reduce the number of provinces, especially inland ones, making this easier than with the true new world. Uncolonized provinces may still be of a different religion. 1.14 I
Raja of the Rajput Reich
Conquer all of Germany as Nagaur.
  Playing as   Nagaur Forming Hindustan won't prevent getting the achievement. 1.9 I
The First Toungoo Empire
As Taungu, unite the Burman culture group by 1500.
  Playing as   Taungu
  •   The year is before 1500
  •   Is   Taungu
  •   All provinces in the Burman culture group are owned by   Taungu
1.20 I
The Three Mountains
Own or have a subject own the entire world as Ryukyu.
  • The only existing countries are:
1.1 I
World Conqueror
Own or have a subject own the entire world.
  Not using a random New World. The only existing countries are the player's country and its subjects, but no tributary states. 1.1 I