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Kingdom rankTunis
Primary culture
Tunisian (Maghrebi)

Capital province
Tunis (341)

Iqta Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
MuslimMuslim technology group
Tunisian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+20% Galley combat ability
May raid coasts

Infantry combat ability.png Catalan Guard

+5% Infantry combat ability
+5% Mercenary discipline

Diplomatic relations.png Dual Diplomacy

+1 Diplomatic relation

Navy tradition.png Corsairs

+1 Yearly navy tradition
+10% Privateer efficiency

National sailors modifier.png Attract Foreign Pirates

+25% National sailors modifier

Naval leader fire.png Board of Captains

+1 Naval leader fire

Trade efficiency.png Export Monopolies

+5% Trade efficiency
+20% Domestic trade power

Tolerance own.png Tunisian Caliphate

+1 Tolerance of the true faith
+0.1% Monthly piety

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+25% Naval force limit modifier

Template:Idea group/Berber Tunis is a country in the Tunisian region of the map, is a re-formable coutry by any country with tunisian culture or with berber culture and capital in Tunisian Region.


Execute decision.pngForm Tunisian Nation

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Since time immemorial Tunis has been the center of any strong state in the eastern Maghreb. Once we control this great city as well as its hinterlands we can reunite the entire region under one banner.

Potential requirements Allow
  • Not exist Tunis
  • Is at Peace
  • Is not a subject nation
  • Own and core:
    • Tunis
    • Souss
    • Any of the following
      • Kef
      • Tripoli

  • Change country to Flag of Tunis Tunis
  • If is a member of HRE and is not an elector, remove all province from HRE.
  • Become Kingdom rank if nation was Ducal rank
  • Add claim on all unowned province in Tunisian region
  • Add Prestige.png 25 prestige
  • Move capital to Tunis
  • If government is Tribal
  • Change primary culture to Tunisian
  • Switch to Tunis' idea group


Initial Position and Actions

Tunis starts out in a good position to expand. Its Western and Southern neighbors are far weaker than Tunis, while Sicily and the door to the Italian provinces are just a seazone away, and the rich Egypt and Moroccan provinces are also nearby. Tunis starts out with some good provinces of its own in Tunis, Bizerte and Sousse compared to the rest of North Africa. The Berber national ideas will help the player on their way to becoming a Mediterranean naval and trade power, as well as making difficult for other nations to take Tunisian land. While the Mamluks begin the game in a strong position on your eastern border, they will inevitably clash and usually lose to the Ottomans. This means that allying the Ottomans is highly recommended and if the player is unable to get an alliance or at least friendly relations, restarting could be necessary. Not only will Tunis and the Ottomans both be interested in taking Mamluk territory, but both nations are interested in becoming great naval powers in the Mediterranean, and interested in stopping other nations like Venice, Aragon, and eventually Castille/Spain or one of the other Italian nations. In addition to allying the Ottomans, Tunis should also see if it can ally Morocco (it will sometimes rival Tunis making this impossible). Finally Tunis should ally Fezzan and either Touggart, Djerid, or Mzab, as these countries will be easier to diplomatically vassalize and annex than to conquer because of Berber traditions. Tunis needs to ally and vassalize Fezzan especially as soon as possible because the Mamluks will vassalize them if you do not.

First Years

Tunis begins the game with a fort in Kef, bordering both its capitol and some of the minor Berber nations. The player may wish to save up and build another fort on the border with Fezzan to eventually protect against the Mamluks. The arid terrain in the eastern provinces of Tunis makes building forts there more expensive but it will be worth it, restricting Mamluk movement and forcing them to take attrition penalties as they attempt to siege down the fort. Building another fort on the border with Tlemclen may be helpful, but if Tunis takes or vassalizes Tlemclen early on that fort won't be useful unless Europeans land troops there later, and by then the player should have a large enough navy to prevent a landing.

In the opening years the player's best course of action is to focus on Tlemclen and the smaller Berber nations. Mzab, Touggart, and Djerid will likely rival each other and Tlemclen will try to vassalize several of them. Tunis needs to beat Tlemclen to that. If some of the Berber nations won't be vassalized (likely Mzab as it is an Ibadi theocracy) then either vassalize them in a war or feed them to the player's other vassal(s). When you can spare your diplomats, get claims on the nations you can't vassalize. Missions will help Tunis get claims on Tlemclen if you rival them and there is a chance to get a mission to liberate a Sunni province from Mzab as well. Tlemclen may start out friendly with Tunis but don't be tempted to ally them, expanding into Tlemclen is the easiest way to expand and avoids immediately going up against Aragon or the Mamluks. Eventually Tunis will need to go up against them, but it needs to strengthen its position first.

If you are not over your relations limit and Tlemclen does not ally a power like Castille or the Ottomans, Tunis can vassalize them in a single war. If that doesn't happen Tunis should then take bites out of their land and feed some to vassals until the player's vassals have been annexed and freed up room to vassalize Tlemclen.

Further Expansion

At this point Tunis can go after Morocco and try and prevent Castille and Portugal from taking territory there, expand north into Sciliy and the other Mediterranean islands, or east into Egypt. All of these options are fairly dangerous. Portugal and the Spanish powers are not as powerful as they seem, but they can still end up becoming very powerful off their New World colonies. It can really depend on how European politics If Aragon and Naples split up and Castille and Aragon end up fighting each other or France taking Sicily and Sardinia may be easy, but continued expansion will lead to some large European coalitions, especially if Tunis manages to take Rome, although the Ottomans will help Tunis fight these powerful nations and the player's Mediterranean fleet needs to be powerful enough to keep Europe at bay if you expand this way . Finally, expanding into the Mamluks will give rich rewards from Egypt, but getting too close to the Ottomans without being powerful enough to take them on will lead to them betraying and attacking Tunis. Ultimately, Tunis will want to expand in all three directions as well as down into West Africa and come into conflict with Songhai and Timbuktu. At some point during this time Tunis will also need to Westernize to stay relevant in technology, during this time expansion should be curtailed and kept to a minimum.

Final Goal

At this point Tunis should hold all of North Africa as well as the Mediterranean islands and maybe Italy or parts of West Africa. If your goal as Tunis is to get the Sons of Carthage achievement, or form Al-Andalus, you will need to expand into Spain. If France is rivaled to Castille/Spain, then allying them is a good move. Otherwise, the player can't do much except look out for a moment of weakness from Spain and build up the Tunisian army. If the Iberian Wedding event failed to fire or Granada or Leon get released in the early game, this will make it easier.

If your goal is to control all of Africa then you will also come up against Spain and Portugal as well as any other European powers who have colonized in Africa as well. To do this you will need to make sure the Tunisian navy can take on the Europeans outside as well as inside the Mediterranean. Tunis also has the initial advantage of being able to vassalize the Sub-Saharan and Indian tech group nations, but Westernization is important to do eventually.

Idea Groups

The first idea you will want to grab will be Naval ideas as it will stack well with Tunisian Berber ideas. After that, the player will want to grab Expansion in order to colonize and expand into Africa, or maybe Exploration if you think you can take on Spain and Portugal to want to colonize the New World or go around Africa. Maritime, Trade, and Quality are all good ideas to grab for more naval and trade power (and Maritime will allow the decision to Confirm Thalassocracy), and Defensive will make enemy armies take even more attrition when they enter your territory.

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