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Trade leagues (Trade league.png) are a type of defensive diplomatic relationship that can involve multiple countries. Merchant republics can form trade leagues and invite other countries to join them; this gives both the leader and the members various diplomatic and trade-related benefits.

Creating a trade league

Any merchant republic can create a trade league by inviting other countries to it. Only countries with a single province can be invited to be a member of a trade league. The merchant republic that created the trade league may have more than one province at the time of formation and may gain more afterwards, but if any of the other members gain additional provinces they will automatically leave the league. Only a merchant republic can lead a trade league, and if the leader is annexed or changes to a different form of government another merchant republic in the league takes over leadership. A member can leave a league at any time.


Trade leagues act as defensive alliance between all members, but consume only a single diplomatic relations slot. If the leader embargoes another country, all members automatically embargo that country too without a penalty. If any members in a league gets embargoed, the leader gets a special “Trade League Dispute” casus belli on the offending country.

In addition:

  • The trade league leader gets an automatic “Trade Dispute” casus belli on any countries they would be able to generate such a casus belli on via spy action.
  • The trade league leader gets 50% Trade power.png trade power from all the league members.
  • The trade league leader gets a +0.025% bonus to Trade steering.png trade steering for each member in the league.
  • All members get a +20 Icon diplomacy relations.png relations bonus with all other members.
  • All members get a +100% Goods produced modifier.png goods produced modifier.
  • All members get a +20% bonus to their Ship trade power.png global ship trade power.

Trading city

Merchant Republics that have a Trade League will be able to create a new one-province-minor out of one of their provinces. This new nation will become independent, but part of their Trade League, and they will never leave that Trade League on their own. A Trading City is created from the province view like Client States are. The player can decide upon it's name, shield and color just like creating them.

An AI trading city will not expand, there can only be one Trading City in each Trade Node for a Trade League and will have the following modifiers:

  • Government form is a Merchant republic
  • +33% Caravan Trade power.png Trade Power
  • +10% Trade Efficency

Dismantling a Trade League

If no Merchant Republic leader exists, the Trade League will be automatically dismantled.

  • NB: A leader will lose the leadership of the trade league if they drop below -50Prestige.pngprestige.


With a little help.. icon
As Ragusa, lead a Trade League of at least 5 nations and guarantee the Ottomans' independence.