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'''Tlemcen''' is a country in north africa that borders {{Flag|Morocco}} to the West, {{Flag|Tunis}} to the East and {{flag|Mzab}} to the South. It is weaker than the first two but stronger than [[Mzab]].
'''Tlemcen''' is a country in north africa that borders {{Flag|Morocco}} to the West, {{Flag|Tunis}} to the East and {{flag|Mzab}} to the South. It is weaker than the first two but stronger than [[Mzab]]. It is the primary nation of [[Berber]] culture.
== Strategy ==
== Strategy ==

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Kingdom rankTlemcen
Primary culture
Berber (Maghrebi)

Capital province
Tlemcen (336)

Iqta Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
MuslimMuslim technology group

Tlemcen is a country in north africa that borders Flag of Morocco Morocco to the West, Flag of Tunis Tunis to the East and Flag of Mzab Mzab to the South. It is weaker than the first two but stronger than Mzab. It is the primary nation of Berber culture.


Tlemcen starts the game with the looming threat of partition, however Morocco starts out friendly and thus can be allied, but the player must maintain a diplomat as Morocco is inclined to end the alliance at any time. With the partition threat somewhat removed, the recommended first move would be fabricating a claim and declaring war on Flag of Mzab Mzab before Tunis does so. It is recommended to leave Mzab as a vassal with its Ibadi Islam Ibadi province, but to take the other one, so the player can fabricate claims on Flag of Touggourt Touggourt, if Tunis has not annexed them already. Touggourt and Flag of Djerid Djerid can be fully annexed in a similar manner. Once the player has eliminated these nations, seeking an alliance with the Flag of Mamluks Mamluks or the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans (if they have gotten to Tunis already) is recommended. Ideally, neither Morocco nor the Ottomans ally Tunis and the player can annex them with Mamlukean help. Usually, however, this is not the case. If Morocco has allied Tunis, the player should strike when it inevitably gets in trouble with the Iberians, as an attack from both nations can quickly destroy Tlemcen. If Tunis is allied to the Ottomans, it is recommended to hire lots of mercenaries, going into debt and the player should do it on their own, as calling in the Mamluks would give the Ottomans access, destroying all hope of victory. While waiting for an opportunity, the player could try to get Exploration ideas, so that the Saharan desert can be colonized once the Southern provinces of Tunis have been taken, granting the player access to a very rich region, which will be necessary to recover from debt gathered through the war with Tunis.


Barbarossa icon
As a Maghrebi nation, have 500 light ships privateering at the same time.
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