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Meneth‎, if events should be now uncollapsed, perhaps make it a default state, as it would require far less work. Majority of them are on the lists, and those on the country pages are limited to 4 anyway, so can be uncollapsed as well without messing with article readability. Puchacz (talk) 13:14, 9 October 2015 (CEST)

Funnily enough, I'm discussing that very idea with Dauth at the moment. ~ Meneth (talk) 13:26, 9 October 2015 (CEST)
And it has been done. ~ Meneth (talk) 14:00, 9 October 2015 (CEST)

mtth with triggered-only events

Some events have both is_triggered_only = yes and an MTTH clause. There are several such on Estates events and at the moment, it only shows "Triggered only by five year pulse" without showing the modifiers to MTTH. Clearly MTTH is not meaningless in this situation but what does it mean? Hairy Dude (talk) 20:04, 9 December 2015 (CET)

Some are as well in idea groups events. I thought that perhaps in the past they were not a pulse events and it is a not cleaned leftover. But estates are a new mechanism, so I don't know. Only logical explanation would be a factor to the value in 00_on_actions, but then they should be reversed to make sense, and it would be very bad, ais it would require to check all events in order to see which one to pick. Puchacz (talk) 22:57, 9 December 2015 (CET)
AFAIK your thoughts are right Puchacz - the 2 values are multiplied. – Lillebror (talk) 23:27, 9 December 2015 (CET)

Template text breaking container boundaries

It often happens, especially with really long/heavily indented text, that some words are displayed outside of the container div's boundaries (there are many examples around, see for instance the first event of Consort events).
The problem can be easily fixed by adding "word-break: break-word;" to the .eu4box CSS class. Of course, this causes very long words (which are almost always game-related variables inside event/options text, such as the one in Consort_events#Matters_of_State) to be broken to allow the text to go to a newline, but these are borderline cases and seeing them broken up is better, in my opinion, then seeing the text float outside of the box's boundaries. --Tre3qwerty (talk) 22:46, 22 October 2016 (CEST)

Adding this page to the list of templates

Would this page make sense to include in the list of templates (http://www.eu4wiki.com/Category:Templates)? I went looking for it there and only stumbled upon it by chance from a link in the Option template. Philadelphus (talk) 07:07, 24 November 2016 (CET)