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This template can be used for embedding icons in the EU4 wiki, thus making them more colorful, easy to read and standardized. The available icons almost always link to the related concept they represent.

  • Syntax:
{{icon|template identifier}}

The available templates can be found in the table below, insert the relevant template identifier in the above syntax.

  • Example:
{{icon|mil}} or {{icon|military monarch power}} 

will generate Military power.png.

OPTIONAL: Size {{{2}}}

{{icon|mil|50px}}} will generate Military power.png, overriding an icon's default size (normally 28px, or 77px for advisors).

List of available icons


prestige Prestige.png
prestige decay Prestige decay.png
prestige from land Prestige from land battles.png
prestige from naval Prestige from naval battles.png
legitimacy Legitimacy.png
small legitimacy Icon legitimacy monarchy.png
republican tradition Republican tradition.png
government 28px
government type Change government type.png
capital, capital province Capital.png
culture Culture icon.png
culture conversion cost Culture conversion cost.png
accepted culture threshold Max promoted cultures.png
province Province icon.png
Government types
gov_monarchy, monarchy Government monarchy.png
gov_republic, republic Government republic.png
gov_theocracy, theocracy Government theocracy.png
gov_steppe_horde, steppe horde Government steppe horde.png
gov_tribal, tribe Government tribal.png
Monarch power
mmp, mil, military monarch power Military power.png
amp, adm, administrative monarch power Administrative power.png
dmp, dip, diplomatic monarch power Diplomatic power.png
technology Technology.png
technology cost Technology cost.png
adm tech, administrative technology Administrative technology
dip tech, diplomatic technology Diplomatic technology
mil tech, military technology Military technology
adm tech cost Administrative technology
dip tech cost Diplomatic technology
mil tech cost Military technology
idea icon Idea bonus.png
idea unlock Traditions.png
idea cost Idea cost.png
innovative Innovative idea group.png
religious Religious idea group.png
espionage Espionage idea group.png
economic Economic idea group.png
administrative Administrative idea group.png
diplomatic Diplomatic idea group.png
trade Trade idea group.png
exploration Exploration idea group.png
naval Naval idea group.png
expansion Expansion idea group.png
aristocratic, aristocracy Aristocratic idea group.png
plutocratic, plutocracy Plutocratic idea group.png
offensive Offensive idea group.png
defensive Defensive idea group.png
quality Quality idea group.png
quantity Quantity idea group.png
influence Influence idea group.png
maritime Maritime idea group.png
humanist Humanist idea group.png
Technology groups
western Western.png
eastern Eastern.png
ottoman Ottoman.png
muslim Muslim.png
indian Indian.png
chinese Chinese.png
nomad Nomadic.png
sub-saharan West African.png
north american North American.png
mesoamerican Mesoamerican.png
south american South American.png
high american High American.png
Politics & Stability
stability Icon stability.png
stability cost modifier Stability cost modifier.png
revolt risk, global revolt risk, national revolt risk National unrest.png
local revolt risk Local unrest.png
war exhaustion cost Cost of reducing war exhaustion.png
war exhaustion decrease, war exhaustion War exhaustion.png
imperial authority Imperial authority.png
heir chance, increased chance of new heir Chance of new heir.png
royal marriage Royalmarriage.png
core creation cost, core-creation cost Core-creation cost.png
ae impact, aggressive expansion impact Aggressive expansion impact.png
years of nationalism Years of separatism.png
build power cost, building power cost Development cost.png
admin efficiency, administrative efficiency Administrative efficiency.png
global spy defense, global spy defence, national spy defense Foreign spy detection.png
local spy defense, local spy defence Local spy defence.png
spy offense Spy network construction.png
relation, relations Icon diplomacy relations.png
discovered relations impact, covert action relation impact, covert relations action Discovered relations impact.png
rebel support efficiency Rebel support efficiency.png
fabricate claims time, time to fabricate claims Cost to fabricate claims.png


pious, high piety Pious
impious, low piety Impious
missionary strength, global missionary strength Missionary strength.png
global heretic missionary strength, missionary strength vs heretics 2
local missionary strength Local missionary strength.png
missionary, missionaries Missionaries.png
tolerance, tolerance own, tolerance of the true faith Tolerance own.png
tolerance heretic, tolerance of heretics Tolerance heretic.png
tolerance heathen, tolerance of heathens Tolerance heathen.png
papal influence Papal influence.png
cardinal Cardinal icon.png
religious unity Religious unity.png
defender of the faith Become Defender of the Faith.png
patriarch authority Patriarch authority.png
monthly fervor, monthly fervor increase Monthly fervor increase.png
reform desire, catholic reform desire Catholic reform desire.png
Religious denominations
catholic Catholicism
protestant Protestantism
reformed Reformed Catholicism
orthodox Orthodoxy
coptic Coptic
sunni Sunni Islam
shiite, shia Shiite Islam
ibadi Ibadi Islam
buddhism, buddhist Buddhism
hinduism, hindu Hinduism
sikhism, sikh Sikhism
confucianism, confucian Confucianism
shinto Shintoism
animism, animist Animism
shamanism, shamanist Shamanism
totemism, totemist Totemism
Religious denominations from CKII
aztec religion 28px
hellenic Hellenic
inca religion 28px
judaism Judaism
norse Norse
pagan Pagan
romuva Romuva
slavic Slavic
suomenusko Suomenusko
tengri Tengri
west african, west african pagan, west african paganism West african paganism
zoroastrian, zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism
Hindu Deities
ganesha Hindu Deity Ganesha
ganga Hindu Deity Ganga
shakti Hindu Deity Shakti
shiva Hindu Deity Shiva
surya Hindu Deity Surya
vishnu Hindu Deity Vishnu


aggressiveness Native aggressiveness
ferocity Native ferocity
colonist, colonists Colonists.png
may explore May explore.png
colonial range Colonial range.png
global settler increase Global settler increase.png
local settler increase Local colonial growth.png
colonist time Colonist time.png
colonist chance, settler chance Settler chance.png
local colonist chance, local settler chance Local colonist placement chance.png
Colonial income
global tariffs Global tariffs.png
local tariffs Local tariffs.png
overseas income Overseas income.png


ducat, ducats, money, d Gold Icon.png
tax income Tax income.png
tax Tax income.png
base tax Tax Base Icon.png
income Income.png
vassal income, income from vassals Income from vassals.png
global tax modifier, global tax efficiency, tax modifier, national tax modifier, tax efficiency National tax modifier.png
local tax modifier, local tax efficiency Local tax modifier.png
production efficiency Production efficiency.png
local production efficiency Local production efficiency.png
build cost Construction cost.png
yearly inflation reduction, inflation, inflation reduction Inflation reduction.png
reduce inflation cost, inflation reduction cost Reduce inflation cost.png
interest, annual interest, interest reduction, interest per annum Interest per annum.png


diplomat Diplomat.png
diplomatic reputation Diplomatic reputation.png
diplomatic upkeep, diplomatic cap, relations cap, diplomatic relations Diplomatic relations.png
alliance Alliance.png
coalition Coalition.png
union, personal union Personal union.png
better relations over time, relations decay Better relations over time.png
diplomatic annexation cost Diplomatic annexation cost.png
enemy core creation, hostile core-creation cost on us Hostile core-creation cost on us.png
unjustified demands Unjustified demands.png
mission Mission.png
improve relation modifier, improve relations Improve relations.png


merchant Merchants.png
inland steering, merchant steering to inland, merchant steering towards inland Caravan power.png
foreign trade power, trade power abroad Trade power abroad.png
local trade power Local trade power.png
provincial trade power modifier, global prov trade power modifier Provincial trade power modifier.png
province trade power modifier, local trade power modifier Province trade power modifier.png
global trade power, trade power, domestic trade power Trade power.png
trade value Trade value.png
trade value modifier Trade value modifier.png
global trade goods size, goods produced nationally Goods produced nationally.png
trade goods size, goods produced Goods produced nationally.png
global trade income modifier, trade income modifier, national trade income modifier National trade income modifier.png
trade income Tradeview income.png
trade range Trade range.png
trade efficiency Trade efficiency.png
trade steering Trade steering.png
embargo efficiency Embargo efficiency.png
mercantilism Mercantilism.png
justify trade conflict time, time to justify trade conflict Justify trade conflict cost.png
privateer efficiency Privateer efficiency.png
Trade goods
gold Gold.png
grain Grain.png
sugar Sugar.png
wine Wine.png
naval supplies Naval supplies.png
fish Fish.png
salt Salt.png
cotton Cotton.png
wool Wool.png
cloth Cloth.png
iron Iron.png
copper Copper.png
coffee Coffee.png
tobacco Tobacco.png
cocoa Cocoa.png
ivory Ivory.png
tea Tea.png
fur, furs Fur.png
spices, spice Spices.png
slaves, slave Slaves.png
chinaware, china Chinaware.png
unknown Unknown.png


western_temple, latin_temple Latin temple.png
western_courthouse, latin_courthouse Latin courthouse.png
western_spy_agency, latin_spy_agency 48px
western_town_hall, latin_town_hall Latin town hall.png
western_college, latin_college Latin college.png
western_cathedral, latin_cathedral Latin cathedral.png
western_armory, latin_armory 48px
western_training_fields, latin_training_fields Latin training fields.png
western_barracks, latin_barracks Latin barracks.png
western_regimental_camp, latin_regimental_camp Latin regimental camp.png
western_arsenal, latin_arsenal 48px
western_conscription_center, latin_conscription_center Latin conscription center.png
western_dock, latin_dock Latin dock.png
western_drydock, latin_drydock Latin drydock.png
western_shipyard, latin_shipyard Latin shipyard.png
western_grand_shipyard, latin_grand_shipyard Latin grand shipyard.png
western_naval_arsenal, latin_naval_arsenal 48px
western_naval_base, latin_naval_base 48px
western_constable, latin_constable Latin constable.png
western_workshop, latin_workshop Latin workshop.png
western_counting_house, latin_counting_house Latin counting house.png
western_treasury, latin_treasury 48px
western_mint, latin_mint 48px
western_stock_exchange, latin_stock_exchange Latin stock exchange.png
western_marketplace, latin_marketplace Latin marketplace.png
western_trade_depot, latin_trade_depot Latin trade depot.png
western_canal, latin_canal 48px
western_road_network, latin_road_network 48px
western_post_office, latin_post_office 48px
western_customs_house, latin_customs_house Latin customs house.png
western_fort02, latin_fort02 Latin fort02.png
western_fort03, latin_fort03 Latin fort03.png
western_fort04, latin_fort04 Latin fort04.png
western_fort05, latin_fort05 48px
western_fort06, latin_fort06 48px
western_fort07, latin_fort07 48px
refinery Refinery.png
naval_equipment Naval equipment.png
weapons_manufactory Weapons manufactory.png
textile_manufactory Textile manufactory.png
farm_estate Farm estate.png
plantations Plantation.png
trade_company Trade company.png
western_tax_assessor, latin_tax_assessor 48px
western_embassy, latin_embassy 48px
western_glorious_monument, latin_glorious_monument 48px
western_march, latin_march Latin march.png
western_grain_depot, latin_grain_depot 48px
western_royal_palace, latin_royal_palace Latin royal palace.png
western_war_college, latin_war_college 48px
western_admiralty, latin_admiralty 48px
western_fine_arts_academy, latin_fine_arts_academy 48px
western_university, latin_university Latin university.png


infantry Infantry.png
cavalry Cavalry.png
artillery Artillery.png
bigship, big ship Heavy ship.png
lightship, light ship Light ship.png
galley Galley.png
transport Transport.png
Maintenance & economics
manpower Manpower.png
local manpower modifier, local manpower Local manpower modifier.png
global manpower modifier, national manpower modifier National manpower modifier.png
manpower recovery speed Manpower recovery speed.png
garrison growth, global garrison growth, national garrison growth National garrison growth.png
regiment recruit speed, global regiment recruit speed, recruitment time Recruitment time.png
local regiment recruit speed Regiment recruit speed.png
regiment cost Regiment cost.png
local regiment cost Local regiment cost.png
inf cost, infantry cost Infantry cost.png
cav cost, cavalry cost Cavalry cost.png
art cost, artillery cost Artillery cost.png
mercenary cost Mercenary cost.png
available mercenaries Mercenary manpower.png
merc maintenance modifier, mercenary maintenance Mercenary maintenance.png
attrition Attrition.png
max attrition Max attrition.png
hostile attrition, attrition for enemies Attrition for enemies.png
land attrition Land attrition.png
land maintenance, land maintenance modifier Land maintenance modifier.png
land forcelimit, land forcelimit modifier, land forcelimits modifier Land forcelimit.png
vassal forcelimit bonus Vassal forcelimit bonus.png
reinforce speed Reinforce speed.png
fort level Fort level.png
local movement speed Movement speed.png
naval attrition Naval attrition.png
naval maintenance, naval maintenance modifier Naval maintenance modifier.png
naval forcelimit, naval forcelimit modifier, naval forcelimit modifier Naval forcelimit.png
ship build speed, global ship recruit speed, shipbuilding time Shipbuilding time.png
local ship build speed Local shipbuilding time.png
global ship repair Global ship repair.png
local ship repair Local ship repair.png
ship durability Ship durability.png
ship cost Ship costs.png
local ship cost Local ship cost.png
heavy ship cost Heavy ship cost.png
light ship cost Light ship cost.png
galley cost Galley cost.png
Military leaders
general General
conquistador Conquistador
admiral Admiral
explorer Explorer
ruler 28px
heir 28px
recruit general 0General
recruit conquistador 1Conquistador
recruit admiral 2Admiral
recruit explorer 3Explorer
leader upkeep, free leader pool Leader(s) without upkeep.png
leader fire, leader land fire, land leader fire Land leader fire.png
leader shock, leader land shock, land leader shock Land leader shock.png
leader land maneuver, land leader maneuver Land leader maneuver.png
leader naval fire, naval leader fire Naval leader fire.png
leader naval shock, naval leader shock Naval leader shock.png
leader naval maneuver, naval leader maneuver Naval leader maneuver.png
leader siege Leader siege.png
inf fire, infantry fire Infantry fire.png
cav fire, cavalry fire Cavalry fire.png
art fire, artillery fire Artillery fire.png
inf shock, infantry shock Infantry shock.png
cav shock, cavalry shock Cavalry shock.png
art shock, artillery shock Artillery shock.png
inf maneuver, infantry maneuver Infantry maneuver.png
cav maneuver, cavalry maneuver Cavalry maneuver.png
art maneuver, artillery maneuver Artillery maneuver.png
Land warfare
army tradition Army tradition.png
army tradition decay Army tradition decay.png
shock Icon shock.png
fire Icon fire.png
maneuver Icon maneuver.png
fort defense, fort defence Fort defense.png
local defensiveness Local defensiveness.png
siege ability Siege ability.png
land morale, morale of armies Morale of armies.png
land morale recovery, recover army morale speed Recover army morale speed.png
discipline Discipline.png
inf power, infantry power, infantry combat ability Infantry combat ability.png
cav power, cavalry power, cavalry combat ability Cavalry combat ability.png
art power, artillery power, artillery combat ability Artillery combat ability.png
width, combat width Combat width.png
tactics, military tactics Military tactics.png
supply, supply limit Supply limit.png
Naval warfare
naval morale, morale of navies Morale of navies.png
naval morale recovery, recover navy morale speed Recover navy morale speed.png
navy tradition Naval tradition
navy tradition decay Naval tradition decay
cannon, cannons Number of cannons
ship speed, speed Ship speed
ship hull, hull Ship hull size
heavy ship power, heavy ship combat ability Heavy ship combat ability.png
light ship power, light ship combat ability Light ship combat ability.png
galley power, galley combat ability Galley combat ability.png
blockade efficiency Blockade efficiency.png


Advisor modifiers
advisor cost Advisor cost.png
advisor pool, possible advisors, advisor Possible advisors.png
envoy travel time Envoy travel time.png
artist Advisor Artist.png
inquisitor Advisor inquisitor.png
master of mint Advisor Master of Mint.png
natural scientist Advisor Natural Scientist.png
philosopher Advisor Philosopher.png
theologian Advisor Theologian.png
treasurer Advisor Treasurer.png
colonial governor Advisor Colonial governor.png
diplomat_adv Advisor Diplomat.png
naval reformer Advisor Naval reformer.png
navigator Advisor Navigator.png
trader Advisor Trader.png
spymaster Advisor Spymaster.png
statesman Advisor Statesman.png
army organizer Advisor Army Organiser.png
army reformer Advisor Army Reformer.png
commandant Advisor Commandant.png
grand captain Advisor Grand Captain.png
master recruiter Advisor Master recruiter.png
military engineer Advisor Military Engineer.png
quartermaster Advisor Quartermaster.png


eu4 EU4
yes Yes
no No
time Time Icon.png
ironman Ironman icon.png


You can add new icons by adding them to the template (at the top after clicking Edit. To make it easier for others to find and actually use them, add them to the table above. This is only possible for half-ops and administrators, so if you're not in one of those groups, add a comment to the talk page instead.

Formatting guidelines for contribution

If any constraints on resolution, file format etc. are given, please add them here.