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This template creates an infobox that displays the main properties of a country in a compact form. It should be used on all county pages. Articles with this template are auto-categorized in Category:Countries.


Parameter Description Status Default value Possible values
Name name of the country optional {{PAGENAME}}
Flag flag of the country optional [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.png|330px]]
Culture primary culture (culture group) required empty see: Culture#List_of_culture_groups
Capital capital (id) required empty see: List of provinces
Government form of government required empty see: Monarchy, Republic, Theocracy or Tribal government
Religion state religion required empty
  • Catholic, Protestant, Reformed, Orthodox, Coptic, Anglican, Hussite
  • Sunni, Shia, Ibadi
  • Hindu, Sikh
  • Theravada, Vajrayana, Mahayana, Confucian, Shinto
  • Animist, Fetishist, Totemist, Inti, Nahuatl, Mayan, Tengri, Norse
  • Jewish
  • Zoroastrian
Tech technology group required empty Western, Eastern, Anatolian, Muslim, Indian, Chinese, Central African, East African, West African, Nomadic, Andean, Mesoamerican, North American, South American
Rank government rank optional empty Duchy, Empire, Kingdom
Ideas National ideas optional empty Input 'None' to disable NI infobox or input other NI name (instead of using default page-name); see: National ideas


This table may be added by copy-pasting the template as shown below at the top of the article page.


Updating this template

Leave a message on the talk page or message Meneth.


In the article about England one would write:

|Government=English Monarchy
|Culture=English (British)
|Capital=London (236)

for the infobox on the right:

Kingdom rankEngland
Primary culture
English (British)

Capital province
London (236)

English Monarchy Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
English ideas
Ambox outdated info.png Please help with verifying or updating this infobox. It was last verified for version 1.33.

Traditions.png Traditions:

−1 National unrest
+10% Infantry combat ability

Heavy ship combat ability.png A Royal Navy

+10% Heavy ship combat ability
+0.25 Yearly navy tradition

Production efficiency.png The Eltham Ordinance

+10% Production efficiency

Diplomatic relations.png Secretaries of State

+1 Diplomatic relation

Trade efficiency.png The Navigation Acts

+10% Trade efficiency

Land fire damage.png Redcoats

+10% Land fire damage
+25% Marines force limit

Sailor recovery speed.png The Sick and Hurt Board

+10% Sailor recovery speed
−10% Sailor maintenance

Years of separatism.png English Bill of Rights

−5 Years of separatism

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Leader without upkeep