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Updating strategy

Please do not edit the stategy section for style for a few days, let me work on it then you can go for it.

Sure, just apply the under construction template, and remove it once you're done. ~ Meneth (talk) 14:59, 28 August 2013 (CEST)
The strategy discussion here is one style, but I find it oddly passive. You can hit Novograd out of the gate hard (you get a starting mission), and you can bypass the coring costs by giving provinces to vassals. Muscovy can easily emerge from the first decade with a released Finland as a vassal, Kazan as a vassal, and the three starting vassals beefed up with captured provinces. In fact, donating provinces to vassals is an important tool for Russia because of the extravagant coring costs in the game.

I'd suggest the following as an alternate opening move: This strategy emphasizes diplomacy (a good first idea) and vassals, rather than direct expansion. Royal Marriage to vassals Build up to the force limit with infantry, move against the north in the spring Donate Kholm to Pskov, take a Finnish core or 2 and release Finland as a vassal Tver can be fed to Yaroslavl Ryazen can be guaranteed and conquered or vassalized at leisure Kazan can be vassalized if down to 3 provinces; make sure it's at peace with everyone before you do so. Ideally do this in only 2 wars so that your relations aren't too awful. When possible donate conquered provinces to vassals, and try and keep vassals with the right culture and religion to absorb new conquests. It's much cheaper in Monarch points than direct attacks.

Be on a conveyer belt to absorb vassals once they hit their growth limits Drop infantry at the border with the Hordes and scorch earth if they attack you (which is common) Watch attrition, even on your home turf, in winter (added by ohioastro 18:29, 28 Aug 2013 (CEST)

I got a random event. It wasn't on the site, didn't know where to post it. So here's here since it apparently only affects Muscovy.

I think that you should just make few possible strategies for muscowy - More info = better.

I thought you couldn't sell uncored provinces to vassals anymore?

Vassal Strategy

Here is my strategy which have worked very well and fast. Muscovy start with a couple of vassal and enemies everywhere. You got Novgorod in the north and horde on the south. Lithuania to your left. Because of your vassal, you should be close to max Diplomatic relationships and Diplomatic should be your first idea. You should start with a war right away with Novgorod. The main objective is Finland. You need to conquer a territory that has a core of Finland. The closes one is Kexholm and Neva. Then release Finland. If you release a vassal, the vassal will "normally" have your own religion, in this case Orthodox. You should watch out for the Hord because you dont want them taking Ryazan. You either vassal them or annex. I will recommend vassal them to avoid extra coring cost. After you have conquered all of Novgorod and anexed one or to small vassal. Sweden should have breaken the PU with Denmark. You should ally either Denmark or Norway (I prefer Norway because is more secure and wont get into wars but Denmark is stronger). And DOW Sweden (after making a claim). With one war you should be able to release almost all the land that Finland has as long as Sweden is not allied with England or some other superpower. You should have a super powerful vassal that is Finland and he will start converting the other territory to Orthodox. Just anex him when he has converted all of them to Orthodox.

You might want to attack Lithuania or Kazan. Either way is fine but Lithuania is harder depending on who has Poland ally with. If you dont want Poland to be with any strong ally, then you ally them first. And wait until Poland get into a war with Austria or France and check there troops and when you are being defeated then you attack Lithuania. Use the same strategy as Finland and capture a territory with Ukraine. The closes one is Novgorod-Seversky. And on the second war with Lithuania, make them release all the Ukraine lands. Now you will have two strong vassal. If you cant war agaisnt Lithuania because they are allied with someone very strong or never in the losing side of a war then target Kazan.

The next target is Kazan or Golden Horde. If you go with Kazan, you should try to vassal them in the second war to limit AE. if you cant then try to war Golden Horde and make them free Astrakhan. Either using the same strategy as Finland or just make them Release all of there province and then DOW on them and vassal them if you can. Aq Ooyunlu start with enough province that you can vassal them in one war plus they are Orthodox if they havent die against the Ottoman. If the Byzantium is still around and you think you can handle the Ottoman, you could vassal them too.

Along the time you finish with Sweden or Lithuania or Kazan, you should have gotten then second idea which should be Quality (or Offensive, you want both.) I normally go for Quality first because you are from an Eastern tech group and your troops are not as strong as the western group but you should be higher in the military tech than the Ottoman because they have -25% and you got -20% plus you normally end up with the modifier of -5% due to Western weapons (you need to be next to a western country with a +190 relationship or something like that, in this case Norway).

You can also release Syria, which is upper part of Mamluks or with Ottomans if Ottoman invaded Mamluks original territory. The way to defeat the Ottoman, is to play defensive. Be sure to have allied Hungary and Poland (if you have war against Poland-Lithuania then wait for a couple of years, they normally will accept alliance after a couple of years, as long as there AE is not that high. Attack them from the left side. And hold only a couple of land, for example 3 land and wait for them to attack you. Once they attack you, they migh get -1 or -3. Also try to fight them with a great general or someone with +4 Fire or Shock. Because of your advance military research, you should be able to win. After the first victory, there army will retreat but they will come back againt because they have enough manpower and if you dont have Force March or you are low in Manpower, you wont be able to pursue and win. If you cant pursue then go to Hudavendigar and Izmit and place two big stack. And if they want to attack one of the stack then move the other one at the same time siege all there land from this side. They will not be able to go around because of Hungary and Poland. If you win with a very high score, you will want them to free Bulgaria. If you think you can vassal them, if not make them free Aq Qoyunlu.

After a while into the game. Lets say 1600 to 1600, all Asia and middle East country should have lower military than you so I recommend going Expansion Idea as your third or forth to get the Permanent Asia CB. And Religious Idea 3rd or fourth. You will need Religious Idea to convert Sunni provinces.

Just keep repeating this process of freeing vassal and then DOW again for their land to max expand with low AE.

shouldn't russian principalities start with paying war reparations?

mongol empire have been recieving tributes from Russian principalities more specifically from Crimean Khanate & Grand Principality of Moscow (Muscovy in the game) - Golden horde have been recieving tributes up until 1480:

it ended with pretty much no casualties, so it could just end with an event(or forced) within the game..