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Primary culture
Swiss (Germanic)

Capital province
Bern (165)

Administrative RepublicGovernment republic.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Swiss ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% National manpower modifier
+10% Infantry combat ability

Stability cost modifier.png The Swiss Confederation

−10% Stability cost modifier

Mercenary maintenance.png Swiss Mercenaries

−15% Mercenary maintenance

Fort maintenance.png Alpine Fort defense

−20% Fort maintenance

Development cost.png Oasis of Peace and Prosperity

−10% Development cost

Tolerance heretic.png Swiss Tolerance

+2 Tolerance of heretics

Prestige.png Haven for Refugees

+1 Yearly prestige

Production efficiency.png Clockwork

+10% Production efficiency

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+5% Discipline
For the area, see Switzerland (area).

Switzerland is a medium-sized country in the Holy Roman Empire, beginning with 5 provinces. This makes it the fourth largest independent nation in the HRE. Flag of Austria Austria, Flag of Bohemia Bohemia, and Flag of Savoy Savoy are the largest respectively. In 1444, Switzerland has cores on Savoy's provinces Vaud and Wallis. It is one of the few administrative republics in the 1444 start date.




 Pope asks for Swiss Guard

Our soldiers seek fortunes abroad and that has led to our troops getting reputation of being the most disciplined, loyal and powerful troops who employ revolutionary battle tactics. Many wishes to hire our troops, even the Pope who wishes to enter a pact with us. He asks that we provide [From.GetName] with a constant corps of Swiss mercenaries. This will surely increase our prestige and give us other favors.

Trigger conditions
  • None
Is triggered only by

(please describe trigger here)

Send the guards to the Pope.
  • Gain   10 prestige
  • Gain opinion modifier “Sent Swiss Guard” towards FROM
  • FROM:
    • Trigger country event “Switzerland sends Swiss Guard”
No, we need them more.
  • (explanatory tooltip - delete this line)
  • FROM:
    • Trigger country event “No Swiss Guard”


Opening movesEdit

  Switzerland has cores on   Savoy and the Player should focus to get them as fast as possible. If it is not possible on the beginning, due to Savoy's allies, the best choice is to fabricate a claim on   Baden and declare war on them. It is good to ally with   Milan and OPM countries in HRE like   Ulm or   Alsace. Also   The Palatinate is a good opening move to easily take   Baden. After that, the Player should focus to get alliance with   France to not get invaded by   Austria. Now Switzerland can focus on others OPM countries to get more land. Later The Player can declare war on bigger countries like   Bavaria or   Bohemia. If the player is going for the Switzerlake achievement it is not recommended to fight with any Italian countries other than   Savoy, only to reconquer Swiss cores. Then, Switzerland should slowly conquer other HRE nations. Also, a good way to become the strongest nation in the HRE, and later in Europe, is to stay as a republic, because switching between the different candidates that focus on military, diplomatic or administrative Monarch Power will mean you can always focus whatever type of Monarch Power you need at the current moment.

The Protestant ReformationEdit

Switzerland should convert to Protestant, due to small morale and discipline bonuses. Also, later the player can fight in religious leagues to become the Protestant HRE Emperor if the nation has flipped from a republic to a monarchy. It will help with conquering more land in HRE without getting demanded unlawful territory.

Idea groupsEdit

For the first idea group it is recommended to take plutocratic idea group. It will help with winning wars, due to 10% morale boost and with managing the country unrest. Also, will provide small boost to income needed to develop the country. Influence are good for the second idea group. Switzerland borders many OPM countries and it is easy to vassalize them. After that, the player can take ideas depending on their situation.


Own 99 provinces as Switzerland while owning no ports.
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