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26 September 2022

25 September 2022

     19:58  Jerusalem‎‎ 2 changes history +91 [Grotaclas‎; 2601:14F:4403:28B0:747A:66D6:8ECD:D945‎]
19:58 (cur | prev) +64 Grotaclas talk contribs clarify who can form Jerusalem after the age of reformation
08:52 (cur | prev) +27 2601:14F:4403:28B0:747A:66D6:8ECD:D945 talk Forming Kingdom of Jerusalem is no longer prohibited after the Age of Reformation since 1.34 (Lions of the North) Tag: Visual edit

24 September 2022

     01:35  National ideas diffhist -4 Grotaclas talk contribs rename "Vassalizatation acceptance" to "Vassalization acceptance", because the modifier was renamed in 1.34.3 // This edit was done automatically with PyHelpersForPDXWikis
     00:50  Gotland diffhist +4 Grotaclas talk contribs 1.34 update to the country history file

23 September 2022

     23:53  Technology diffhist +24 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎{{icon|adm tech}} Administrative technologies: replace development efficiency with development cost modifier
     22:24  Subject nation diffhist +25 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎Subject interactions {{anchor|Subject interaction}}: Enforce Culture is now available for colonial nations
     21:56  Formation decisions‎‎ 2 changes history +204 [Neato‎ (2×)]
21:56 (cur | prev) +78 Neato talk contribs →‎Greater Asia
21:53 (cur | prev) +126 Neato talk contribs →‎Greater Asia: addition to mongol empire formation decision
     20:13  Majapahit diffhist 0 2601:18D:4700:720:95ED:D3C0:4BA1:25AA talk fixed typo (borodudur -> borobudur) Tag: Visual edit
     19:28  Template:DLC-only‎‎ 3 changes history +50 [Grotaclas‎ (3×)]
19:28 (cur | prev) 0 Grotaclas talk contribs
19:27 (cur | prev) +34 Grotaclas talk contribs restore sign to the fleet exploration range which my previous edit accidentally removed
19:23 (cur | prev) +16 Grotaclas talk contribs fleet exploration range seems to be a percentage now (e.g. 1.25 increases the range by 125%)
     14:35  Poland diffhist -7 Grotaclas talk contribs poland starts with the Great Sejm reform now
     14:34  Template:Country diffhist +34 Grotaclas talk contribs add Kalmar Union and Great Sejm which are the starting reforms for Denmark and Poland
 m   10:24  Denmark diffhist +241 Roan1337 talk contribs disclaimer for outdated strategy Tag: Visual edit: Switched

22 September 2022

     11:17  Formation decisions diffhist -35 TheLuuuuuc talk contribs Being a monarchy is not a requirement to form Sardinia-Piedmont (anymore?)
 m   04:11  Culture diffhist +115 Blankboy2002 talk contribs →‎Lost cultures - Norse update Tag: Visual edit

21 September 2022

     17:51  Monarchy‎‎ 5 changes history -130 [Limyx826‎; Darsara‎ (2×); Grotaclas‎ (2×)]
17:51 (cur | prev) -120 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎Power Structure: restore the changes from the last edit by Limyx826 which was (probably accidentally) undone by Darsara
14:37 (cur | prev) +12 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎Power Structure: the celestial empire now has estates even without DLC and I don't see the 10% crownland
14:33 (cur | prev) +97 Darsara talk contribs
10:35 (cur | prev) -110 Limyx826 talk contribs →‎Power Structure: Changes to Celestial Empire and Chinese Kingdom, need checks from others
00:58 (cur | prev) -9 Darsara talk contribs Converted some of the AI speak to (more) normal speak
 m   11:30  Bosnia diffhist -1 BjornvandeSand talk contribs Removed unnecessary space Tag: Visual edit

20 September 2022

     05:14  Gotland diffhist -614 Kraftyjack talk contribs 1.34 update, still needs added content as strategy is not defined. Tag: Visual edit
     02:00  Navarra diffhist +1 Grotaclas talk contribs 1.33/1.34 province name changes // This edit was done automatically with PyHelpersForPDXWikis

19 September 2022

 m   19:04  National ideas diffhist 0 Avald talk contribs →‎Ideaset Norway: Moved Natural Seamanship from first idea down to 3rd idea to reflect current game.
 m   17:35  Greece diffhist +1 Lillebror talk contribs →‎Decisions: fixed typo
     00:57  Template:Opinion modifier diffhist +7,359 Grotaclas talk contribs Update for version 1.34.2. The contents was generated with pdxparse. // This edit was done automatically with PyHelpersForPDXWikis

18 September 2022

     19:23  Culture diffhist +1 talk →‎List: Latgalia is the new primary nation for Latvian culture from 1.34. See the September 6th change log. Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit
     16:54  National ideas‎‎ 2 changes history +207 [Grotaclas‎ (2×)]
16:54 (cur | prev) +2 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎New ideas from version 1.34: fix expand tag
16:22 (cur | prev) +205 Grotaclas talk contribs use autogenerated danish ideas and move them to the new section, because they changed almost completely
     16:42  Prestige‎‎ 2 changes history +43 [2A02:A465:473C:1:5036:E30B:78E:BED‎ (2×)]
16:42 (cur | prev) +12 2A02:A465:473C:1:5036:E30B:78E:BED talk →‎Increasing prestige
16:38 (cur | prev) +31 2A02:A465:473C:1:5036:E30B:78E:BED talk →‎Increasing prestige Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     15:06  Missions‎‎ 2 changes history +70 [NCD‎; Eschucht‎]
15:06 (cur | prev) -5 Eschucht talk contribs →‎Nation specific
01:45 (cur | prev) +75 NCD talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
     05:45  Denmark diffhist -3 Pillsintheplastic talk contribs I changed the Danish government type from feudal nobility to kalmar union as part of the new DLC Tag: Visual edit

17 September 2022

     21:58  Technology diffhist +18 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎Groups: transclude version number for images
     20:16  Holy Roman Empire diffhist +8 Annulen talk contribs →‎Religious leagues: Member of the Catholic League which is at war with the Emperor is also not called
     17:47  Missions‎‎ 2 changes history +2 [Eschucht‎; Grotaclas‎]
17:47 (cur | prev) 0 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎Nation specific
15:55 (cur | prev) +2 Eschucht talk contribs →‎Nation specific

16 September 2022

     23:10  Danzig diffhist +3 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎Missions
     23:10  Gotland diffhist 0 Grotaclas talk contribs →‎Missions
     21:55  Missions diffhist +568 NCD talk contribs Added the number of unique missions for some of the trees added in Lions of the North based on the changelog, and added Bremen and Hamburg to the list. Tag: Visual edit
     19:59  Monarchy‎‎ 3 changes history +8,886 [Grotaclas‎ (3×)]
19:59 (cur | prev) +24 Grotaclas talk contribs Update reforms autogenerated with ck2utils and pdxparse // This edit was done automatically with PyHelpersForPDXWikis
19:49 (cur | prev) +4,018 Grotaclas talk contribs Update reforms autogenerated with ck2utils and pdxparse // This edit was done automatically with PyHelpersForPDXWikis
00:12 (cur | prev) +4,844 Grotaclas talk contribs generate icon table for all the new reforms. I ordered them in the order in which they are listed in which they are displayed in the game. But I could easily change it to alphabetical order