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Power Structure
{{desc|Plutocracy|A plutocratic kingdom is one where the supporters of the Monarch are those with the largest incomes. The monarch themself is often the head of a successful merchant enterprise, and so are many of their supporters.|image=gov_asian_scripture}}
* Only available for nations in the {{icon|indian}} Indian, {{icon|muslim}} Muslim, {{icon|chinese}} Chinese or {{icon|east african}} East African technology groups.
* Unlocks {{icon|Plutocratic}} Plutocratic ideas, while locking {{icon|Aristocratic}} Aristocratic ideas.
{{desc|Grand Duchy|Our region never had many kings, instead it is our dukes that have united and led the various peoples within our borders to greatness.|image=gov_peasants}}
* Only available for {{flag|Lithuania}}.
* Fixed rank: {{icon|Duchy}} Duchy
* {{icon|inf power}} {{green|+10%}} Infantry combat ability
| {{desc|Daimyo|A powerful territorial vassal lord in Japan, ruling their hereditary lands under the shogun.<br />A country can take over the Shogunate, and become the overlord of all Daimyo Subjects, by taking the province of Kyoto.|image=gov_daimyo}}
{{Locked reform}}
* Daimyo subjects of the Shogunate have this government type.
*{{Locked reform}}
* Dynasty is fixed.
* Can ally, form coalitions with, and start wars against other daimyo without sovereign intervention from their overlord.
| {{desc|Independent Daimyo|A powerful Lord in Japan, ruling their hereditary lands without acknowledging any shogun.<br />A country can take over the Shogunate, and become the overlord of all Daimyo Subjects, by taking the province of Kyoto.|image=gov_samurai}}
* Daimyo that become independent or a subject of a country other than the Shogun change to this government type.
* Dynasty is fixed.
* Will take over the mantle of Shogun if they own the province of Kyoto.
* {{icon|max absolutism}} {{red|−30}} Maximum absolutism
| {{desc|Elective Monarchy|In this type of Monarchy the heir will be selected by the Sejm.|image=gov_elective_monarchy}}
{{Locked reform}}
* Available by event for {{flag|Poland}} and the {{flag|Commonwealth}} if Poland forms it.
* Polish Magnate rebels will force a country to adopt this government type if their demands are enforced. These rebels are unique to nations with Polish culture.
* Can transition to a different reform depending on whether the monarch immediately surrenders to the Sejm demands or crushes the [[Polish_events#The Zebrzydowski rebellion|Zebrzydowski rebellion]] during a major event chain that may happen after 1600 depending on previous decisions.
* {{Locked reform}}
* Prohibits switching [[government type]].
<section end=OttomanGovernment />
| {{desc|Ottoman Government|The Ottoman Government is in many ways synonymous with the royal household. The harem ensures that there will never be a lack of heirs for the Ottoman ruler.|image=gov_ottoman_government}}
{{Locked reform}}*Only available for the {{flag|Ottomans}} or {{flag|Rûm}}.
* {{Locked reform}}*Dynasty is fixed
* Prohibits switching [[government type]].
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