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Kingdom rankShammar
Primary culture
Bedouin (Arabic)

Capital province
Jabal Shammar (393)

Tribal Federation Government tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
MuslimMuslim technology group
Arabian ideas

For countries in the Culture icon.png Levantine culture group.

Traditions.png Traditions:

+15% National manpower modifier
−15% Land attrition

Trade steering.png Indian Ocean Trade

+15% Trade steering

Cavalry cost.png Arabian Horses

−10% Cavalry cost
+25% Cavalry flanking ability

National unrest.png Land of the Prophet

−1 National unrest

Missionary strength.png Spreading the Prophet's Word

+1% Missionary strength

Trade power.png Bedouin Traders

+10% Global trade power

Land leader maneuver.png Clan Loyalties

+1 Land leader maneuver

Prestige.png Arabia

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Land leader shock

Shammar is a three province country in the Middle Eastern region of the map, ruled by the Rashidi dynasty. Shammar borders: Flag of Qara Qoyunlu Qara Qoyunlu to the northeast, Flag of Haasa Haasa to the east, Flag of Najd Najd to the south and Flag of Hejaz Hejaz to the west. To the northern border of Shammar lies the inaccessible wasteland province of Badiyat ash Sham (2334). Shammar with its Bedouin culture is one of the multiple countries that may form Arabia.




Shammar starts the game with 3 Province icon.png provinces: Jabal Shammar (393), Unaizah (2337) and Hafar (2338). The country has 9 Development.png development, which is split up into one from each category in each province. It is a weakest country on the Arabian Peninsula as of 1444. From the beginning, it is rivalled by Najd and Haasa, and can rival no other countries than them. The only country that Shammar can ally right away is Yemen, since it has a friendly attitude. With a little diplomatic work the Mamluks can join as defensive ally, and some Sunni countries on the Horn of Africa or Western India can be persuaded into an alliance as well.

The most obvious first target for the player should be one of their rivals. Whether it should be Haasa or Nejd depends on their alliances. The player is likely to get a mission to conquer Grane from Qara Qoyunlu. However, unless they are attacked and heavily beaten by someone else, they would make a rather tough enemy. After attacking one of their rivals, the player may either annex, vassalize, or perhaps take a majority of provinces and humiliate. The last option should give the player enough power projection to get the monarch points bonus, while not taking too many Shia provinces would prevent a big decrease in religious unity. If the player has chosen Najd as the first victim, the game can be played quite similar to the Jihad strategy. Of course, Shammar is not eligible to gain this achievement, but they can easily get Arabian Coffee after forming Arabia.


Shammar uses Arabian national ideas, which are not heavily oriented toward any aspect of the game. Traditions, ambition and the “Arabian Horses” idea deal with the military aspect, three ideas deal with the trade/economy aspect of the game, one decreases unrest, one supports missionary activity slightly, and one increase prestige. There is a notable lack of diplomatically and navally oriented ideas.

Suggested idea groups would include:

  • Aristocratic idea group.png Aristocratic – the first bonus from this group, “Noble Knights” increase cavalry combat ability (+10% Cavalry combat ability.png), while decreasing its price (-15% Cavalry cost.png). This plays well with the Muslim technology group Muslim technology group, which increases cavalry to infantry ratio, and with the “Arabian Horses” idea, lowering cavalry price even further down to -25% Cavalry cost.png. Military technology cost reduction (-10% Military technology cost) is always good as well.
  • Trade idea group.png Trade – Shammar has some bonuses for trade in Arabian national ideas and they can enhance them further with this idea group to make trade their primary source of income.
  • Exploration idea group.png Exploration – having a capital in Asia allows Shammar to reach the Indonesian provinces without taking the overseas penalty. Potential colonies in Africa are also close enough, and from there player can go to South America and get some nice colonial nations and free Merchants.pngs with it as well, if the player is fast enough.
  • Expansion idea group.png Expansion – a great idea group, as it enhances both trade (with trade ideas and Arabian “Bedouin Traders” Shammar would get a massive +50% Trade power.png global trade power) and colonization.
  • Administrative idea group.png Administrative, Innovative idea group.png Innovative or Economic idea group.png Economic – one of these ideas is required to reform the government. The first two can help neglect technological disadvantage, Moreover, with Innovative the player will save money on Advisor cost.png advisors (so more skilled ones can be employed), while Administrative would spare Administrative power.png administrative monarch points due to the coring discount (-25% Core-creation cost.png).
  • more military traditions – the player may choose whether to increase Arabian -15% Land attrition.png attrition bonus with Defensive idea group.png Defensive Ideas, or go for any other bonuses. The player will likely have more military points than others, so they can make their choice freely.
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