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Rights of Man.png Rights of Man
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Release date / Patch
2016-10-11 / 1.18

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Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man expansion feature spotlight by Johan Andersson (EVP creative direction).

Rights of Man is the 9th expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It was announced on 2016-08-19[1] and was released on 2016-10-11[2]. The expansion coincides with patch 1.18.

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

  • Fetishist nations can choose from a number of cults, uncovering new options as they wage war and make alliances
  • Coptic nations will be tasked with preserving their faith through the control of 5 holy sites throughout the near east
  • Ruler Personalities gives rulers specific traits that grant bonuses or penalties
  • Leader Traits giving battle hardened commanders added prowess
  • Queen/King Consorts and Consort-Regencies
  • Rulers can abdicate and heirs can be disinherited
  • More detailed military instructions for Subject Nations
  • Develop provinces of subjects and build buildings in them
  • Revolutionary republics now have Factions to balance
  • Ottoman Empire gets new Harem Politics events and options
  • Militarization mechanic for the Prussian Monarchy government reform
  • Great power mechanic grants special bonuses to the strongest nations
  • Casualty statistics in the war overview window and a popup at the end of the war which shows the overall casualties of the war
  • Debase currency

Free features[edit | edit source]

  • Major overhaul of the technology system – technology groups no longer affect research, a concept called ‘institutions’ will affect technology research now
  • Greater control over adopting new cultures in your empire
  • Added the Braindead Player AI setting to completely disable AI takeover if a player disconnects.
  • When in a Succession War, the attacker can now demand Cancel Subject on the Country in question as part of the war goal.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

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All developer diaries about the Rights of Man expansion, patch 1.18 (aka Prussia), and patch 1.19 (aka Denmark).

Patch 1.19 (Denmark)
No. Title and Link Description Date
24 1.19 Beta Feedback We've reverted the Fort Zone of Control changes planned for 1.19 2016-11-22
23 New Unit Models for Vanilla Carlos shares the story of how he decided to remake the vanilla unit models 2016-11-15
22 UI Improvements Interface improvements coming in the "Denmark" (1.19) update 2016-11-08
21 Fort Zone of Control Changes to Fort ZoC in 1.19 and some other things 2016-11-01
20 Denmark "Denmark" (1.19) update brings enhancements to Scandinavian nations and more rules for AI/player replacement (in MP) 2016-10-25
19 Post Release Evaluation What the team like best with Rights of Man + 1.19 teaser 2016-10-18
Patch 1.18 (Prussia)
No. Title and Link Description Date
18 Wrapping Teasers Last 1.18 teasers: an addition to El Dorado, launcher improvements, 20 new achievements and new national ideas 2016-10-04
17 Balance Changes in Patch 1.18 A look at the most important balance changes with a quick explanation on why they were made 2016-09-27
16 1.18 updates older expansions 1.18 brings some overhauls to old expansion features 2016-09-22
15 Bodycount & Minimap Improvement Bodycount screens coming at the end of wars, and you can now see armies on the minimap 2016-09-15
14 Revolutionary Republics Factions New factions for Revolutionary Republics in the Rights of Man 2016-09-08
13 Prussian Monarchy Prussian Monarchy, Disinherit, Abandon PU, Debase Currency and Strengthen Government 2016-09-01
12 Subjects Interactions New Military Focuses for Subjects & new Subjects Interface 2016-08-25
11 Cults Cults are coming to the Fetishists in the next expansion 2016-08-18
10 A Queen Regent Changes to regencies: war declarations and queen regents 2016-08-11
9 Coptic Holy Sites A new blessings and holy cities system for Coptics 2016-08-04
8 Leader Traits Introduction of traits for land and naval leaders 2016-06-30
7 The Ottoman Sultanate The Ottomans get some unique flavor in the upcoming expansion 2016-06-23
6 Ruler Personalities The next expansion will introduce character traits to your ruler 2016-06-16
5 Great Powers With the next expansion Great Powers will be introduced 2016-06-09
4 Culture Changes to how accepted Culture will work in 1.18 2016-06-02
3 Technology Groups Changes to technology groups and technological development 2016-05-26
2 DLC production The DLC producer explains the development process 2016-05-19
1 Future What do we want from the future of the game? 2016-05-12

References[edit | edit source]