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Res Publica.png Res Publica
Res Publica banner.jpg
Release date / Patch
2014-07-16 / 1.7

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The Res Publica expansion DLC was announced on 2014-06-17[1]. It was released on 2014-07-16 alongside Patch 1.7.[2] It introduced new systems of governance and trade to the game, including an all-new government type and several new Idea Groups for ambitious strategists to explore.

Expansion features[edit]

  • Unique mechanic for Dutch Republics, balancing the Orangists vs the Statists.
  • Dictatorships are now special cases in a Republic when tradition goes too low, and can then last the rest of that rulers life.
  • Merchant Republics can now place trading posts in each trade node, to boost their trade power.
  • New Diplomatic Action against Elective Monarchies, to support Heirs of own dynasty in that realm, giving power, prestige & legitimacy bonus if they win.
  • New action for Elective Monarchy to support their own noble for the throne.
  • Lots of new events for Dutch Republics, Merchant Republic Factions, Elective Monarchies & Dictatorships.
  • National Focus: Change monarch power priorities, improving one aspect on the expense of the other two. (Note: also in Common Sense)

Free features[edit]

  • Added 3 new ideagroups. Humanism, Influence & Maritime
  • Added lots of new policies connected to the new Idea groups.
  • New faction system for Merchant Republics
  • Overextension over 100% now increases revolt size by multiplying with OE.
  • Removed monarch powers penalties for all technology groups.
  • Bonuses for nations ahead of time in diplomatic and administrative technologies.
  • Increased neighbor technology bonus.
  • Truce length now scales

Dev diaries[edit]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Res Publica immersion pack and patch 1.7.

Patch 1.7
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Merchant Republics / National Focus New governmental mechanics 2014-06-26
2 Dutch Republic & Ideas Dutch factions added & 3 new ideagroups 2014-07-03
3 Elective Monarchy & Rivals Elective Monarchy explained & changes to rival mechanics 2014-07-10