Rekindling the Flames

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Rekindling the Flames
Rekindling the Flames.jpg
Possible if
The player’s country:
  • is a custom nation.
    • that used no more than 200 nation designer points.
  • does not have more than 5 Province icon.png provinces.
  • follows Zoroastrianism.png Zoroastrian religion.
Achieved if

The player’s country:

Royal Fires map.png

To gain this achievement you need El Dorado.png El Dorado DLC activated.

This achievement is actually a whole lot easier than it sounds and currently there are two good strategies.

Quick achievement run

Create an empire government rank custom nation in Sabzevar, Maragheh, Shiraz, Larestan and Khiva. For national traditions, military ideas are a strong choices, such as 20% morale and +10% infantry combat ability. National ideas are not terribly important as the player will probably have the achievement long before any ideas are unlocked. Starting with the named provinces means that only 2 additional provinces are required to take the decision and get the achievement. It is also advisable to have a 6 skill military king and heir, in order to increase military technology level up as soon as possible, also high military skill rulers make better generals. Making the custom nation have the steppe nomad (horde) government type is also helpful owing to the +75% to manpower and force limit with empire rank and exceptionally strong early units. Do not forget to make the nation an Empire, and have the Zoroastrianism.pngZoroastrianism religion as this is required for the achievement and Persian culture is recommended to minimise cultural unrest.

Once the game starts focusing on military in order to tech up as soon as possible while waiting for an opportunity to attack the Flag of Timurids Timurids in a moment of weakness is advised. The Timurids get many event relating to Persian rebels and during such an uprising may be an excellent time to strike. As only two provinces are required this can be easily achieved in a single war and with little warscore. Core the two taken provinces, Bojnord and Mashhad to complete the requirements for the achievement.

Tip: Pick a leader with Administrative of at least 3 so that you can access a useful missionary decision.

Proper campaign

This involves setting up a trade focused nation based in the Persian Gulf to be able to out-class your enemies in income. A merchant republic based in Basra is one possible example. Consider selecting trade focused ideas but military traditions to deter neighbours while attempting to secure the Arabian Peninsula early on. After Arabia is secure expanding into Africa for an increased powerbase may be wise, or alternatively India in order to help push more trade into your home node. Work on chipping away at the Timurids or Persia if they've formed to get the provinces required for the achievement. This may take multiple wars depending on the placement of the original custom nation. Alternatively, an alliance with the Ottomans early on means expansion into the levant and Egypt thereafter may be easily achieved early on. However such an alliance with the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans is unlikely due to being different religions.

Both strategies involve building up a powerbase strong enough to take down the Timurids.

Combining with other achievements

Since Rekindling the Flames requires custom nations, it can be combined only with other custom nations achievements. All but For Odin! achievements from this group can be combined with it. For maximum number of achievements the player can either:

  • Start as a custom western nation a in 3-development province in Americas (for First Come, First Serve and Ideas Guy).
  • Start with less than 52 points for Humble Origins. This can be easiest achieved by starting in Europe (preferable in Iberia), so the player can have Western technology group for free and use the expansion Casus Belli to conquer a lot of land, including provinces needed for this achievement (If Flag of Persia Persia is formed, the player would need to conquer any of their neighbours first, and then use the holy war casus belli instead).
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