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This Msg event.pngevent[1] starts the Calvinist reformation, i.e. the Reformed.pngReformed faith in the game is enabled.


Msg event.pngThe Reformation Branches Out

The Protestant Reformation is spreading like wildfire across Europe. Several different movements have already formed, proposing alternative ways of reforming the Christian faith. A devout preacher in $CAPITAL$ has become the principal figure for the so called Reformed school of thought, stressing the complete ruin of humanity's ethical nature. Only with the divine intervention of God can humanity find salvation, turning from rebellion to willing obedience.

Trigger conditions

The Reformed.png Calvinist reformation has not started yet.[2]
The Protestantism Protestant Reformation started at least 15 years ago.[3]
The country:

Mean time to happen

80 months


The Protestant Reformation started:

  • at least 15 years ago: ×0.5
  • at least 30 years ago: ×0.5

Number of Innovative idea group.png innovative ideas enabled:

  • none: ×2.0
  • less than 2: ×2.0
  • less than 3: ×1.5
  • at least 5: ×0.9
  • at least 6: ×0.9
  • all: ×0.9

The country:



Event button 547.png
Only time will tell what this might bring

The Calvinist reformation starts.[5]
A random province which can be a Center of reformation.png center of reformation:

  • Change religion to Reformed.pngReformed
  • Gains a Reformed.pngReformed Center of reformation.png center of reformation
  • Gets the modifier “Religious Zeal” for 9000 days with the following effect:
    • Local missionary strength.png −100% local missionary strength.
  • If is not our capital:
    • our capital changes its religion to Reformed.pngReformed.
    • gets the modifier “Religious Zeal” for 9000 days with the following effect:
      • Local missionary strength.png −100% local missionary strength.

The country is marked as ‘birthplace of the Calvinist reformation’.[6]

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. The script code of this event can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/Reformed.txt.
  2. I.e. the Reformed religion is not enabled. It is enabled by this event or in campaigns that started after 1st of May 1536.
  3. I.e. the Protestant religion is enabled for at least 15 years. It is enabled by the event ‘The Protestant Reformationor in campaigns started after the 31st of October 1517.
  4. Conditions described in /Europa Universalis IV/common/scripted_triggers/00_scripted_triggers.txt
  5. I.e. the Reformed religion is enabled.
  6. I.e. the country gets the flag ‘calvinist_reformation’