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Ravensburg is a country that starts out as a Free Imperial City in the Holy Roman Empire. It is located to the west of Austria.

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Traditions.png Traditions:

-15% Mercenary Cost
+15% Infantry Combat Ability

Production.png Zunft

+10% Production Efficiency

Trade power.png Fruhlings-und Herbstmesse

+5% National trade income modifier

Diplomatic reputation.png Reichkries

+1 Diplomatic Reputation

National unrest.png Polizeiordnung

-1 National Unrest

Missionary strength.png Cuius Regio, Euis Religio

+1% Missionary Strength

28px Thurn and Taxis

+1 Diplomatic Relations

28px Residenzstadt

+1.00 Yearly Prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

-5% Technology Cost