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Emperor.png Emperor
Golden Century.png Golden Century
Dharma.png Dharma
Rule Britannia.png Rule Britannia
Cradle of Civilization.png Cradle of Civilization
Third Rome.png Third Rome
Mandate of Heaven.png Mandate of Heaven
Rights of Man.png Rights of Man
Mare Nostrum.png Mare Nostrum
The Cossacks.png The Cossacks
Common Sense.png Common Sense
El Dorado.png El Dorado
Art of War.png Art of War
Res Publica.png Res Publica
Wealth of Nations.png Wealth of Nations
Conquest of Paradise.png Conquest of Paradise
EU4 icon.png Base version


Patch 1.18, aka "Prussia", is to be released on 10-11-2016 alongside the release of Rights of Man[1].


  1. Forum,Rights of Man Announced, 08-20-2016