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For the country itself, see the Papal States.

The Papal Controller is a title held by the catholic nation with most Controlled (loyal) Cardinals in the Curia simultaneously.


The Papal Controller will gain following bonuses:


The Curia controller can excommunicate an enemy. This requires the enemy to be catholic, and for the Papal States to have a very negative [Specification needed; how negative?] opinion of them. Excommunication gives every other catholic nation a Casus Belli against them and increases yearly decay of prestige [Specification needed; by how much?].

Call a crusade

The Curia controller can also call a crusade against a single target. This target must be a heathen [Only requirement?]. Catholic nations that border the crusade target receives a Casus Belli against it, and all catholic nations at war with the crusade target receive bonuses to manpower, morale, prestige and yearly papal influence [Specify these bonuses] while they are at war with them.

The Curia

The Curia is made up of seven Cardinals who, once chosen, remain in the Curia until death.

Controlled Cardinals

Cardinals maintain a loyalty to the country that has invested the mostPapal influence.pngpapal influence in them; a country's loyal cardinals are referred to as Controlled Cardinals. Once a Cardinal enters the Curia, he can no longer be influenced, and remains loyal to the same country.

For each controlled Cardinal you get the following benefits:

Future Cardinals

There are also five Future Cardinals, awaiting entry to the Curia once another Cardinal dies. These Cardinals can be swayed towards a country by investing papal influence into them. Cardinals can only be influenced in increments of 5. A list of all influencers displays when hovering over the Future Cardinal's current controller.

When a Cardinal in the Curia dies, a random Future Cardinals is chosen to succeed him. He is replaced by a new, randomly generated Future Cardinal.

Cardinals have a country of origin, and that country gains a starting bonus to influence him. Which nation the Cardinal comes from is related to their annual papal influence gain; the higher the gain, the more likely a nation is to receive initial control of the Cardinal. The formula for how much influence is initially invested in the owned cardinal is as follows:

floor( (Yearly PI gain - Bonus from opinion with the Papal States) * 3 )

Papal influence

Papal influence, used to gain the loyalty of Cardinals, accumulates on a monthly basis.

NB: Papal influence does not determine when a Future Cardinal enters the Curia.

The following modifiers affect the total yearly gain of papal influence:

  • +20% of a country's total annual base tax (only considering Catholic provinces)
  • +0.05 per courthouse
  • +5 per cathedral
  • From -0.02 to +0.02 per Papal State opinion point towards you (Modifier ranging from -4 to +4)
  • From -0.01 to +0.01 per Prestige point (Modifier ranging from -1 to +1)
  • Up to +5.00 from religious unity
  • +2 for the current Papal Controller
  • +0.5 for being at peace