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For the country itself, see the Papal States.

The Papal Controller is a title held by the catholic nation with most Controlled (loyal) Cardinals in the Curia simultaneously.


The Papal Controller will gain following bonuses:


The Curia controller can excommunicate an enemy. This requires the enemy to be catholic, and for the Papal States to have a very negative [Specification needed; how negative?] opinion of them. Excommunication gives every other catholic nation a Casus Belli against them and increases yearly decay of prestige [Specification needed; by how much?].

Call a crusade

The Curia controller can also call a crusade against a single target. This target must be a heathen [Only requirement?]. Every catholic nation receives a Casus Belli on the crusade target, and they receive bonuses to manpower, morale, prestige, and yearly papal influence while they are at war with them.

The Curia

The Curia is made up of seven Cardinals who, once chosen, remain in the Curia until death.

Controlled Cardinals

Cardinals maintain a loyalty to the country that has invested the mostPapal influence.pngpapal influence in them; a country's loyal cardinals are referred to as Controlled Cardinals. Once a Cardinal enters the Curia, he can no longer be influenced, and remains loyal to the same country.

For each controlled Cardinal you get the following benefits:

Future Cardinals

There are also five Future Cardinals, awaiting entry to the Curia once another Cardinal dies. These Cardinals can be swayed towards a country by investing papal influence into them. Cardinals can only be influenced in increments of 5. A list of all influencers displays when hovering over the Future Cardinal's current controller.

Cardinal have a country of origin, and that country gains a starting bonus to influence him of +25 [Verification needed]

When a Cardinal in the Curia dies, a random Future Cardinals is chosen to succeed him. He is replaced by a new, randomly generated Future Cardinal.

Papal influence

Papal influence, used to gain the loyalty of Cardinals, accumulates on a monthly basis.

NB: Papal influence does not determine when a Future Cardinal enters the Curia.

The following modifiers affect the total yearly gain of papal influence:

  • +20% of a country's total annual base tax (only considering Catholic provinces)
  • +0.05 per courthouse
  • +5 per cathedral
  • From -0.02 to +0.02 per Papal State opinion point towards you (Modifier ranging from -4 to +4)
  • From -0.01 to +0.01 per Prestige point (Modifier ranging from -1 to +1)
  • Up to +5.00 from religious unity
  • +2 for the current Papal Controller
  • +0.5 for being at peace