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For the country itself, see the Papal States.

The Papal Controller is a powerful honor that can be held by only one catholic nation. The country with most cardinals in the curia is the Papal Controller. The Papal Controller will gain following bonuses:

The papal controller also gains the ability to excommunicate Catholics, call crusades and can break royal ties without the -1 stability hit.

Gaining control of the Curia

The seven cardinals who make up the curia cannot be swayed.

There are five cardinals on the outside, waiting to get in to the curia once another Cardinal dies. These cardinals can be swayed by investing papal influence into them. You can also spend papal influence to further strengthen your hold over a cardinal you already influence.

Each cardinal has a country of origin, and that country gets a starting bonus to influence him.

One of the five candidates is randomly chosen to be invested whenever one of the seven invested cardinals dies.

Influence is gained at the following rates per year:

  • 20% of BaseTax per year (only considers Catholic provinces)
  • 0.05 per Courthouse and 5 per Cathedral (both in the Government line of buildings)
  • +/- 0.02 per Papal State opinion point (-4 to +4)
  • +/- 0.01 per Prestige point (-1 to +1)
  • Religious Unity up to +5
  • Papal Controller +2
  • Controlled Cardinals +0.2 per Cardinal.
  • +0.5 for being at peace.

Cardinal bonuses

For each controlled cardinal you get the following benefits:



The curia controller can excommunicate an enemy. This requires the enemy to be catholic, and for the Papal States to have a very negative opinion of them. Excommunication gives every other catholic nation a Casus Belli against them and increases yearly decay of prestige.

Call a crusade

The curia controller can also call a crusade against a single target. This target must be a heathen. Every catholic nation recieves a Casus Belli on the crusade target, and they receive bonuses to manpower, morale, prestige, and papal influence while they are at war with them.