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:{{Hatnote|For the country itself, see the [[Papal States]].}}
:{{Hatnote|For the country itself, see the [[Papal States]].}}
The '''Curia Controller''' is a title held by the [[Religion#Catholic|Catholic]] nation whose was elected as the pope upon the passing of the previous pope. Do note that as Byzantium, the Papacy can be disabled when the Pentarchy is restored.
The '''Papal Controller''', also known as the '''Curia Controller''', is a title that can be held by a [[Religion#Catholic|Catholic]] nation. Do note that as Byzantium, the Papacy can be disabled when the Pentarchy is restored.

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For the country itself, see the Papal States.

The Papal Controller, also known as the Curia Controller, is a title that can be held by a Catholic nation. Do note that as Byzantium, the Papacy can be disabled when the Pentarchy is restored.


The Papal Controller will gain the following bonuses:


The Curia controller can excommunicate an enemy. This requires the enemy to be Catholic, and for the Papal States to have an opinion of less then 0 of the enemy (if the Papal States do not exist this requirement is waived and the Curia Controller can excommunicate any Catholic ruler). Excommunication gives every other Catholic nation a Casus Belli against them and increases yearly decay of prestige.

Excommunication Penalties

  • Yearly Prestige : -2
  • Tolerance of the True Faith : -3
  • Monthly Papal Influence : -5
  • Relations with Catholic nations: -50
  • Relations with Catholic theocracies: -200

Call a crusade

The Curia controller can also call a crusade against a single target. This target must be a heathen and the Papal States must have an opinion of -50 of the target. Catholic nations that border the crusade target receive a Casus Belli against it, and all Catholic nations at war with the crusade target receive bonuses to manpower, morale, prestige and yearly papal influence while they are at war with them.

Crusade Bonuses:

  • National Tax Modifier Bonus : +10%
  • Morale of Armies : +10%
  • National Manpower Modifier : +30%
  • Yearly Prestige : +1
  • Monthly Papal Influence : +2

The Curia

The curia is a group of cardinals that increase the papal influence of the nation they are from. Each controlled cardinal grands +1 papal influence. There are 49 seats for cardinals in the curia. If any seat is empty, a new cardinal will be added to the curia at the beginning of each year. New cardinals are chosen from among the Catholic provinces of Catholic nations.

Papal influence

Papal influence is earned by all catholic countries and can be spent in exchange of various benefits to the nation.

The yearly gain in papal influence is:

  • Base: +0.5
  • Controlled cardinals: +0.5 each
  • Papal state opinion: +0.5% per positive relation

Papal influence can be spent in the following manner:

Action Papal Influence Cost Effect
Invest influence 5 Gain +10 influence towards next election of controller
Levy church tax 100 Gain 3x monthly income
Grant indulgence for sins 100 Gain +10 legitimacy
Forgive usury 25 Gain -1 interest per annum for 25 years
Send papal legate 30 Gain one of four random advisors among inquisitor, theologian, statesman, or diplomat
Bless ruler 40 Gain +10 prestige
Beatify local saint 100 Gain +1 stability
Proclaim holy war 40 Gain 3x monthly manpower
Sanction commercial monopoly 100 Gain +1 mercantilism