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Kingdom rankOrissa
Primary culture
Oriya (Eastern Aryan)

Capital province
Cuttack (552)

Nayankara SystemGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
IndianIndian technology group
Orissan ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+5% Production efficiency
−10% Shock damage received

Infantry combat ability.png Lord of the Elephants

+10% Infantry combat ability

Legitimacy.png Servitor of Jagganath

+1 Yearly legitimacy

National tax modifier.png Parikshas

+10% National tax modifier

Goods produced modifier.png Refined Cloth Production

+10% Goods produced modifier

Prestige.png Patronize Temple Construction

+1 Yearly prestige

Trade efficiency.png Encourage the Salt Trade

+10% Trade efficiency

Naval force limit modifier.png Heritage of the Sadhabas

+25% Naval force limit modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+20% Trade steering
For the area, see Orissa (area).

Orissa is a kingdom located on the eastern coast of India. In 1444, it borders Flag of Bengal Bengal to the north, the Flag of Bahmanis Bahmanis to the west, Flag of Andhra Andhra to the South and the Indian Ocean to the east. Its ideas are focused on turning Orissa into a regional trade and naval power.



Main article: Orissan missions

Orissi mission focus on expanding into the Tamil lands to their south.


Main article: Orissi events

Orissi events mostly concern the cult of Jagganath and the succession crisis following the death of Kapilendra.


Orissa can form   Bharat as an Eastern Aryan nation.

 Form Bharat (as Eastern Aryan)

Form the mighty Bharat and bring all the lands of the Indian subcontinent under your rule.

Potential requirements
  • Playing with normal or historical nations

  Bharat does not exist.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled,

  • it must have at least 15 cities.
  • it can not be a former colonial nation.
  • is not custom nation

The country:

  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • is not a nomad nation.
  • is not at war.
  • has a  stability of 3.
  • has embraced   Feudalism
  • has a culture of the Eastern Aryan culture group.
  • owns its core provinces:
    • Multan (506), Lahore (507), Surat (517), Delhi (522), Central Doab (524), Madurai (536), Tondainadu (539), Daulatabad (545), Cuttack (552), Pataliputra (558), Gauda (563), Assam (566), Bidar (1948), Halar (2052), Kumari (4410), and Mansura (4503).


The country:

  • changes to   Bharat.
  • gets   Empire government rank.
  • gains permanent claims on all provinces of the Indian subcontinent if not owned by the country.
  • gains  10 prestige.
  • removes all its provinces from the HRE if it is a member of the HRE but not the emperor or an elector.
  • gains new missions
  • gets the   event ‘New Traditions & Ambitions’ if it does not have custom ideas.
  • set country flag formed_india_flag


Orissa can be re-formed by any country with Garjati, Jharkhandi, or Oriya culture if it should cease to exist.


 Unite Orissa

With the heartlands of Orissa under our control it is time we claim our legacy as servitors of Jagannath and proclaim ourselves kings over the entire region!

Potential requirements

  Orissa does not exist.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:


  Orissa does not exist.
The country:


The country:

If the country:

All provinces in orange must be owned and cored. After formation gain permanent claims on all provinces in yellow.


Orissa starts off in a difficult position, it has powerful enemies bordering them with Bengal to the north, Bahmanis to the west and Vijayanagar to the south. Two or all three out of those, including Andhra will likely rival the player in the beginning. But Orissa do start off with 4 vassals, including   Garjat,   Jeypore,   Parlakhimidi, and   Keonhjar, which will be the key for Orissa's early game expansion.

Early gameEdit

The first step is to build up to force limit, and get an admiral. You can get diplomatic points from the Vaishyas estate to recoup the cost. You should build a spy network on either   Bastar or   Bishnupur. Next step, is to complete the 'Prepare for Conquest' mission. This gives permanent claims on   Bengal and   Andhra. You must declare on   Bengal as soon as you get the claims.   Bengal usually does not get allies this early, and, if they allied   Delhi, it wont change things as they will likely be facing   Sirhind. The war should be easy due to the vassalswarm and you should get all your claims. You might want to take Chakla or Silhet if you want to expand in the east in areas like   Assam and   Kachar earlier in the game. During the war try to improve relations with   Jaunpur as they would be a key ally.

The next step is to attack   Bastar or   Bishnupur, whichever you fabricated a claim on. They may also bring minor allies, but Orissa and her vassals can deal with them. Orissa starts off with six weak countries nearby ripe for the taking -   Bastar,   Patna,   Kalahandi,   Ratanpur ,   Jharkhand and   Chanda. They may ally each other, usually do not ally anyone big in the beginning, are of the right religion, and can all be annexed or fed to your vassals early on - and the player should do so, before any of their stronger neighbors does. Annexing or feeding these nations will grant you to annex your 3 other vassals into   Garjat.   Andhra is allied to   Vijayanagar from the start of the game, but can be easily conquered if the alliance is broken. Catch   Andhra off guard by attacking them when   Vijayanagar is busy either with rebels or the   Bahmanis

In order to expand, Orissa will need to attack the   Bahmanis and/or   Vijayanagar soon, both of which are stronger than the player at the beginning of the game. While   Bahmanis are Muslim, all their lands are Hindu and unlikely to revolt if taken before they convert. Additionally, Orissa starts out with an excellent ruler in Kapilendradeva, which allows them to punch a little bit above their weight.   Jaunpur will make a good early ally, as well as either   Mewar or   Gujarat.   Ava would not be a bad ally either. (They will function both as a defensive alliance or as extra power). Also, look around for anyone who is strong enough and rivaled the player's rivals. If the states around Orissa are too powerful to beat, it is best to wait for them to fight each other and then take advantage of this.

Eventually,   Bahmanis and   Vijayanagar would attack each other. You can use this not only to snipe up   Andhra, but also attack the losing side. In my games that is usually   Bahmanis. You and whoever is winning should be able to completely render the losing side useless, just a war or two from annexation. From there, the winning side (  Bahmanis or   Vijayanagar), though, will be very strong. You likely have to drag your allies, especially   Jaunpur, for the first war, or, possibly, end up in a defensive war, recruiting many mercenaries and getting loans. An intermediate player should be able to win this war.

Aggressive expansion can be somewhat ignored, as Orissa can attack multiple religious groups such has Muslims and Hindus, The player should still try to manage their aggressive expansion to make the coalition wars easier and shorter. It is also worth noting that there are two areas in the subcontinent (Rajputana and Central India) with increased coring cost, which applies both to direct coring and to vassal annexation.

Later onEdit

Once Orissa has taken much of the Deccan,   Jaunpur will likely turn hostile, especially if the player has expanded into Bengal significantly. The same may be true for the Europeans once the charter companies begin dotting the subcontinent. The player should anticipate this, and improve relations with other strong potential allies in both India and Europe (such as   Transoxiana or   Portugal) early on. At some point, Ming - should they survive - will also likely rival the player once they are a potential rival. This means it is best not to border them before the player is ready.

Orissa should be the leading power in Eastern and Southern India at this point, and can readily expand into Northern and Western India. This will likely need strong alliances for much of the game. On the other hand, the player may also expand east towards   Ava, but note that if you go further east into   Ayutthaya and the surrounding area, that they will be   Ming tributaries. You could, alternatively, expand south-east to take   Brunei,   Pasai and   Majapahit (the latter is also Hindu, thus land that would not need to be converted).

Forcing the collapse of   Ming will be an interesting strategy. Just make sure that you have some allies in various regions like Europe and Southeast Asia to help you slowly make the Ming Dynasty collapse.

Final thoughtsEdit

Orissa should now be in a strong position to unite the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia, and possibly further, into China, Tibet, and Persia


Start as Orissa and own or have a subject own all tropical wood provinces.


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