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For information on how to make mods, see modding

Mod is short for "modification", as in modification of game files to change the functionality of EU4. Mods can be added
to the game by placing them in the 'mods' folder, which can be found at /Users/<Username>/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/mod. It is crucial to install them in this folder, not in the Steam folder. Mods can also be downloaded from the Steam Workshop by subscribing to them. In that case, they will be automatically added to the mods folder and updated when newer versions are released.

The current version of the game is 1.14.3. It is possible to revert to earlier game versions as far back as 1.4.1 by accessing EU4's game properties in the steam client games list and choosing the appropriate version from the 'BETAS' tab. Mods are usually compatible with hotfixes to the main patches, as they bring only minor changes without breaking the code. For example, mods noted as working with patch 1.13 usually work with 1.13.x as well.

Mods dating pre-1.4.1 are noted as 'Currently outdated'.

List of mods

Mod Author Category Updated to version Notes & links
1356 - A Timeline Extension Mod for EUIV DanJonMin Time Extension and Bookmarks 1.14 FORUM STEAM
A Simple Map Borders Collection spyda47 Map 1.12.2 FORUM STEAM
A Song of Ice and Fire xyloz General Overhaul 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Additional Trade Routes Zarine Balance/Gameplay 1.8 FORUM STEAM
Aurora Universalis AKronblad General Overhaul 1.9.2 FORUM
Balanced Asian Technology Marthandavarman Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM STEAM
Bellum Iustum Thundarr Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM
Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes Todenpuhuja Balance/Gameplay 1.14.2 FORUM
Better Advisors AlknicTeos Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM
Better Fog of War Safir Map 1.14 FORUM
Better Forts doulos05 Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated STEAM
Better UI Batziy Graphic/UI 1.14 FORUM STEAM
Bigger Diplomacy View and Bigger Peace View zebez Graphic/UI 1.12 FORUM
Beyond The Pale Daema Map Overhaul 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Colonial Companies (Automated Colonization) jamaicam Balance/Gameplay 1.12 FORUM STEAM
Colonial Nation Names Iferius General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion 1.12 STEAM
Colorblind Mod bloodspoiler Graphic/UI 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Common Universalis Jinkeloid General Overhaul 1.13.2 FORUM STEAM
Completed Map QWW Map Overhaul 1.11.4 FORUM STEAM
Cornish and Breton Events neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.8 FORUM
Conquest of Australia neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.12.2 FORUM STEAM
ConvPower v1.1: Adm/Dip/Mil Power mutual conversion zyl910hero Balance/Gameplay 1.11 FORUM STEAM
Cui Bono? - A Balance mod Naeven Balance/Gameplay 1.14.3 FORUM STEAM
Dei Gratia dharper General Overhaul 1.13.1 FORUM STEAM
Diplomacy and annexation quick fix takedown47 Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM
The Discworld caeppers Map Overhaul Currently outdated FORUM
Divide et Impera johnymathias General Overhaul 1.13.2 FORUM
Divided Continents Mini-Mod xcrissxcrossx Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM STEAM
Dynamized Development mate0815 Balance/Gameplay 1.14.3 FORUM STEAM
Emporia: Straits, Rivers & Natural Harbours Xcapos Balance/Gameplay 1.7 FORUM STEAM
Endonym Empire raitis General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion 1.14.2 STEAM
Equal Area Projection CanOmer Map Overhaul 1.7 FORUM STEAM
EU III Style Elections Karl_Marx Balance/Gameplay 1.11.4 FORUM
Expanded Map Mod jrgen3 Map Overhaul 1.11.4 FORUM
Extended Map Gorkfang Map Overhaul 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Extended Realism Captain Frye Balance/Gameplay 1.14.2 STEAM
Extended Timeline qweyt General Overhaul 1.14 FORUM STEAM
Extended Vanilla Experience Daniel General Overhaul 1.14.2 FORUM STEAM
Flag Improvements Package and Square Shields Futomato Graphic/UI 1.13 FORUM
Flat Map Mod WKIII Map timeless FORUM
Flat Terrain Mod bucaneer Map 1.12 STEAM
From Darkness GAGA Extrem General Overhaul 1.5.1 FORUM
Gentle Terrain Mod bucaneer Map 1.12 STEAM
Graphical Map Improvements Bleergh Map 1.14 STEAM
HaREM: Heirs and Rulers Education Mod mate0815 Balance/Gameplay 1.14.3 FORUM STEAM
Hispania Universalis Malatesta General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion 1.12.2 FORUM STEAM
Historical Map Improvement jat85 Map Overhaul 1.6 FORUM
HPU: Historically Plausible Unions kiliopoli General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion Currently outdated FORUM
Hyperpremium neon Collection neondt General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion 1.11.4 FORUM STEAM
Iaponia Universalis cckerberos Map Overhaul 1.13.1 FORUM STEAM
Íslendingabók - Icelandic Mini-Mod neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.7 FORUM
Improve Monarch (Skills) sinkingmist Balance/Gameplay 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Improve Ruler Skills CaptRobau Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM
Indestructible buildings stilgar Balance/Gameplay 1.11 STEAM
Indonesian Improvement Mod neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.12.2 FORUM STEAM
Kairi Blodeuyn's Music Mod! Kairi Blodeuyn Music timeless FORUM STEAM
Keyboard Shortcuts Extended Various contributors Utilities 1.14 FORUM STEAM
Lex Talionis II jnt-mullen General Overhaul 1.13.1 FORUM STEAM Wiki
Limes Oriens: A Byzantine Province Restoration Mod dherve10 Region/Nation-Specific 1.12.2 FORUM STEAM
Map Improvement Mod CanOmer Map Overhaul 1.5.1 FORUM
Maratha Mod neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.8 STEAM
MEIOU and Taxes Gigau and Lukew and team General Overhaul 1.12 FORUM STEAM Wiki
Monarch suicide and heir murder decisions Phelerox Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM STEAM
More Colonial Formations neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.7 FORUM STEAM
More Provinces Mod DanubianCossak Map Overhaul 1.13 FORUM
More Realism Marthandavarman Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM STEAM
Mundus Non Sufficit Various contributors General Overhaul 1.5.1 FORUM
New Economy Mod pac General Overhaul 1.6 FORUM STEAM
Non-reflective Water vanukar Map timeless FORUM
North England Flavour neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.8 STEAM
Panthéon Elryck General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion 1.14.2 FORUM
Pax Sinica Various contributors Region/Nation-Specific 1.7 FORUM STEAM
Period Music: EU2 Nostalgia Mod Erilaz Music/Sound timeless FORUM
Pindorama - South American Colonial Flavour neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Points exchange minimod DVolk Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM
Province Bonanza Mod challenger2008 Map Overhaul 1.14 FORUM STEAM
Raj Karega Khalsa - Sikh Empire Mod neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.7 FORUM STEAM
Rebalanced Buildings sinkingmist Balance/Gameplay 1.5.1 FORUM STEAM
Repubblica Fiorentina neondt Region/Nation-Specific 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Roma Universalis Thereaper84 General Overhaul 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Ruler Traits - Enhancing Importance of Ruler bananamrs Balance/Gameplay 1.13 FORUM STEAM
The Saga of Six Crowns GLORY TO CHAOS Alternate History 1.11.4 STEAM
Twelve Vultures Akronblad General Overhaul 1.13 FORUM
Simple Fog of War DVolk Map timeless FORUM
Southamerican Nations Korosuke Region/Nation-Specific 1.5.1 STEAM STEAM
SuperStates Mod KeoniPhoenix Alternate History 1.13.2 FORUM STEAM
Terra Universalis II Camara Map Overhaul 1.6.2 FORUM
The Rome That Did Not Fall AKronblad General Overhaul 1.12.2 FORUM
The Tenth Idea jnt.mullen Balance/Gameplay 1.14.2 FORUM STEAM
Thick borders and recolored water In-heaven Map 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Trade + Roleplaying + Culture Mod Mef Balance/Gameplay Currently outdated FORUM
Typus Orbis Terrarum bizarcasm Map Overhaul 1.14 FORUM FORUM STEAM
Unit Packs Extended SaintDaveUK Changes to cosmetic DLC 1.13 FORUM STEAM
Vanilla Map Rehaul jrgen3 Map Overhaul 1.13 FORUM
Veritas et Fortitudo Penguintopia General Overhaul 1.13 FORUM STEAM Wiki
Warmonger sinkingmist Balance/Gameplay 1.11 FORUM STEAM

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