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Modding is a very broad topic. This page serves as a portal to all modding-related pages on the wiki. Much information for this article is taken from the official User Modifications Reference — Guides, Templates and Utilities thread in the EU4 Paradox forums; check there for updates.


  • Advisors - Adding custom advisors to the game
  • Console commands - Console commands are very useful for testing mods
  • Country creation - How to get a new country into the game
  • Events - How to add new events to the game or change existing ones
  • Localisation - Used to display text in the game rather than code; E.G., turning "ENG" into "England"
  • Map - All modding pertaining to the map itself, from provinces to terrain
  • Missions - How to add new missions to the game or change existing ones
  • Mod catalogue - Used to tell the game how to run a mod
  • Modding tips - Some hints to help you get started
  • Music - Add custom music to the game
  • Structure - Details the structure any mod has to comply with

Game data

  • Commands - Used in order to dynamically affect the game
  • Conditions - Used in order to execute commands/events/decisions/etc. only when certain things are true
  • Country list - Basic info on all countries in the vanilla game, including country tags
  • Province ID map (warning: huge)
  • Province list - Province IDs are used in many commands
  • Scopes - Used to determine what entity commands and conditions are executed and checked from

Tools & utilities