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Empire rankMing
Primary culture
Jianghuai (Chinese)

Capital province
Beijing (1816)

Celestial Empire Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
ChineseChinese technology group
Great Ming ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−20% Fort maintenance
−10% Idea cost

Fort defense.png Nine Garrisons of The Great Wall

+5% Fort defense
+25% Garrison size

Discipline.png Revive the Three Grand Divisions

+5% Discipline

Stability cost modifier.png Inward Perfection

−10% Stability cost modifier

Production efficiency.png Repair the Yellow River Dykes

+10% Production efficiency

Trade efficiency.png Restore the Salt Monopoly

+10% Trade efficiency

National tax modifier.png Single Whip Law

+10% National tax modifier

Land leader fire.png The Red Cannon

+1 Land leader fire

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+30% Improve relations

Flag of Ming Ming is an extremely large country in several regions collectively called the Chinese regions. The Ming have traditionally been held as one of the high points of China's long history. By the game's start in 1444, however, these merchant adventures have stopped and China has turned inward. The Ming court has begun to adopt an isolationist outlook to foreign affairs. Furthermore, court eunuchs and bureaucrats have begun a power struggle to influence the future of China. This manifests within the game as a system of competing factions. Managing these factions will be one of the great tests for players as a Chinese ruler.

Strategically, Ming is in a good position. Holding the entirety of the extremely populous Chinese region, it has an unrivaled base tax and more provinces than any country in the world, with no major rivals that pose an immediate threat. However, its provinces are administered with high autonomy due to the Celestial Empire government, severely limiting the manpower and tax income available to the emperor. While the Jurchen (Manchu) and Mongol hordes are fractured for the moment, given enough time, unified horde armies can pose an existential threat to Ming.

Celestial Empire

Ming has a unique government form called the Celestial Empire, reflecting the Chinese belief that a well-governed empire was evidence of divine sanction and blessing, whereas a poorly governed or tyrannical one was evidence that the Emperor could be deposed. There is a way for Ming to reform and remove this archaic system, that is to seek contact with Europeans, and westernize the country. Upon finishing westernization, not only does Ming gain the western tech group, but it also loses the Celestial Empire government and becomes instead a feudal monarchy.

Type Technology level Effects Description & notes
Celestial Empire 0
  • Technology.png -10% Technology cost
  • Minimum province autonomy 50%.
  • Yearly prestige.png +0.5 Prestige
  • Icon states.png +8 States
  • Uses factions
  • No estates
The Celestial Empire proclaims its rulers to be sons of the heaven who are born to govern the country in divine right. (More info.)
  • Only available for the Flag of Ming Ming.
  • Fixed rank: Empire rank Empire

Mandate of Heaven

The Mandate of Heaven is a triggered modifier exclusive to Ming. The Mandate of Heaven is a belief in the ancient Chinese and philosophical idea in the Chinese dynasties that Heaven granted the emperor the right to rule based on their ability to govern well and fairly.

Although Ming is a cultural union, nationalist rebels can revolt if "Mandate of Heaven Lost" is active.

Additionally, an emperor can lose his right to rule if he loses the Mandate of Heaven, which can occur in-game.

Modifier Requirements Effects
Mandate of Heaven
  • Is not westernizing
  • Stability is at least 0
  • Have legitimacy of at least 60
  • Have at least 20 cities
  • Stability cost modifier.png −10% Stability cost modifier.
  • National unrest.png −5 National unrest.
Mandate of Heaven Lost
  • Is not westernizing
  • One of the following true
    • Stability is less than 0
    • Have legitimacy less than 60
    • Have less than 20 cities
  • Stability cost modifier.png +50% Stability cost modifier.
  • National unrest.png +10 National unrest.


Three factions compete for power and influence within the Ming Empire. Each faction has unique events that can increase or decrease their influence, and the player can use monarch points to boost a factions influence by 10. When a faction's influence is dominant its modifier will apply. This system replaces the The Cossacks DLC's estate system used by most countries. The faction system is removed when Ming westernizes, and the Celestial Empire government is replaced with a feudal monarchy and estates are introduced.

Faction Effects Increase Influence
China eunuch.pngEunuch
  • Provincial trade power modifier.pngProvincial trade power modifier: +10%
  • Diplomatic reputation.png Diplomatic reputation: +1
  • Stability cost modifier.png Stability cost modifier: +10%
10 Diplomatic power.png Diplomatic power
China temple.pngTemple
  • Manpower recovery speed.pngManpower recovery speed: +10%
  • Unjustified demands.pngUnjustified demands: -25%
  • Diplomatic relations.pngDiplomatic relations: -1
10 Military power.pngMilitary power
China bureaucrat.pngBureaucrat
  • Construction cost.pngBuild cost: -10%
  • Possible advisors.pngPossible advisors: +1
  • Discipline.png Discipline: -5%
10 Administrative power.pngAdministrative power


Military power.png Restore the old frontier

Ever since the Han Emperors the people of Dai Vet have recognized the mandate from heaven that the great Emperor has. It is time to remind them once again.

Target provinces

All provinces owned by Dai Viet.

Mission trigger.png
Acquisition conditions

This country:

Dai Viet:

  • is not a subject nation.
  • is a neighbour of Ming.
  • is in the same religious group as Ming.
  • has less cities than Ming.
Acquisition chance

Base weight: 3000


Ming has an opinion of less than 0 towards Dai Viet: ×2.0

Success conditions


  • has the temple faction in power.
  • owns all target provinces.

Dai Viet does not exist.

Failure conditions

Any of the following:

  • Ming does not have the temple faction in power.
  • Ming is a subject nation.
  • Ming is the lesser partner in a personal union.
  • Dai Viet does not exist.
  • Dai Viet is not in the same religious group as Ming.

Mission effect.png
  • Gain “Inspiring Victory” modifier for 10 years:
    • +1 Yearly prestige.png Prestige
    • +10% Manpower recovery speed.png Manpower Recovery Speed
Temporary effects

Ming gains claims on all target provinces.

Military power.png Defend Korea

The Japanese have invaded Korea and are threatening to turn the Southern tip of the peninsula into a base for their hated Wokou pirates. We must ensure that they do not gain a foothold.

Mission trigger.png
Acquisition conditions

This country:


  • is at war with Japan.
  • is a neighbour of Ming.
Acquisition chance

Base weight: 3000

Success conditions

This country is not at war with Japan. Japan does not own a province in the areas of: North, Central and South Korea.

Failure conditions

Any of the following:

  • This country is not at war with Japan.
  • This country is a subject nation.
  • This country is the lesser partner in a personal union.

Mission effect.png

Gain a claim on all provinces in the areas of: North, Central and South Korea.

Temporary effects


Diplomatic power.png Colonize Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is sparsely populated by uncivilized savages, we should open these lands up for Chinese settlement.

Mission trigger.png
Acquisition conditions

This country:

  • is Flag of Ming Ming or Flag of Qing Qing.
  • has either the faction system is disabled or the eunuch faction is in power.
  • owns Nanjing (1821).
  • has at least 1 colonist.
  • has at least 1 port.
  • does not have the modifier “Colonial Enthusiasm”.
  • has not yet completed this mission successfully.
  • does not own a province of Taiwan.

At least 1 province of Taiwan is empty.

Acquisition chance

Base weight: 2000

Success conditions

This country:

  • owns a province with at least 400 settlers in the Taiwan (area).
  • has either the faction system is disabled or the eunuch faction is in power.
Failure conditions

Any of the following:

  • This country has the faction system and the eunuch faction is not in power.
  • All provinces of Taiwan are colonized and not owned by Ming.
  • This country has no ports.

Mission effect.png
  • Gain “Colonial Enthusiasm” modifier for 10 years:
    • +5% Settler chance.png Colonist chance
    • +25 Global settler increase.png Global settler increase
Temporary effects



Main article: Ming events

The events for Ming China are a mixture of religious, reformation, and political events, from "The Arrival of Jesuits" to "The Closure of China" and "Qi Jiguang's Army Reforms". They will affect the country in many diverse ways, bringing factions in and out of favor and adding extra flavor.


Execute decision.pngRepair of the Great Wall

Parts of the Great Wall are in dire need of extensive repair. In its current state it doesn't offer sufficient protection for our northern provinces.

Potential requirements
  • Is either Flag of Ming Ming or Flag of Qing Qing
  • Has not unlocked the national idea "Reparations of the Great Wall"
  • Owns all of the following:
    • Taiyuan (693)
    • Hejian (695)
    • Baoding (696)
    • Datong (697)
    • Lanzhou (699)
    • Xi'an (700)
    • Yumen (707)
    • Alxa (709)
    • Beijing (1816)
  • Ruler has military skill is at least 5

  • Gain the modifier Reparations of the Great Wall for the rest of the campaign:
    • Fort defense.png+25% Fort defence
    • Fort maintenance.png+10% Fort maintenance

Execute decision.pngConstruct the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City will be a glorious national monument, increasing our prestige and promoting stability.

Potential requirements
  • Is Flag of Manchu Manchu, Flag of Ming Ming or Flag of Qing Qing
  • Playing with normal or historical nations
  • If AI, is not playing a custom nation
  • Capital is Beijing or Nanjing
  • Does not have country modifier "The Forbidden City"
  • Is not at war
  • Has a level 3 Advisor Statesman.png Statesman advisor or ruler's Administrative power.png administrative skill is at least 3
  • If the country has factions, China bureaucrat.png The Bureaucrat Faction is in power
  • Stability.png Stability is at least +3
  • Treasury contains at least Gold Icon.png 1 year's worth of income
  • Has at least Administrative power.png 50 administrative power

  • Lose Gold Icon.png ducats equal to 1 year of income
  • Lose Administrative power.png 50 administrative power
  • Gain country modifier "The Forbidden City" for the rest of the campaign:
    • Stability cost modifier.png −10% Stability cost
    • Yearly prestige.png +0.5 Yearly prestige

AI will not take this decision with less than Gold Icon.png 1.5 years' worth of income in the treasury and/or less than Administrative power.png 100 administrative power.


The Mandate of Heaven is a strong modifier to ensure stability within the country, it is very important to keep it alive, losing it will mean an increase of National unrest.png +10 National unrest in total and an increase in stability cost. Rebels, including nationalists from cultures in Ming's cultural union, will rise up in every corner, while income and maximum manpower will be reduced. This is one one the main reasons for Ming to Westernize. When Ming starts westernisation, they will lose both Mandate of Heaven and Mandate of Heaven Lost and only the westernisation modifiers will come into play. Losing the mandate of heaven through an unlucky chain of events before westernisation can be attempted is not unlikely, but survivable.

A Ming without Mandate of Heaven is not necessarily doomed, but the threat of rebellions effectively prohibits waging wars while the Mandate of Heaven is lost. The goal is to regain the Mandate of Heaven as soon as possible.

To avoid losing the mandate of heaven due to low stability, Ming should make sure that it has at least +2 stability in case of sudden events and emperor deaths and keep good amounts of administrative power saved for those cases.

Losing the Mandate of Heaven due to low legitimacy is a more difficult issue. With the expansion "common sense", surviving this will be significantly easier, since this has the option to retire an unhired advisor to gain a new one. But not in the base game. This is costly, but allows to selectively search for a theologian advisor (-2 national unrest). With this, Ming can bring its national unrest down to manageable levels, while hoping for an event that increases legitimacy. It goes without saying that Ming should stockpile money for this eventuality. If Ming doesn't have enough cash reserves, going into debt might be a better option than leaving the unrest unchecked.

If the current heir to the Celestial Empire only has a weak or an average claim to the throne, Ming can try to switch to the Bureaucrat Faction and hope for the event that increases his claim strength.


Kow-Tow icon
As Ming, have a subject from each religion group.
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