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For the triggered modifier, see ‘The Mandate of Heaven’.
Mandate of Heaven.png Mandate of Heaven
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Release date / Patch
2017-04-06 / 1.20

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Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven expansion feature spotlight by EU4's game designer Jake "DDRJake" Leiper-Ritchie.

Mandate of Heaven is the 10th expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It was announced on 2017-03-02[1]. The expansion was accompanied by the free patch 1.20 on 2017-04-06.

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

Mandate of Heaven brings a host of new features to EU4, including:

  • Historical Ages and Golden Eras: Meet objectives in four historical ages from the Age of Discovery to the Age of Revolutions, earning new bonuses and powers for your country. Declare a Golden Era to further increase your chance of success.
  • Chinese Empire: New mechanics for Ming China, including Imperial Decrees and Imperial Reforms to bolster the Dragon Throne.
  • Tributaries: Force your neighbors to pay tribute to your Chinese Empire, paying you in gold, manpower or monarch points.
  • New Japanese Rules: Daimyos now owe loyalty to the Shogun – and the Shogun is whoever controls the imperial capital of Kyoto. Compel the loyalty of your daimyos with new interactions that require them to submit to your authority, contribute to your power or even commit seppuku.
  • Manchu Banners: Rally the Manchu warlords around your throne and call up the traditional banners to reinforce your army.
  • Diplomatic Macrobuilder: Common diplomatic actions are now easily available from the macrobuilder interface.
  • New religious mechanics: Confucian nations take a penalty to Harmony for converting individual provinces; however, they also have the option to Harmonize with other religions, a lengthy process that — when complete — unifies heretical and heathen beliefs with the true faith.
  • Prosperity: A state that avoids conflict for a long time and is well governed will eventually gain economic bonuses.

Free features[edit | edit source]

The 1.20 patch includes changes to:

  • Devastation: Provinces now have devastation counter that goes from 0 to 100%. Scorched Earth & looting now increases this value instead of having separate modifiers. Unrest slowly increases it in a province as well.
  • Added Statistics button that opens End game/Statistics view to in-game menu.
  • The game now has four different ages: Age of Discovery, Age of Reformation, Age of Absolutism and Age of Revolutions
  • Removed Absolute Monarchy from the game, and replaced with a scaling mechanic called Absolutism which is valid from Age of Absolutism.
  • Moved religious locks from before the year 1650 to be valid from script in Age of Discovery & Age of Reformation only.
  • Added better and worse comparisons to other players in statistics page.
  • [Art of War] Automatic Fleet Transport now docks to pick up and drop off your armies when possible.
  • Replaced old Celestial Empire Factions with new ones that better fit history and their respective roles.
  • You can now decide to declare bankruptcy on your own if you have loans.
  • Units now use retreat animations during shattered retreat.
  • Strengthen Government now increases absolutism by +2.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

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All developer diaries about the Mandate of Heaven expansion, patch 1.20 (aka Ming), and patch 1.21 (aka Hungary).

Patch 1.21 (Hungary)
No. Title and Link Description Date
21 The 1.21 Hungary Update is coming The 1.21 "Hungary" update changelog 2017-04-25
20 Hungary and Bohemia The "Hungary" update will bring some new things to Hungary 2017-04-18
19 Sailors and Yuan in 1.21 Let's sneak an early peak at 1.21 2017-04-11
Patch 1.20 (Ming)
No. Title and Link Description Date
18 Ming Update The "Ming" update (1.20) changelog preview 2017-04-04
17 Big Bonus One! Details on the changes in the 1.20 patch accompanying the Mandate of Heaven expansion 2017-03-31
16 Breaching that Wall New "Breach" mechanic, Bankruptcy changes and various UI improvements 2017-03-28
15 The Diplomatic Macro Builder Introduction of a vast improvement to perform diplomatic actions 2017-03-21
14 Shintoism New mechanics and ideas for Shintoism 2017-03-14
13 Confucianism Rework of the Confucian religion 2017-03-07
12 The Empire of China Emperor of China 2017-02-28
11 Tributary States New subject type for eastern civilizations 2017-02-21
10 Japan Changes to Japan, a reworked Shogunate government form and new subject interactions for Daimyo vassals 2017-02-14
9 State Edicts New State interface and interactions 2017-02-07
8 Manchurian Banners The Eight Banners of Manchu 2017-01-31
7 Age of Revolutions After enlightenment comes revolutions 2017-01-24
6 Age of Absolutism Absolutism is a new mechanic added for free with the patch 2017-01-17
5 Age of Reformation A detailed look at the 2nd age, the Age of Reformation 2017-01-10
4 Wrapping up 2016 A look at 2016 and a small teaser for what is to come in 2017 2016-12-20
3 Ages of Europa Universalis The next expansion will bring forth a new system called ages 2016-12-13
2 Devastation and Prosperity New values for provinces 2016-12-06
1 Bits and Pieces Just released a patch, slow news day 2016-11-29

References[edit | edit source]