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Duchy rankMadurai
Primary culture
Tamil (Dravidian)

Capital province
Tirunelveli (2101)

Nayankara System Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
IndianIndian technology group
South Indian ideas

For Hinduism Hindu countries in the Culture icon.png Dravidian culture group.

Traditions.png Traditions:

+10% Production efficiency
+33% Religious unity

Trade range.png Merchants of Southern India

+20% Trade range

National tax modifier.png Water Tanks and Canals

+10% National tax modifier

National manpower modifier.png Polygar System

+10% National manpower modifier

Mercenary maintenance.png South Indian Mercenaries

−15% Mercenary maintenance

Yearly legitimacy.png Patronage of Great Temples

+1 Yearly legitimacy

Yearly prestige.png South Indian Literature

+1 Yearly prestige

Merchants.png Merchant Capitalists

+1 Merchant

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Trade efficiency

Madurai is a country in India.


Madurai as a Dravidian nation can form Flag of Bharat Bharat.


Except for Kotte who can build a galley fleet to prevent Vijayanagar from crossing the strait, playing in South India is very difficult. Get Exploration ASAP and start colonizing the Indian Ocean, Australia (just enough to not create a CN) and Moluccas. When Vija attacks they won't be able to get 100% war score against you because they won't be able to reach all your colonies. In my game that war lasted over 50 years at which point Bahmanis attacked and I was able to White Peace Vija and ally Bahmanis.


Pandya Empire icon
Starting as Madurai, conquer the Pandya Territories.
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