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MEIOU and Taxes

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Game modification: MEIOU and Taxes
MEIOU and Taxes
MEIOU & Taxes logo.png
Major Overhaul

Gigau and the M&T team

v1.27.05 (2017.02.12) for EUIV v1.19.x

Steam workshop

MEIOU and Taxes is an EUIV total conversion mod lead by Gigau, Lukew, Myzael, DHarper, Sun Wu and supported by the M&T team.

M&T was created to enhance the overall Europa Universalis IV experience. This mod adds over a thousand new provinces and hundreds of new nations. Almost every aspect of the game has been either reworked or completely redone, with a new map, new trade system, new musical score by Stephen Wright, redone graphics and a totally reworked religious system.

New and changed features

New mechanics

  • Many new triggered modifiers representing specific statuses of your country, including possessing holy lands for your religion, a centralisation meter giving both maluses and benefits to high versus low centralisation
  • Totally reworked development system which develops based on factors affecting your nation (such as policies, buildings, war, stability, and innate development bonuses)
  • New westernization mechanic available for Eastern, Turkish, Muslim, and Indian tech groups.
  • New and reworked religions with Dei Gratia, new crusade, papal, and reformation mechanics
  • War dynamism allowing the taking of provinces during war if certain conditions are met if you are doing well (cores, china, ottomans)
  • Communication efficiency mechanic which relies on local autonomy modifiers to represent how much control a state truly has over its country.

Substantially changed mechanics

  • Coring: While M&T still requires the player to click the button to begin coring that part is very cheap and takes many years, instead coring is mostly done via events which require coring in progress. The event has two different phases, one where there is no modifier and when it fires it applies a modifier called Gaining Control which gives roughly half the bonuses of a core. When the event fires for a second time it clears the modifier and adds a proper core.
  • Colonization is much slower but happens over a larger area at once
  • Ideas: Many, many new idea groups, including advanced idea groups and idea groups which have prerequisites before being able to take them.
  • States: Significantly less states than in vanilla to represent the difficulty of controlling a large empire

Mods included

Dei Gratia

Dei Gratia is a mod to enhance religion in the age of faith and reason and was coded by dharper.

Serenissima Italia

Serenissima Italia (SI) is an overhaul mod for the whole Italian peninsula. The goal is to create a deeper, more flavourful and historical plausible Italy. It was coded by Marco Dandolo

Pax Sinica

A mod with the aim to make Ming game-play more reasonable and interesting with the improved Faction System. We are in the process of improving China and also its neighbours in order to represent the Sino-sphere in a more historically plausible way. Our design philosophy is to make mod vanilla friendly and balanced (no total overhaul done here). Coded by Chatnoir17

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