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*{{icon|alliance}} [[Friendship events]]
*{{icon|alliance}} [[Friendship events]]
*{{icon|imperial authority}} [[Holy Roman Empire events]]
*{{icon|imperial authority}} [[Holy Roman Empire events]]
*[[Industrialization events]] (requires {{icon|rb}} DLC)
*{{flag|japan|0}} [[Japan events]]
*{{flag|japan|0}} [[Japan events]]
*[[Liberum Veto events]]
*[[Liberum Veto events]]

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This page lists all collections of Msg event.png events on the wiki.


All events here have the same base chance to happen except where noted otherwise. This is equal chance by individual event, not by category. All events that share the same pulse occur exclusively of one another.

Disaster events

Main article: Disasters

The course of the disasters in the game are characterized by triggered events. All disasters have at least a start event and an end event. Mostly they have also events that are triggered by a monthly pulse.

2 year pulse

There are 2 pulses in the game, each triggers events every 2 years.


3 year pulse

There are 4 pulses in the game that trigger events every 3 years.

  • Mandate of Heaven.png several events for the emperor of China - Base weight 10
  • No Chance for no event - weight 100

4 year pulse

Every four years, one out of the following events may happen:

5 year pulse

These are two separate 5 year pulses:


Other pulse events



The following events are either triggered only for a singly country (or culture), are part of event chains related to that country (or culture), or deals with the creation of that country.

Religious events

The following events are either triggered only by country with specific religions, or deal with enabling those religions and converting to them.

Unsorted event files