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Release date / Patch
TBD / 1.31

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Leviathan is the 14th expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It was announced on 2021-02-09[1] and is to be released alongside patch 1.31.

Expansion features

Picture a capital city that shines like a gemstone, improved by the wealth drawn from the hinterland - decorated by riches demanded from vassals. A capital not of a mighty territorial empire, but of a compact and concentrated state that can still use gold and favors to influence neighbors and rivals. Picture it and then make it so in Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan.

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan introduces new diplomatic and economic tools that help small nations punch above their weight. Draw wealth and development to your capital while you curry favors with powerful neighbors. Leviathan also makes changes to colonial management, regencies and more.

The expansion includes[2] :

  • Totemism religion mechanics
  • Estate-led regencies and extended regencies
  • Draft transports
  • Monuments
  • 3 New options for playing tall (Expand Infrastructure and more)
  • Colonial Nations
  • Carpet Siege
  • New ways for favors, including Curry Favor Diplomatic Action.
  • 5 New diplomatic actions
  • Lots of mission trees for South East Asia and for North America
  • Music
  • Lots of new unit-graphics

Free features

The free major update includes:

  • Rework of north american natives mechanics (reworked/expanded feature from Conquest of Paradise.png Conquest of Paradise expansion).
  • Rework to the Southeast Asian and Australasian maps.
  • New nations, new cultures and new religions. This fascinating region of powerful monarchs and rich merchants takes on new color and offers new ways to play.
  • New ideagroups for Theocracy, Steppe Hordes and Natives.
  • Huge naval rebalance
  • Canal changes


Cinematic trailers

Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan announcement trailer. The expansion offers new tools that allow you to play "tall" with smaller and more focused realms with a few centers of power. It also has a host of other changes to well-established game features like regencies and colonies.

Dev diaries

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Leviathan expansion and patch 1.31.

No. Title and Link Description Date
31 Centralise State New Centralise a State Mechanic 2021-03-02
30 Concentrate Development New Concentrate Development Mechanic 2021-02-23
29 Australia An overview of the new missions, provinces, tags, national ideas in Australia; new Alcheringa religion 2021-02-16
28 Monuments Great Monuments 2021-02-09
27 Draft Transports New "Draft Transports" action; changes about Plutocracies 2021-02-02
26 North American Tags New missions and events for North American tribes 2021-01-26
25 Regencies Improved regencies 2021-01-19
24 Polynesia An overview of the new tags, missions, mechanics and events for Polynesia. 2021-01-12
23 The Philippines New missions for Tondo, Madyas, and Palembang 2020-12-15
22 Grandest LAN Post Mortem Grandest LAN Event 2020-12-01
21 More Missions continuation on First Nation Missions 2020-11-24
20 First Nation Missions New missions for North American tribes 2020-11-17
19 Totemism New mechanics for Totemism & details on Sikh Guru traits 2020-11-10
18 Survey Results Survey Analytics 2020-11-03
17 Governing Capacity & UI Improved interface to identify provinces for courthouses/ statehouses. New "Expand infrastructure" mechanic 2020-10-27
16 Sikh & Zoroastrian Zoroastrian and Sikh unique features 2020-10-20
15 Favors New "curry favors" action and other flavor mechanic changes 2020-10-13
14 Naval Rebalance Rebalance of sailors, ships, and naval combat 2020-10-06
13 Paradox Tinto EU4 development moves to Barcelona 2020-09-29
12 Federations & The New World Revamped tribal federations mechanic, map changes, new tags 2020-09-22
11 North American Natives Government Reforms Native government reforms and Native buildings 2020-09-15
10 North American Natives A highlight of a new devastation and seasonal migration mechanic for North American tribes. 2020-09-08
9 Lan Xang and Sunda An overview of the new missions, estate privilege and religion setup for Lan Xang, Sunda and minor maritime SEA countries. 2020-09-01
8 Pegu and More An overview of the new missions, events and mechanics for countries in Burma region. 2020-08-25
7 Vietnam An overview of the new missions, disaster and culture setup for Vietnam and Champa. 2020-08-18
6 Brunei, Malacca, and Aceh An overview of the new missions, estate privilege and national ideas for countries in maritime South East Asia. 2020-08-11
5 Khmer Empire An overview of the new missions, disaster, estate privileges and events for Khmer. 2020-08-04
4 Java An overview of the new missions, disaster and events for Majapahit. 2020-07-28
3 Ayutthaya An overview of the new missions, national ideas and events for Ayutthaya. 2020-07-21
2 Maritime South East Asia A summary of the province, tag, and culture changes within the Indonesia region. 2020-07-14
1 South East Asia A summary of the province, tag, and culture changes with a new formable, Siam. 2020-07-07