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Possible if
Achieved if
As Ming, have a subject from each religion group.

To get this achievement, one has to control a subject from each of the 5 religious groups as Flag of Ming Ming. The religious groups are Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Eastern and Dharmic. The achievement is named after a traditional chinese way to show respect. It was usually done by vassals to show submission to their overlords.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

One can release any Chinese state as Ming, to get a vassal with an eastern religion. One can find nations to vassalise with Dharmic and Muslim religions in India. Flag of Yeren Yeren is a tengrist country, at will do as a pagan vassal. If one vassalizes Yeren, one Muslim Indian nation and one Dharmic Indian nation and releases a Confucian vassal, one will have a vassal of 4 out of the 5 religious groups.

A Christian vassal is however harder to find because they usually are allied to each other and are far away. One can try to gain military access through Flag of Russia Russia if they colonize Siberia. From there one can attack an eastern European OPM, which have not got any allies. Flag of Riga Riga might be a choice. European nations that do not have any allies when Ming discovers Europe is however unlikely and so is Russia being friendly to Ming.

Another strategy is to colonize Africa with the hope that one will find an independent, weak and Christian Flag of Kongo Kongo or Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia. Kongo will have events, where they can turn Christian upon discovering Flag of Portugal Portugal and Ethiopia starts as an isolated Coptic nation. A third alternative is to gain access through Flag of Timurids Timurids and/or Flag of Persia Persia to the eastern European nations. Flag of Armenia Armenia, Flag of Theodoro Theodoro or Flag of Georgia Georgia might be free from Ottoman rule. A fourth possibility is a minor Christian Japanese nation. Flag of Japan Japan has an event, which can turn a random Japanese province Catholic. If one of the Daimyos turn Catholic, that might be Mings target.

Yet another strategy is to expand and colonize into Siberia as quickly as possible with the intent of cutting Russia off from expanding to the east, then attacking them and releasing the Orthodox Flag of Perm Perm to be vassalized. This doesn't even need to be particularly fast; keep an eye on the northern tribes for an opening, and use whatever alliances or other tricks are necessary to conquer a swath of land up to the uncolonized part of Siberia. Then colonize in a line to the northwest with the intent of forming a line of colonized provinces to block further Russia expansion. When this is done, colonize west as necessary until a border with Russia is formed, this will allow claims to be fabricated. Declaring war on Russia can be dangerous; the easiest way is to attack if they get into a large war. Make sure Ming's military technology is at or near the same level. Make releasing Perm the highest priority of the war; once they are released, they can be diplomatically or forcefully vassalized as usual. If Ming is fighting in this region, be aware that Siberian provinces have extremely low supply limits, so breaking armies into multiple smaller units will be necessary to avoid crippling attrition rates (keep them close together and combine them as necessary to fight off any large enemy armies). Also, if Ming is already fighting in this area then vassalizing one of the Muslim hordes nearby such as Kazakh, Uzbek or Sibir may be an easier way to acquire a Muslim vassal than expanding into India.

Perhaps the quickest and easiest Christian nations to get to are the Coptic nations in East Africa. Flag of Alodia Alodia, Ethiopia, and Flag of Medri Bahri Medri Bahri are all fairly weak and can be accessed by island hopping with Exploration. Colonizing Palembang, Cocos Island, Diego Garcia, and then Mahe will get you within explore range so you can no-cb war them or a neighbour (or colonize Boina and fabricate your way up the coast). There are also some weak Muslim nations in this area to take if you wish.

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