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EU4 has its own jargon, including slang terms and acronyms.


Here are some of the common initialisms in the game and in discussions surrounding it:

  • AAR: After action report - a player's recounting of their EU4 game. For more detail, see the AAR section
  • AE: Aggressive Expansion, the current amount of hatred towards your nation for expanding, this number varies per nation
  • AI: Artificial intelligence - What controls all nations that are not being played by humans
  • BBB: Big blue blob - France due to its tendency to grow to immense size in EU3
  • BWB: Big white blob - Austria due to its tendency to grow to immense size in EU3
  • BZE: Byzantine Empire - also referred to as the ERE (Eastern Roman Empire). Played mainly for a challenge.
  • CB: Casus belli - Latin for "case for war", these justify your war demands, making other nations less likely to take issue with them
  • DLC: Downloadable content - A package made available by Paradox that adds more game mechanics, music, and other features to the game. Compare with mod.
  • DOTF: Defender of the Faith - a nation that is the defender of other countries sharing its national religion
  • DOW: Declaration of war; can be used as a verb ("I'm going to DOW you, Otto!")
  • EU4: Europa Universalis 4 - The game this wiki is about
  • FOW: Fog of War - Prevents nations from seeing parts of the map they do not either border, or have an army or navy adjacent to
  • GB: Great Britain - A formable nation in the British Isles
  • GH: Golden Horde - A steppe horde
  • HRE: Holy Roman Empire - A heavily decentralized state in Central Europe
  • MP: Monarch points, manpower, or multiplayer
  • MTTH: Mean Time to Happen, the metric used to measure how long, on average, it takes for an event to trigger.
  • NI: National ideas - Sets of ideas that is unlocked as a nation starts filling out idea groups
  • OE: Overextension or the Ottoman Empire
  • OP: Overpowered or, on the forums, the original poster of a thread
  • OPM: One province minor - The smallest countries in the game, consisting of only a single province
  • PC: Personal computer, or, more specific to EU4, papal controller
  • PTI: Permanent terra incognita; also called Wasteland; areas that cannot be explored or colonized. e.g., deserts, dense jungles, tundra, mountains and glacial expanses
  • PU: Personal union - A union between two nations due to having the same monarch on both thrones; can be used as a verb ("Don't know how I did it, but I PU'd Ming!")
  • QFTNW: Quest for the New World - A national idea that unlocks explorers and conquistadors
  • RNG: Random number generator - a mathematical subsystem that generates a random number. Used to determine chances for events, battle results, and other game features that use randomization of results to any degree.
  • TI: Terra incognita - Parts of the world that a nation has no knowledge of. An example would be the New World prior to Western exploration
  • TO: Teutonic Order
  • TPM: Two/three province minor - Small countries in the game, consisting of only two or three provinces
  • WAD: Works/working as designed; this acronym means that the thing in question is wrongly considered a bug and is actually intentional
  • WC: World conquest - Taking over every inhabitable province on the map; often a goal for players; for others, an ahistorical outcome
  • WE: War exhaustion - How tired your nation is of the current conflict
  • WETN: Western Europe Trade Node.


Here are some of the common slang terms in the game and in discussions surrounding it:

  • ADM: Administrative points, power or skill
  • Badboy: The accumulation of aggressive expansion. In EU3 it referred to infamy, a concept that has been replaced entirely with aggressive expansion in EU4
  • Blob: A large nation that tends to get larger over time unless checked
  • Core: used as a verb, to make a province a core province. ("How did France core Venice?")
  • (Country) Can Into Space: to make a country succeed far beyond expectations. Applied to the AI when it turns OPM countries into blobs. One of the achievements, "Poland Can Into Space", is earned by completing all the tech levels as Poland. (A takeoff on the polandball meme.)
  • Clay: One's rightful land. Also a takeoff from polandball.
  • DIP: Diplomatic points, power or skill
  • Diploannex: Diplomatic annexation - A way to peacefully incorporate a vassal state
  • Doomstack: An extremely large enemy force; EU4's AI has been improved by adding "Hunter-Killer" behavior, reserving large mobile stacks to seek out and engage enemy forces.
  • Feeding: Short for vassal feeding.
  • Kebab: Reference the Ottoman Empire. It comes from the meme called 'remove kebab' which was created by Serbian nationalists.
  • MIL: Military points, power or skill
  • Mod: A software package that modifies the game, written by the player community. Compare with DLC.
  • Otto: The Ottoman Empire
  • Pip: Counters that describe the properties of units in warfare, and military leaders' skills. See also: Land warfare#Pips
  • Savescumming: Reloading earlier saves when something goes wrong in order to set things right. Often considered a negative trait
  • Shell: Short for vassal shelling.
  • Snake: An elongated and sinuously shaped nation, usually only one province wide
  • Stab: Short for stability
  • Stab hit: A drop in stability.
  • Wardec: The act of declaring war / being declared war upon.
  • Whack-a-mole: Dealing with constant rebellions.


After Action Reports (AARs) are threads posted to the EU4 forums or a personal web site or blog written by players about their ongoing games. They can be written from the game player's personal point of view, or can be written from a fictitious narrative perspective, like a serialized novel. Some writers also blend the two elements, going from a metagame discussion to a fictitious narrative set in their game's alternate history world.

Example of an AAR illustration, created by Shiranui using Svip's Flagland characters
  • Player Point of View: "I had a rough time as Austria this last session. It started when Ulm, that darned OPM, suddenly brought in half the HRE against me when I declared war on it. In all my playthroughs, this was the first time I ever was faced with such a nasty coalition. Before I knew it, not only was I facing the coalition, but the Ottoman Empire decided to make a DOW on me while I was in the thick of it!"
  • Fictitious Narrative: "The Emperor sniffed offendedly at the ambassador of Ulm, who stood resolutely defiant regardless of the withering glance directed at him, 'What do you mean that the Archbishop refuses to accede to my demands? You realize that I shall have to invoke my powers to have him removed as an Elector!' Yet the ambassador shocked the court with his retort, 'If that is the sort of tyranny Your Imperial Majesty wishes to promulgate upon his vassals, then perhaps it is time for another Prince to rule in his stead!' He further shocked the court with this revelation, 'Know this: that Bohemia stands with us. As does Saxony, and Bavaria, and Brandenburg and more! If you dare so much as move against our borders, the entire continent shall rise against you!' And yet, it was too late. For the regiments had already crossed the Ulm frontier. War, a great war indeed, was now inevitable."

Players can include screen shots from their games, maps, period art, and other elements to add depth to their reports.