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Kingdom rankIreland
Primary culture
Irish (Celtic)

Capital province
Meath (373)

Feudal Monarchy Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Irish ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Morale of armies
+10% Trade efficiency

Shock damage received.png Irish Endurance

−10% Shock damage received

Cost of advisors with ruler's culture.png The Clanns

−20% Cost of advisors with ruler's culture

National unrest.png More Than Irish

−2 National unrest

Papal influence.png Loyal Catholics

+1 Yearly papal influence
+2% Missionary strength vs heretics

Goods produced modifier.png Abundant Harvests

+10% Goods produced modifier

War exhaustion.png Unconquerable Ireland

−0.02 Monthly war exhaustion

Discipline.png Nationalized Gallowglass Septs

+5% Discipline

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Yearly legitimacy
+0.3 Yearly republican tradition

Template:Idea group/Irish Ireland is a formable nation in the British Isles. It is usually created from one of the four Irish OPMs, and is a good step up for them. Unlike many other formable nations, however, it does not guarantee being anything more than a regional power. With only 5 provinces that the formation affects, Ireland can be one of the weaker nations. That said, it does have a chance to be strong, especially in the New World.


Execute decision.pngForm Irish Nation

For decades England has attempted to subjugate the Irish population and take control of the island. To unite the Irish lands under a sole flag may be our only chance to repel them.

Potential requirements Allow
  • Has an administrative technology of at least level 10.
  • Is not a subject nation.
  • Is not at war.
  • Is not a nomad nation.
  • Owns the core Province icon.png provinces:
    • Ulster (372)
    • Meath (373)
    • Leinster (374)
    • Munster (375)
    • Connaught (376)

  • Change country to Flag of Ireland Ireland
  • If Duchy rank duchy, set government rank to Kingdom rank kingdom.
  • Gain Yearly prestige.png10 prestige
  • Adds the modifier "Increased Centralization" for 20 years:
    • -0.05 Autonomy.png Monthly autonomy change
    • +1 National unrest.png National unrest
  • If a member of the HRE and not an elector, all own provinces are removed from the HRE.
File:Form Irish Nation Requirements.png
The formation requirements and nations capable of forming Ireland based on a 1444 start

Irish exodus strategy

One of the fairly unique advantages to playing as an Irish minor is your proximity to the virgin territory of the Americas. If attacking England is not an option you can flee to the New World. Having a capital outside Europe as a Western country provides a huge advantage: every colonized province on that continent will start at 0 autonomy and will not form colonial nations. However, only single province countries are allowed to move their capitals to a different continent. You can work around this by releasing one of the other minors as a vassal and selling them any European provinces once you have a foothold on another continent. Colonial nations will form after you have 5 provinces in one colonial region so move your capital before that.

Only Connacht can get sufficient colonial range at diplomatic tech level 7 to reach Greenland without a Navigator advisor (and with a navigator their first colony can be in Newfoundland). Since Scotland will rival Norway it may be possible to take and core an Icelandic province and skip the Greenland colony. Any location in Gulf of St Lawrence makes a good capital, as trade can be transferred there from anywhere in North America. The Caribbean has the highest base tax and is guaranteed to have rich trade goods. Be wary of setting up in a location that will soon put you in proximity to Spain or Portugal as they will not be shy about attacking you when you're still small.

With this route, England might follow in your footsteps and start colonizing near you. Remember you can seize a not-fully developed colony in a war then send your settler there to automatically change religion and culture. Be wary of the English navy and the possibility of England sending transports across the Atlantic Ocean. Settling in a few locations can minimise the harm they can do.

Be patient, build up your forcelimits, manpower and income, and strike back when you are ready. The key is to be patient and to strike back only when you are stronger army and manpower wise. Remember you have till 1821 to complete the achievement and with this strategy, a normal player should be able to do it by the late 1500s or early 1600s.

Nation specific achievements

Luck of the Irish icon
Own and have cores on the British Isles as an an Irish nation.


Beating the English juggernaut as a poor Irish OPM is no easy task, and will require a special set of circumstances, but with some luck, strategy, and a whole lot of restarts, the dream of Irish conquest of the British Isles might finally become a reality.

Opening Moves

No matter which Irish OPM you choose, the opening criteria will be the same, destroy the others. Politics on the Emerald Isle are usually pretty straightforward, two nations support Scotland, two support England. The player is going to want to restart until they are in the latter category (gasp!). Before you start declaring wars, the player needs to figure out who else is on England's team, ally whichever OPM that is, and declare war on whatever OPM isn't.

The Irish Wars

The first war will usually go the same way, two OPMs and Scotland vs. You, an OPM, and England. Leinster, Tyrone, and Connaught all start with 5 regiments, while Munster starts with 4 regiments and a general. It is important that you select whichever province is your wargoal, and start sieging it before your allies do. Once you do that, blockade it, and wait. Scotland will likely be too tied up with England to notice much. Your ally will likely move in to assist you in your siege. After you finally occupy your wargoal, move in and start pillaging whichever province you DON'T intend to annex in this war. By now, England will have utterly crushed the Scottish army and will have started occupying Scottish provinces. At this point, it is necessary to start sueing for peace, so that England doesn't get too rich off of pillaging. Once peace has been secured, you should have 2 of the 5 provinces necessary to form Ireland. Now, you should have an influx of gold from pillaging, which is good. It's time to put this gold to good use. England will likely now have been sucked into a war with France or Castile. One of the Irish national ideas is better rebel support, so use that new gold amount to support Meathian Seperatists, as England will be eating war exhaustion and taking stability hits from dying leaders. Once the truce is up, (or even during, as coalitions on the British isles are pretty rare). Repeat the steps before with the previous OPM, but this time, also demand the Scottish province of Ayrshire. Ayrshire is important for 2 reasons, first, it's a new province, and Ireland can't have enough of those, and second, it's the only province that connects Great Britain to Ireland, and without Meath, blocks off all foreign intervention on the Emerald Island. Once that's over send a diplomat to the last Irish OPM and offer vassalization, if they don't accept, send them heaps of Scottish gold until they do.

Making War and Peace

By this point, your little Irish OPM now has 4 provinces and a little vassal to do some of its dirty work. Now you have to start worrying about England, who will probably be asking you for vassalization. Now you need to find a few more allies who will support you now that England has opted out. Since you still aren't very large, not many nations will want to have an aggressive, small, and not well liked country as an ally, but here are a few that might.


An OPM to your west, if your rebel support succeeded, take them over or diplo-annex them.


A 4 province minor on the northern coast of France, Brittany has a terrible mortality rate with France right to their south. But with some luck, Brittany can take over Provence and start to thrive. They would make a good ally, and an attractive vassal once Ireland gets bigger.


One of the strongest nations in Northern Europe, Denmark has a good navy, a good army, and two Personal Unions to back them up. A bonus is they typically rival Scotland, who you will likely now have rivalled.


Aragon is the strongest trading power in the Mediterranean in 1444. As a bonus, they probably have no love for England, but they typically get annexed by Castile relatively early, so use them carefully.

The next step: Scotland

Scotland is poor, both monetarily and militarily, and are probably now your rival. This war will be your hardest fought yet, because this time, you are not declaring war by proxy, so the guarantee on Scotland by France comes into play. The biggest advantage you have over the Big Blue Blob is that France is easily distracted. Wait for them to get into an inevitable war with Austria or Burgundy (it will happen eventually), and declare war on Scotland. By now, you and Scotland likely have about equal armies, but they will have a superior navy, and have France to back them up. If you allied Denmark or Brittany, now is the best time to invite them to war with you. Their combined navy will likely be enough to defeat the token force that France will send at you. It is important to weigh which Scottish provinces you want, as most of them are poor. The province north of Ayrshire and Lothian are excellent targets. Finally, after you beat Scotland's pitiful army (with your vassals help), loot their provinces until you are satisfied, then vassalize them.


The arch nemesis of Ireland, and the goal of this achievement. Even with your increased strength, you can't hope to beat the red juggernaut by yourself, they have more than three times your army, almost unlimited funds, and one of the best navies on Earth. You're going to have to prepare. First, annex your two vassals, the automatic cores and income increase will be welcome. Then, ally Castile, they have no love for England, and will be a welcome ally. Even with all of your newly annexed cores, you will still only have an army of about 20 regiments, and England has almost twice that. However, you don't need an army to beat them. Select the Espionage idea group, and poor all of your monarch points into the ideas. First, sow discontent into England, as they will likely be highly unstable due to their wars and unique events. Then, support Lollard Heretics, time it all correctly, and Lollard Heretics will break with increased numbers, a bonus if England gets into a war. Then, declare war, hide behind the rebels, and let the army chase them around England while you loot their valuable provinces. Park your navy right into the Ayrshire Strait to prevent England's armies from going after your provinces. Your allies will also being moving north to assist you in your war, England's allies will be distracted with whatever other war is being fought. Once you gain enough warscore, order the release of Essex, Cornwall, Northumberland, and Wales. Vassalize all 4 of them. After that, once the truce is up, keep attacking and biting off provinces, until England is destroyed. Finally, diplo-annex your vassals, and you will own the entire British Isles.

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