Holy Trinity

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Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity.png
Possible if
The player’s country:

is Flag of The Papal State The Papal State.

Achieved if

The player’s country:

To get the Holy Trinity achievement, the player has to start a game as Flag of The Papal State The Papal State (Start date 11 November 1444 in Ironman mode). The achievement is unlocked when the player owns Jerusalem and has Flag of Livonian Order Livonian Order Flag of Teutonic Order Teutonic Order and Flag of The Knights The Knights as Marches.


This achievement is easier if the player conquers and vassalizes the required lands quickly.


The player should wait until Flag of Poland Poland attacks The Teutonic Order and starts a no CB war against them once the Livonian Order (usually allied with Teutonics) does not join the war. The Papal State has to vassalize Teutonic Order and make them a march. After that the players should attack Livonian Order ASAP and vassalize them before they can get a strong ally.

Once the player has the first two Marches can focus on the third: The Knights. They starts guaranteed by Flag of Venice Venice that could be difficult to beat at this time. The player can directly attacks The Knights with no CB when Venice is occupied in another war. If this scenario does not happen The Papal State can attacks Venice and call Flag of Austria Austria promising them some lands, the player must revoke The Knights guarantee and take Crete in the peace deal in orther to fabricate a claim on Rhodes. Without Venice protection The Knights can be beated very easily.


The most difficult part for this achievement is to conquer Jerusalem. The player has to wait until Flag of Ottomans Ottomans attacks Flag of Mamluks Mamluks and jump in the war trying to occupy the required province and at least one fort in the area in orther to sign the peace when Mamluks are still in war with Ottmans and their war exaustion is high.

During the time The Papal State waits for Ottomans to attacks Mamluks the player can expand a little bit in Italy avoiding too much AE, consolidate his alliance and try to lower his subject's Liberty Desire.

The first idea group to take is Diplomatic Ideas since the player can't annex Marches until conquer Jerusalem and they occupy a diplo slot. If Teutonic Order reforms to Flag of Prussia Prussia or Livonian Order to Flag of Kurland Kurland, there won't be any remaining core of the former nation, so the achievement must be done BEFORE that happens.

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