Great Horde

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Kingdom rankGreat Horde
Great Horde.png
Primary culture
Mishar (Tatar)

Capital province
Saratov (303)

Steppe Nomads Government steppe horde.png

State religion

Technology group
NomadNomad technology group
Horde ideas

For Government steppe horde.png steppe nomads.

Traditions.png Traditions:

−10% Aggressive expansion impact
−5 Years of separatism

Land attrition.png Life of the Steppe Warrior

−20% Land attrition

Cavalry combat ability.png Traditions of the Great Khan

+20% Cavalry combat ability

Land maintenance modifier.png Horse Supplies

−5% Land maintenance modifier

Land leader shock.png Steppe Leaders

+1 Land leader shock

Core-creation cost.png Tradition of Conquest

−25% Core-creation cost

Manpower recovery speed.png Logistics of the Khan

+20% Manpower recovery speed

National manpower modifier.png Glory of Conquest

+25% National manpower modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

−10% Stability cost modifier

The Flag of Great Horde Great Horde is a steppe tribe in far Eastern Europe, one of the remnants of the Flag of Golden Horde Golden Horde and a strong claimant to its legacy.