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==== Shogunate ====
==== Shogunate ====
Japan's initial government.
Japan's initial government.
* 4 extra diplomatic actions
* 4 extra diplomatic relations
==== Daimyo ====
==== Daimyo ====

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List all other government types.


Absolute Monarchy

Administrative Monarchy

Constitutional Monarchy

  • Yearly Legitimacy +1

Despotic Monarchy

  • Can be formed by Republic, by re-electing the same ruler while having Republican Tradition lower than 20
  • Can switch to other monarchies freely.
  • 10% Cheaper Core Creation
  • 10% Cheaper Unjustified Demands


  • +0.25 Morale of Armies
  • +10% Income from Vassals

Feudal Monarchy

  • +10% Manpower
  • +10% Income from vassals


Japan's initial government.

  • 4 extra diplomatic relations


Japan's vassal's government.

  • +0.5 Land Morale
  • +10% Infantry Combat Ability


Noble Republic

Merchant Republic

Elections happen every 4 years.



  • Tolerance to Own +2
  • Tolerance to Heretic -2
  • +0.1 Papal Influence (if catholic)


  • +33% Vassal Income
  • +100% Chance of new Heir


Steppe Horde

  • +100% Manpower
  • +100% Land Force Limit
  • -50% Relations Change

Governmental Concepts


Describe the legitimacy mechanic.

Republican Tradition

This is a value between 0 and 100%, and a newly formed republic starts with just 1% tradition. Low republican tradition increases stability cost, and high tradition reduces revolt risk. If republican tradition is low, a country is more likely to have rebels supportive of restoring the monarchy, and if republican tradition ever goes below 1% a country will convert to a despotic monarchy rather quickly.

Republican Tradition increases by approximately +1% each year, and there are events that force a player to make hard choice between tradition losses or other negative consequences. There are some advantages to playing a Republic – for one thing it is the only form of government that allows a player to choose leaders in elections. A country will lose 10% Republican Tradition if it re-elects the same leader, to represent the fear of a republic losing that regular change of office that guarantees the legitimacy of the government, and if someone is re-elected while there is low tradition the Republican period comes to an end and a despotic monarchy is born.