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All countries have their governing capacity to rule their provinces. Governing capacity represents the ability of a nation to rule its lands efficiently. It is modified by government ranks, types, and reforms, along with administrative technology and estate privileges. Every province takes a share in governing capacity, based on its Development.png development. The share is halved if the province is assigned to a trade company and divided by four if it is in a territory. This reflects the historical difficulty of fully integrating every part of a large country, especially faraway or overseas lands. The player must decide which areas to turn into states, and which areas to leave as territories and trade companies.

Province governing capacity cost

Every province will contribute itself to governing capacity. The base value for each province is its total base Development.png development. It is modified by 100% for state, 50% for trade company and 25% for territory. Pirates.png Pirate republics get additional +75% governing cost penalty, while merchant republics get additional State governing cost.png +25% governing cost in states and Trade company governing cost.png −25% governing cost in trade company provinces, making it 125% and 25% respectively.

Increasing governing capacity

Governing capacity represents the ability of a nation to rule its lands efficiently. Each nation has a base value of Governing capacity.png 200 governing capacity. Besides the nation can take Expand Administration action in government reform tab, giving +20 additional capacity by spending 20 reform progress (the cost will increase by +20% every time the action is taken). Additional modifiers are then applied as follows:

If the limit is reached, the country will get penalties. At 100% over limit:

Stability cost modifier.png +100% Stability cost modifier
Advisor cost.png +100% Advisor cost
Improve relations.png −50% Improve relations
Core-creation cost.png +20% Core creation cost
Aggressive expansion impact.png +50% Aggressive expansion impact
Militarization of state.png −1 Militarization of state

These are things that modifies governing capacity limit:

Governing capacity.png Government Rank
+400 Empire rank Empire
+200 Kingdom rank Kingdom
0 Duchy rank Duchy
Governing capacity.png Additional Bonuses
  • Brahmins.png Brahmins land rights privilege
  • Nobility.png Nobles land rights privilege
  • Clergy.png Church land rights privilege
  • Marathas Maratha land rights privilege
  • Burghers.png Burghers land rights privilege
  • Vaishyas.png Vaishyas land rights privileges
  • Cossacks Cossacks land rights privileges
  • Tribes Tribes land rights privileges
  • Dhimmi.png Dhimmi land rights privileges
  • Jains.png Jains land rights privileges
  • Rajputs.png Rajputs land rights privileges
+20 (unrecognized string “expand administration” for Template:Icon) Expand Administration (repeatable)
Governing capacity modifier.png Percentage Modifier
  • Age of Revolutions.png Age of Revolutions splendor ability “Russian Empire”
  • Economical hegemony bonus power
Governing capacity.png Administrative tech.png Adm Tech
+100 Level 8
+100 Level 12
+250 Level 17
+250 Level 20
+250 Level 24
+250 Level 27
+500 Level 31
Icon states.png Dharma.pngGovernment Reforms
  • Government monarchy.png Celestial Empire (Tier 1, only for the Emperor of china icon.png emperor of China)
  • Government monarchy.png Tsardom (Tier 1, only for Flag of Russia Russia or Flag of Ruthenia Ruthenia)
  • Government monarchy.png L’etat c’est moi (Tier 6)
  • Government republic.png Consolidate Power in the Doge(Tier 3)
  • Government republic.png Administrative Divisions (Tier 4)
  • Government theocracy.png Priestly Autonomy (Tier 8)
  • Government monarchy.png Ottoman Government (Tier 1, only for Flag of Ottomans Ottomans and Flag of Rûm Rûm)
  • Government monarchy.png Revolutionary Empire (Tier 1)
  • Government monarchy.png Mughal Diwan (Tier 2, only for Flag of Mughals Mughals)
  • Government monarchy.png Mansabdari System (Tier 3, only for Flag of Mughals Mughals)
  • Government monarchy.png Zabt System (Tier 4, only for Flag of Mughals Mughals)
  • Government monarchy.png A Loyal Consulate(Tier 6)
  • Government tribal.png Retain Tribal Hierarchy (Tier 4)
  • Government monarchy.png Grand Duchy (Tier 1, only for Flag of Lithuania Lithuania)
  • Government monarchy.png Elective Monarchy (Tier 1, only for Flag of Poland Poland and Flag of Commonwealth Commonwealth)
  • Government monarchy.png Russian Principality (Tier 1)
  • Government monarchy.png Sidhi Recruitment (Tier 2)
  • Government republic.png Colonial Government (Tier 1)
  • Government monarchy.png English Monarchy (Tier 1, only for Flag of England England and Flag of Great Britain Great Britain)
  • Government monarchy.png Mamluk Government (Tier 1, only for Flag of Mamluks Mamluks)
  • Government monarchy.png Feudal Theocracy (Tier 1)
  • Government monarchy.png Mandala System (Tier 1)
  • Government republic.png Ambrosian Republic (Tier 1, only for Flag of Milan Milan)
  • Government republic.png Veche Republic (Tier 1)
  • Government republic.png Dutch Republic (Tier 1, only for Flag of Netherlands Netherlands)
  • Government republic.png Sich Rada (Tier 1)
  • Government monarchy.png Autonomous Swiss Cantons
  • Government monarchy.png Independent Daimyo
  • Government monarchy.png Prussian Monarchy
  • Government republic.png Prussian Republic

There are also ideas that change governing capacity:

Governing capacity modifier.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Fully Administrative
  • Hindustani traditions
  • Berg idea 2: Duchy of Julich-Berg
  • British idea 1: The Acts of Union
  • Chernihiv idea 1: Legacy of the Old Principality
  • Delhian idea 5: Re-integrate Former Provinces
  • Holy Roman idea 7: Onwards and Upwards
  • Trent idea 5: Trent-Brixen Confederacy
  • Great Yuan ambition

A custom nation can have a national idea of up to +25% governing capacity.