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The generic mission tree[1] is composed of three branches, focused on different types of expansion. The branches focus on expanding through conquest, expanding through diplomatic and naval means, and economic investment respectively. Almost every country has access to this branch. Some countries have unique missions which either replace or expand on these missions.

High IncomeBuild BuildingsBuild a TreasuryBuild ManufactoriesImperial ConquestTrustworthy AlliesAcquire SubjectsCreate a Grand FleetDominate TradeExpand OverseasBuild to Force LimitExpand NationConquer New StatesAssemble an ArmyUnite Home RegionGeneric Missions.png

Clicking on a mission icon leads to the appropriate table row. "Repeat" action to return.


  1. The script code is located in /Europa Universalis IV/missions/00_Generic_missions.txt.