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There's always a number of things that can be improved on the wiki. This is intended as a non-exhaustive list of things that need to be done in order to point editors that don't know what to edit in a useful direction. Everybody is welcome to edit this wiki; if you decide to contribute, please follow the style guidelines.


Work needed for version 1.34

Many things still need to be done. Please update this list when finishing a task.

  • add Lions of the North to the expansion-template at the top of all section and pages which give features which are (also) unlocked by this DLC
  • go through all the changes in /Europa Universalis IV/common/on_actions/00_on_actions.txt and add them to the wiki if necessary
  • go through all the changes in /Europa Universalis IV/common/defines.lua and add them to the wiki if necessary
  • update all changed decisions. this page shows the difference in wikisource (it is autogenerated, so it doesn't exactly match how the actual wikisource of the events)

low priority work needed for version 1.34

  • many estate agendas were changed in small ways and need to be updated [1]
  • add the conditions which some diplomatic actions gained in common/diplomatic_actions/00_diplomatic_actions.txt to their respective articles
  • the distance calculation for colonial range has changed, so strategy guides which mention that owning certain provinces gives range to reach certain other provinces have to be checked if that's still true(and if maybe further away provinces can be reached). For example the distance from Ireland to North America has decreased, but some distances in the southern indian and pacific oceans seem to have increased
  • rewrite all the events, missions and decisions which have the Category:Computer generated to make them more compact and easier to understand
  • Polish the page that explains the Livonian Government Building Process
  • Explain this part of the 1.34 patch : "Regiments that reach 0 strength or 0 morale during battle will now retreat immediately."
  • update the trade nodes map with the new connection between siam and canton
  • The pages of nations that got new content with Lions of the North need rewriting

Game specific

  • Find out more about attitudes and improve the attitudes page
  • Improve the beginner's guide
  • Guides for all hard, very hard and insane achievements
  • Design a proper layout for the images in Category:Unit_packs.
  • Rewrite (and update) of military leader page
  • Explain how Units get to the Front/Back row in Battles
  • Create new screenshots for the Production#Example so that they are all for the same situation and then update the example to match the screenshots. Ideally the province has a manufactory, some autonomy, at least one goods produced modifier and at least one production efficiency modifier
  • describe how the great peasants war works and how it can be ended, especially how the GPW_counting_variable can be changed(this has to be tested in game to make sure that information from the game files is accurate and that the AI doesn't switch in and out of the peasant republic reform after their government was changed in a war)
  • better explain how imperial incidents work, especially how the incident events correlate with the options that are visible in the HRE interface if the emperor DLC is active.
  • Several Map Modes to be added to the Legend table.
  • Check if the effects of all rebels are correct(pagan rebels were already done)
  • Merge Envoy#Missionary with Religion#Missionaries. The information should be structured by religion like in Envoy#Missionary, but it needs more icons like in Religion#Missionaries. Afterwards one article can transclude the section from the other one, so that the information can be kept uptodate in one place.
  • Most Super - Region pages could probably use some polish
  • add cross-links
  • Now that there are 6 government reforms that get access to Militarization, it maybe needs its own page
  • Figure out what to do about heresys
  • polish the Primitives page
  • create a Bonustable for Modifiers that increase Monthly Power (not Monrach skill), like the PLC national ideas, and add it to the Mana page
  • create a Page that explains the entire process of the revolution and its mechanics in one place

Modding specific


  • Convert all listed formula into LaTeX formatted math mode.
  • Where possible link common redlinks to appropriate pages/sections Special:WantedPages

Ongoing tasks

Apart from personal projects and goal-specific tasks, the wiki will also always need a hand with the following:

Authorial/content generation


  • Improve the quality of pages that are not A-class, especially those that are Stub or Start-class
  • Improve the formatting/readability of existing articles
  • Improve upon pages which require copy editing - 0 page(s).
  • Tidy up pages where a clean up is requested - 1 page(s).
  • Add internal links to other articles where relevant
  • Add images to existing articles where relevant
  • Maintain the {{Country navbox}} and {{Achievement navbox}} boxes with up to date content


  1. see /Europa Universalis IV/common/estate_crown_land/00_interactions.txt and /Europa Universalis IV/common/scripted_effects/01_scripted_effects_for_estates.txt