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Each country has a limited number of each envoy, depending on its technology level, idea groups and other factors. It takes a certain amount of time for an envoy to complete assigned missions. There are four types of envoys.


See also: Diplomacy#Diplomats

Diplomats are able to execute both official and covert diplomatic actions.

Gaining diplomats


See also: Religion#Conversion

Missionaries are religious men that can be tasked (for a monetary cost) with converting a controlled province to that of your country's official religion.

Gaining missionaries

  • +1 missionary from the idea Missionary Schools (Religious idea group)
  • +1 missionary from playing as Spain / generic theocracies.
  • +1 missionary from being Defender of the Faith (Christian or Muslim only)
  • The following triggered modifiers award more missionaries:
    • +1 missionary from being Christian and owning Mecca.
    • +1 missionary from being Christian or Muslim and owning Jerusalem.
    • +1 missionary from being non-Catholic and owning Rome.
    • +1 missionary from being Orthodox and owning and converting Rome, Constantinople, Aleppo, Jerusalem, and Alexandria.
  • +2 missionary from joining the Counter-Reformation.

Unique national ideas which give missionaries: Template:National idea bonus list.


See also: Trade#Merchants

Merchants manipulate the flow of ducats at trade nodes, where they can either transfer trade on to the next node in the route, or collect trade for your country's treasury in trade nodes other than your capital's. If collecting in your capital, they will increase the ducats collected by +10%, but are not needed to collect trade in the capital.

Gaining merchants

Since patch 1.6 it is possible to gain merchants by establishing trade companies. When a trade company controls 51% of all the provincial trade power, it grants +1 Merchants.png. Multiple merchants gained by various trade companies stack.


See also: Colonization#Colonists

Colonists are sent to uncolonised provinces to govern and expand a colony. They can be kept in a colony in order to increase settler chance and reduce the chance of attacks by natives in the province, but can also be sent home for other missions after setting up a colony.

Gaining colonists

Envoy Travel time

The travel time for envoys are dependent on the distance they must travel from the player's capital, and differs between the different envoy-types:

  • Diplomats perform its action instantly, then spends time travelling back.
  • Missionaries are both sent and recalled instantly.
  • Merchants spends time travelling both to and from the destination. A merchant can be sent directly between trade nodes without having to return to the capital.
  • Colonists spend time travelling to the destination, but are recalled instantly.


The speed at which envoys travel are modified by the following: