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EU4's DLC Interface.

Downloadable content (DLC) is content built by Paradox Development Studio (PDS) as an extension or add-on to Europa Universalis IV. They are modular in nature,[1] which means that a player can choose to play with or without a given DLC[2] by checking them out at the launch menu. An expansion DLC is normally accompanied by a free patch that gives players most of the new content as not to hinder the playability of the game. As such, most DLCs are seen as optional content for players who wish to have a better gaming experience in exchange for some monetary support.

Multiplayer games also benefit from this compatibility, that is to say, if the host has a gameplay DLC (expansions and flavor packs) the player does not, the game acts as if the player has it.

It's important to note that it is no longer possible to enable/disable major content packs (expansions) during a single campaign - meaning, it is not possible to load a save if previously enabled expansions on that save are disabled at the time of the loading (this was changed due to it causing bugs in the game).


Expansions change the game considerably; introducing new and improved gameplay mechanics as well as many kinds of flavor and various balance tweaks (included in the accompanying free patch).

Title Release Date Quick Description Links
Conquest of Paradise.png Conquest of Paradise 14 Jan 2014 Announced on 4 Nov 2013.[3]
PDX / Steam
Wealth of Nations.png Wealth of Nations 29 May 2014 Announced on 27 Jan 2014.[4]
  • Covert diplomatic actions to create trade conflicts
  • Introduction of state-sponsored pirates, also known as privateers
  • Designation of a specific port as the main trade capital
  • Improved trading in inland nodes
  • Introduction of trade companies
  • Hindu rulers can pick personal deities
PDX / Steam
Res Publica.png Res Publica 16 July 2014 Announced on 17 Jun 2014.[5]
  • New faction system for Merchant Republics
  • New government type - Republican Dictatorship
  • Expanded gameplay for Dutch Republics
  • New Idea Groups
PDX / Steam
Art of War.png Art of War 30 Oct 2014 Announced on 14 Aug 2014.[6]
  • Expanded mechanics for the 30 Years War with religious league wars in Europe.
  • Expands the Napoleonic Era: Fight for/against the revolution, create custom client states.
  • Improves diplomacy options: Sell surplus ships, use subjects' CB, declare war in support of Rebel factions and new peace options.
  • New options for waging war: Sortie from sieges, transfer occupation to allies and give objectives to partners in war.
  • Other gameplay Enhancements: Turn vassals to Marches, abandon cores, army/navy build templates, mothball fleets.
PDX / Steam
El Dorado.png El Dorado 26 Feb 2015 Announced on 20 Jan 2015.[7]
  • Custom Nation Designer and random nations
  • New native religions with unique mechanics
  • Expanded/Revamped exploration mechanics: take missions to Hunt for the Seven Cities of Gold or Circumnavigate the Globe
  • New Gold Fleets that can be pirated by privateers
  • Send the trade fleet to counter-privateer missions
  • Papal Treaty of Tordesillas to protect colonial rights
PDX / Steam
Common Sense.png Common Sense 09 Jun 2015 Announced on 08 May 2015.[8]
  • Provincial improvements with development system
  • Parliaments for the English crown and constitutional governments
  • Expanded religious mechanics for Protestant and Buddhists nations (national churches and Karma)
  • New subject interactions
  • Introduced government ranks
  • New government mechanics for Theocracies and Free Cities
PDX / Steam
The Cossacks.png The Cossacks 01 Dec 2015 Announced on 15 October 2015.[9]
  • Estates: Adds internal politics in your country, with each group fighting for control.
  • Diplomatic Feedback: Manually set the attitude towards AI nations, designate provinces you want, entice allies with the promise of land for their support.
  • Tengri: New religion mechanics focusing on Syncretism, allowing Tengri nations to choose and tolerate a secondary religion as if it were a national faith and treated by others as if holding that religion.
  • Horde Unity and Razing: Hordes can raze territories they conquer to get monarch points and raise horde unity or risk a tribal uprising.
  • Advanced Culture Change: Adds the ability to choose what culture you want to convert a province to from any neighboring culture, or restore the original culture of the province.
  • Native Policies: Adds the ability to set your policy towards the natives in your colonies, allowing you to focus on trade, assimilation, or subjugation.
  • Improved Espionage: Two new spy actions allowing you to study the technology of more advanced countries and agitate for liberty in your enemies subjects.
PDX / Steam
Mare Nostrum TBA Announced on 01 March 2016.[10]
  • Advanced Naval Missions: New mission system simplifies fleet management
  • Barbary Pirates: The Barbary Coast nations of North Africa can raid other nation's coastlines for gold and sailors conscripts
  • Condottieri: Nations can rent their armies out to fight in other people's wars
  • Sailors: Coastal provinces provide the manpower you need to man and repair your ships
  • Share Maps: Nations can share maps with each other or simply steal them
  • Trade Leagues: Merchant Republics can create trade leagues enabling mutual defense and mutual profit
  • Plus; changes to diplomacy, subject nation management, naval warfare and much more.

Flavor packs

Flavor packs add new events, event pictures and unit models often specific to one nation or group.

Title Release Date Quick Description Links
13 Aug 2013 Focuses on Flag of Byzantium Byzantium
  • Adds new events
  • Adds new event pictures and unit models.
PDX / Steam
13 Aug 2013 Focuses on Muslim nations
  • Adds new events and event chains.
  • Adds 70 new event pictures.
PDX / Steam
American Dream 24 Sep 2013 Focuses on Flag of USA USA
  • Adds over 50 new events.
  • Adds event pictures and unit models.
PDX / Steam
8 Mar 2015 Focuses on important women in history (a free DLC added automatically to the base game)[11]
  • Adds 100 new events.
  • Adds 22 female advisor portaits.

Music packs

Music packs add new music created after the game's release to the game's soundtrack.

Title Release Date Quick Description Links
  • Conquest of Constantinople
  • (part of Digital Extreme Edition Upgrade Pack)
13 Aug 2013 Composed by Andreas Waldetoft: Adds 3 tracks for Flag of Byzantium Byzantium and the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans.
  • At the Gates of Constantinople (3:55)
  • The Caravan (4:34)
  • Welcome to Constantinople (1:24)
PDX / Steam
  • Songs of Yuletide
  • (A free DLC)
20 Dec 2013 Composed by Andreas Waldetoft: Adds 1 track that plays during December, based on "Deck the Halls" and "Joy to the World".
  • PDX-mas Carol (4:30)
  • Also available for Crusader Kings II.[12].
Forum / Steam
Songs of the New World 14 Jan 2014 Composed by Andreas Waldetoft: Adds 3 tracks for Native American tribes and nations with overseas provinces.
  • The Grand Armada (5:06)
  • The Hunt (2:21)
  • Travel the New World (3:20)
PDX / Steam
Republican Music Pack 16 Jul 2014 Composed by Andreas Waldetoft: Adds 5 tracks of music, some from EU II and some new.
  • Diplomatic Awakening (5:54)
  • Piano Concerto No. 1000 (4:45)
  • Falalalan (5:01)
  • Introductions (5:38)
  • A New Way (4:58)
PDX / Steam
Guns, Drums and Steel 30 Oct 2014 Composed by Tobias Gustafsson: Adds 5 metal remixes of the main intro theme and 4 tracks that will play during war time. (they replace the stock versions of these songs)
  • Main Theme (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (3:24)
  • Battle Of Lepanto (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (3:26)
  • King's Court (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (2:28)
  • The Stage Is Set (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (3:15)
  • Ride Forth Victoriously (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (3:19)
PDX / Steam
Songs of War 30 Oct 2014 Composed by Andreas Waldetoft: Adds 5 orchestral tracks to the game that play during wartime.
  • L'autunno (6:05)
  • Castles (5:51)
  • Distress (5:24)
  • The Siege (6:04)
  • M. George Whitehead his Almand (reprise) (1:20)
PDX / Steam
Guns, Drums and Steel Volume 2 26 Feb 2015 Composed by Tobias Gustafsson: Adds 5 metal remixes, some will play during peace and some during war. (they replace the stock versions of these songs)
  • My Kingdom (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (3:39)
  • The Stone Masons (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (3:20)
  • Éire (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (2:25)
  • Commerce in the Peninsula (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (2:53)
  • The Age of Discovery (Guns, Drums and Steel remix) (3:34)
PDX / Steam
  • Songs of Exploration
  • (part of El Dorado Content Pack)
26 Feb 2015 Adds 5 tracks that will play in peacetime while colonizing in newly discovered lands.
  • A Settlement (06:12)
  • A Settlement 2 (06:32)
  • Canzone la Bavara (06:46)
  • Red Sun (06:11)
  • The Conqueror (06:59)
PDX / Steam
  • Kairi's Soundtrack
  • (Sounds from the community)
09 Jun 2015 Composed by Kairi Sawler: Adds 5 tracks inspired by Asian melodies.
  • Takeda Sunrise (3:44)
  • Jade Ambitions (3:36)
  • Emperor's Road (3:46)
  • Silken Path (3:52)
  • Forest Shade (4:00)
PDX / Steam
Sabaton Soundtrack 1 Dec 2015 Composed by Sabaton: Adds 5 tracks by Sabaton that play during the game. (can't be used on LP's videos due to 3rd party copyright)[13].
  • A Lifetime of War (5:45)
  • Art of War (5:09)
  • The Lion from the North (4:43)
  • Carolus Rex (4:54)
  • Karolinens Bön (6:14)
PDX / Steam

Cosmetic packs

Cosmetic packs add graphical enhancements to the game, whether by additional unit models, landmarks or portraits (to see renders of a cosmetic pack click on the reference near it or scroll to the bottom).

Title Release Date Quick Description Links
Call-to-Arms Pack 13 Aug 2013 PDX / Steam
Digital Extreme Edition Upgrade Pack 13 Aug 2013
  • Horsemen of the Crescent UP: Adds 12 new cavalry unit models for Muslims nations, including Flag of Persia Persia, Flag of Ottomans Ottomans and Flag of The Mamluks The Mamluks.[15]
  • Also includes the Stars and Crescent flavor pack.
  • Also includes the Conquest of Constantinople music pack.
PDX / Steam
Pre-Order Pack 13 Aug 2013 PDX / Steam
National Monuments Pack II 24 Sep 2013 PDX / Steam
Conquistadors Unit Pack 14 Jan 2014
  • Adds 16 new unit models who appear only in the new world for Flag of Castile Castile / Flag of Spain Spain and Flag of Portugal Portugal (and their respective colonial nations).[17]
PDX / Steam
Native Americans Unit Pack 14 Jan 2014 PDX / Steam
Colonial British and French Unit Pack 25 Feb 2014
  • Adds 16 new unit models who appear only in the new world for Flag of England England / Flag of Great Britain Great Britain and Flag of France France (and their respective colonial nations).
PDX / Steam
Muslim Advisor Portraits 25 Feb 2014
  • Adds 21 new, unique advisor portraits for the Muslim cultures.[14]
PDX / Steam
Native Americans II Unit Pack 25 Feb 2014 PDX / Steam
Muslim Ships Unit Pack 29 May 2014
  • Adds 12 new naval unit models for Muslim nations.[19]
PDX / Steam
Trade Nations Unit Pack 29 May 2014 PDX / Steam
Indian Ships Unit Pack 16 Jul 2014
  • Adds 12 new unique ships for Indian nations.[20]
PDX / Steam
Indian Subcontinent Unit Pack 16 Jul 2014 PDX / Steam
Catholic League Unit Pack 30 Oct 2014 PDX / Steam
Evangelical Union Unit Pack 30 Oct 2014 PDX / Steam
El Dorado Content Pack 26 Feb 2015
  • Mesoamerican UP: Adds 12 new unit models for Mesoamerican natives, including Flag of Aztec Aztec, Flag of Maya Maya, and Flag of Mixtec Mixtec.[22]
  • South American UP: Adds 12 new unit models for South American and Andean natives, including Flag of Inca Inca, Flag of Mapuche Mapuche and Flag of Tupinamba Tupinamba.
  • Also includes the Songs of Exploration music pack.
PDX / Steam
Common Sense Content Pack 09 Jun 2015 PDX / Steam
  • Catholic Majors Unit Pack
  • (A free DLC)
01 Dec 2015 A free unit pack available to all with a Paradox account.[24] Paradox account
The Cossacks Content Pack 01 Dec 2015 PDX / Steam
  • Evangelical Majors Unit Pack
  • (A free DLC)
TBA Announced on 01 Dec 2015

A free unit pack available to all with a Paradox account.[24]

  • Adds new unit models for the Evangelical Major nations in Europe. [no data yet]
Paradox account


E-books are books written based on Europa Universalis IV expansions. These, however, do not impact the actual game in any way whatsoever.

Title Release Date Quick Description Links
Anthology of Alternate History 19 May 2014
  • "What if" stories during the timeline of Europa Universalis IV (1444-1821).
PDX / Steam
Wealth of Nations E-Book 29 May 2014
  • The CEO of Paradox Interactive, Fredrik Wester writes about Adam Smith and the book: Wealth of Nations.
PDX / Steam
Art of War E-Book 30 Oct 2014
  • Twelve chapters of Sun Tzu's Art of War with the game Europa Universalis IV in mind in the actual writing.
PDX / Steam


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