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Domination.png Domination
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Release date / Patch
2023-04-18 / 1.35

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Domination is the 15th expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It was announced on 2023-03-06[1] and was released alongside patch 1.35 on 2023-04-18.[2]

Expansion features[edit | edit source]

Revisit some of the most powerful and popular nations in Domination, an expansion pack for Europa Universalis IV. Centered on the great empires of the early modern world, Domination offers new mission trees, new government reforms, new estate management and new events for several of the major powers in the game. These popular starting nations are now given new life and new balance, with greater historical depth, more promising rewards and branching mission trees so player choices can have a dramatic impact on the course of history.

  • New mission trees and features for:
    • Flag of Ottomans The Ottoman Empire: A revised conquest tree with new rewards for pushing Ottoman dominance, including expansion through the new Eyalet system, and new internal changes, such as the new Janissary estate and the Ottoman Power Struggle.
    • China: Different mission trees for the Han Flag of Ming Ming and invader empires like the Flag of Qing Qing. Choose between expansion and Inward Perfection, and counter the power of the Eunuchs to build a more stable empire.
    • Flag of Japan Japan: Unite Japan as you deal with the power of the Shogun and the independent Daimyos. Choose to open the country to foreign influence or keep it isolated, while deciding upon different paths of expansion and reform.
    • Flag of Russia Russia: Free your country of the Tatar Yoke, and transform it into a Great Empire. Choose the path of Peter’s reforms to modernize the state, so your mission tree as well as your mechanics will change and evolve as the game progresses. Use the power of Cossacks and Streltsy to expand your Empire to East and West.
    • Flag of Spain Spain: Expanded mission trees for Castile and Aragon, with different paths to form Spain, a new mechanic available for the new Hispanic Monarchy government, and decisions about the Army and Navy to get the mighty Tercios and Spanish Armada.
    • Flag of France France: Fight the end of the Hundred Years War, centralize France into an absolute monarchy while dealing with the Wars of Religion, expand into Italy and the Holy Roman Empire, and lead the Revolution through an expanded mission tree.
    • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: Separate paths for either a British Empire or an Angevin Britain, as well as a deeper internal gameplay, with unique features for the English Parliament and changes to the English Civil War disaster.
    • Minor nations: Mission changes, new government mechanics and expanded flavor for Flag of Prussia Prussia, Flag of Portugal Portugal, and Flag of Korea Korea.
  • New Historical Detail: Added government reforms and estate privileges for many major nations. For example, the Ottomans get a dozen new reforms, and Russia a dozen new privileges for their Nobles (Boyars) and Burghers.
  • New Special Units: Three new types of Land special units - Samurai for Japan, Tercios for Spain, and Musketeers for France, and a new feature of Naval special units, with 6 special units for Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Korea, Netherlands, Genoa, and Venice.
  • New Art: 32 new unit sprites for four Western and four Eastern cultures.
  • New Music: Three new French flavored songs, three new Turkish flavored songs, and three new Chinese flavored songs.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Cinematic trailers[edit | edit source]

Domination: Release trailer. Rediscover the legacy of history's mightiest empires. New missions, decisions, events and unique national characteristics are woven into a colorful tapestry in EU4: Domination.
Domination: Pre-order trailer. Take control of one of history's great empires and lead them to universal domination. With new missions, new choices and lots of added historical content, EU4: Domination gives you everything you need to paint the world in your colors.
Domination: Announcement trailer. Prepare to write new stories of the world's greatest empires in Europa Universalis IV: Domination. More historical flavor will bring you closer to the past as you struggle to hold on to the reins of power. Wishlist today, and claim a seat in the grand theatre of history.

Video diaries[edit | edit source]

Domination: Feature breakdown part 2. In this second feature breakdown video for Europa Universalis IV: Domination, we turn our eyes to The Ottoman Empire, Japan, China, Russia, Portugal, Prussia, Korea and well as other changes we've introduced in this expansion.
Domination: Feature breakdown part 1. Learn more about the new possibilities and powers available in Europa Universalis IV: Domination. In the first part of a two part video series, we explore the changes coming to Spain, France and England.

Dev diaries[edit | edit source]

Main article: Developer diaries

All developer diaries about the Domination expansion and patch 1.35 (aka Ottomans).

Patch 1.35
No. Title and Link Description Date
20 Road to 1.35.4 Plan for patch 1.35.4 2023-05-23
19 1.35.3 Ottomans is now LIVE! 1.35.3 changelog 2023-05-05
18 1.35.2 Ottomans Patchnotes 1.35.2 changelog 2023-05-04
17 1.35 Post-Release Post-release support for patch 1.35 2023-04-25
16 1.35.1 Ottomans Hotfix 1.35.1 changelog 2023-04-20
15 1.35 Ottomans Changelog 1.35 changelog 2023-04-11
14 1.35 Achievements New achievements for patch 1.35 2023-04-04
13 Domination Art and Units New art and unit models for Domination 2023-03-28
12 1.35 Balance and Modding Balance changes and usermodding additions for patch 1.35 2023-03-21
11 1.35 Free Content & Gov Mechanics New government mechanics, great projects, holy orders, naval doctrines, and other content for patch 1.35 2023-03-14
10 All Blue New content for Portugal, Prussia, and Korea 2023-03-07
9 Monarchy of Great Britain New content for Great Britain 2023-02-28
8 Crown of Iberia New content for Spain 2023-02-21
7 Empire of France New content for France 2023-02-14
6 Tsardom of Russia New content for Russia 2023-02-07
5 Shogunate of Japan New content for Japan 2023-01-31
4 Ottoman Empire 1.35 New content for the Ottoman Empire 2023-01-24
3 1.35 Emperor of China New content for China 2023-01-17
2 Unit Pip Rebalance Rebalance of unit pips for patch 1.35 2022-12-20
1 Roadmap to 1.35 Roadmap for development of the next update, along with the introduction of new idea groups and changes to old idea groups 2022-12-13

References[edit | edit source]