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| 7 || [[forum:804057|Religious Leagues, The Reformation and the Near East]] || Seventh dev diary about the new HRE and reformation mechanics, and map changes in the Near East || 2014-10-03
| 7 || [[forum:804057|Religious Leagues, The Reformation and the Near East]] || Seventh dev diary about the new HRE and reformation mechanics, and map changes in the Near East || 2014-10-03
| 8 || [[forum:805358|Sorties, Terrain and the Maghreb]] || Eight dev diary about the new sortie and terrain mechanics, and map changes in the Maghreb || 2014-10-10
| 8 || [[forum:805358|Sorties, Terrain and the Maghreb]] || Eighth dev diary about the new sortie and terrain mechanics, abandoning idea groups and cores, the change from a supply-and-demand trade system, and map changes in the Maghreb || 2014-10-10
| 9 || [[forum:807645|Revolutions, 1618 Bookmark and North America]] || Ninth dev diary about the French Revolution and revolutions in other countries, the 30 Years War bookmark, new historical events and the map changes in North America || 2014-10-17
| 9 || [[forum:807645|Revolutions, 1618 Bookmark and North America]] || Ninth dev diary about the French Revolution and revolutions in other countries, the 30 Years War bookmark, new historical events and the map changes in North America || 2014-10-17

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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Paradox to describe the game design in detail.

Rights of Man

All developer diaries about Rights of Man expansion, patch 1.18 (aka Prussia) and patch 1.19 (aka Denmark).

Patch 1.19 (Denmark)
No. Title and Link Description Date
19 Post Release Evaluation What the team like best with Rights of Man + 1.19 teaser 2016-10-18
20 Denmark 1.19, aka Denmark, brings enhancements to Scandinavian nations and more rules for AI/player replacement (in MP) 2016-10-25
21 Fort Zone of Control Changes to Fort ZoC in 1.19 and some other things 2016-11-01
Patch 1.18 (Prussia)
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Future What do we want from the future of the game? 2016-05-12
2 DLC production The DLC producer explains the development process 2016-05-19
3 Technology Groups Changes to technology groups and technological development 2016-05-26
4 Culture Changes to how accepted Culture will work in 1.18 2016-06-02
5 Great Powers With the next expansion Great Powers will be introduced 2016-06-09
6 Ruler Personalities The next expansion will introduce character traits to your ruler 2016-06-16
7 The Ottoman Sultanate The Ottomans get some unique flavor in the upcoming expansion 2016-06-23
8 Leader Traits Introduction of traits for land and naval leaders 2016-06-30
9 Coptic Holy Sites A new blessings and holy cities system for Coptics 2016-08-04
10 A Queen Regent Changes to regencies: war declarations and queen regents 2016-08-11
11 Cults Cults are coming to the Fetishists in the next expansion 2016-08-18
12 Subjects Interactions New Military Focuses for Subjects & new Subjects Interface 2016-08-25
13 Prussian Monarchy Prussian Monarchy, Disinherit, Abandon PU, Debase Currency and Strengthen Government 2016-09-01
14 Revolutionary Republics Factions New factions for Revolutionary Republics in the Rights of Man 2016-09-08
15 Bodycount & Minimap Improvement Bodycount screens coming at the end of wars, and you can now see armies on the minimap 2016-09-15
16 1.18 updates older expansions 1.18 brings some overhauls to old expansion features 2016-09-22
17 Balance Changes in Patch 1.18 A look at the most important balance changes with a quick explanation on why they were made 2016-09-27
18 Wrapping Teasers Last 1.18 teasers: an addition to El Dorado, launcher improvements, 20 new achievements and new national ideas 2016-10-04

Mare Nostrum

All developer diaries about Mare Nostrum expansion, patch 1.16 and patch 1.17.

Patch 1.16
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Map Changes Map changes in Ireland and Hungary, Culture changes in Europe and Middle East 2016-01-28
2 Naval Reforms Changes to naval aspects (introduction of sailors) 2016-02-04
3 Espionage Rework Spy networks 2016-02-11
4 Africa Rework New nations and ideas in Africa 2016-02-18
5 Territories, States and Corruption Overseas mechanic rework and introduction of Corruption 2016-02-25
6 Trade leagues Trade leagues and changes to mercantilism 2016-03-03
7 Naval missions Three new naval missions and changes in naval combat and naval leader pips 2016-03-10
8 Condottieri Condottieri - rent out armies to other nations 2016-03-17
9 Unconditional Surrender Unconditional surrender and map sharing 2016-03-24
10 Timeline and Achievements Achievements, timeline, Roman Empire formation, new country ideas 2016-03-31
11 Mare Nostrum The goal with Mare Nostrum 2016-04-14
Patch 1.17
No. Title and Link Description Date
12 The Team Meet the team and get some preview information on bugfixing patch 1.17 2016-04-21
13 Espionage 1.17 and changes to espionage ideas and fabricating claims 2016-04-28

The Cossacks

All developer diaries about The Cossacks expansion, patch 1.14 and patch 1.15.

Patch 1.14
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 A Whole Random New World Announcement of Random New World remake that will be available for all CoP owners. 2015-07-09
2 Future Nation Designer Improvements Upcoming improvements for Nation Designer including option to save a nation template. 2015-08-14
3 Victory Cards Announcement of the new Victory Cards system, which will help to gain score in multiplayer. 2015-08-27
4 Areas and Regions New divisions of the map into areas, regions and super regions. Regional naming for enclaves and overseas areas. Coloring of the wasteland provinces for dominant nations. 2015-09-10
5 Ironman and Achievements Ironman and Achievements Rework, Capital Development Discount, Revanchism 2015-09-17
6 Steppe Hordes Horde Unity, Razing, Tengri, Horde Units, Returning and Selling Provinces 2015-09-24
7 Estates Estates system representing internal politics 2015-10-01
8 Advanced Culture Change, Mercenaries and Naming your Heir Cultures, naming Heirs, Mercenaries and Blocking Canals 2015-10-08
9 Native Policies and Colonial Wars Policies for colonies, colonial wars and the conceding of colonial areas in peace deals 2015-10-15
10 Diplomatic Feedback Provinces of interest, attitude, trust and favors, and calling allies 2015-10-22
11 Convenience and interface improvements Building directly to armies, constructing in subjects, country view improvements, and macrobuilder improvements 2015-10-29
12 Espionage, Spoils of War and Fort's Zone of Control New espionage actions, distribution of spoils of war, changes in fort's zone of control, and permanent claims 2015-11-05
13 Threaten war and grants cores, claims and provinces New diplomatic actions for threatening war and granting land to subjects 2015-11-12
14 New free features Colonial trade goods, Cultural unions, Multiplayer changes and Achievement browser 2015-11-19
15 Random New World II Random New World, Provinces and Scenarios, Dynamic Trade Nodes, Dynamic Naming 2015-11-26
Patch 1.15
No. Title and Link Description Date
16 Paradox Pricing Policy Information about the process used to determine price of expansion 2015-12-03
17 Bugfixing and balance Changes to Estates, Diplomatic feedback and Elective Monarchy 2016-01-07
18 Balance and UI Improvements Changes to Hordes, Spread of Discoveries and UI Improvements 2016-01-14

Common Sense

All developer diaries about Common Sense expansion, patch 1.12 and patch 1.13.

Patch 1.12
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Tall and Wide development Province development characteristic (base tax, base manpower, base production) and new building system. 2015-03-27
2 Parliament and English Monarchy New government form called English Monarchy. Parliament a new mechanic for constitutional monarchies and constitutional republics. 2015-04-02
3 Warfare New mechanics for war, including fort overhauls, new looting mechanics, forcelimit changes, and committed armies. 2015-04-09
4 Theocracies and Government Ranks New devotion system, unique mechanic for theocracies. New government ranks affecting government bonuses and national focus. 2015-04-16
5 Free Cities of the HRE Free Cities of the Holy Roman Empire, Remove Electorate, Pause Westernisation, Retire Advisor permanently. 2015-04-23
6 Religions New mechanism for Protestantism and Buddhism religions. 2015-04-30
7 Peace New diplomatic actions, new peace options. 2015-05-07
8 HRE and Achievements Revamped authority and reform mechanics for Holy Roman Empire, new achievements. 2015-05-15
9 Subject Interaction (part 1) New interaction with vassals, marches and personal unions. 2015-05-21
10 Subject Interaction (part 2) New interaction with colonial nations and protectorates. 2015-05-28
11 Technology, Gold, Maps... A bit of everything! Changes to technology, economy, forts and provinces in Europe. 2015-06-04
Patch 1.13
No. Title and Link Description Date
12 Unavoidable Technical Problems Patch notes for 1.12.1 hotfix. Developer explanation of unavoidable technical problems with release major patches. 2015-06-11
13 Mistakes of the Past Descriptions of problems with old features: random new world, hotjoin, high altitude lakes. 2015-06-18
14 National Ideas Addition of several missing national ideas planned for patch 1.13. 2015-06-25
15 Design process Information about how the new features for the game are designed. 2015-07-02
16 Loading Screens List of the existing loading screen, with the announcement of two new ones (Jan Sobieski and Maurice of Nassau). 2015-08-20

Teasers of map changes in patch 1.12.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Square no more... Shows the region of Prussia with the not square Memel province. 2015-04-22
2 Local Patriotism New culture split for Italy region. 2015-04-29
3 Balkan Borders Changes in the province borders of the Balkan area. 2015-04-29
4 Frozen Rocks in the Atlantic Sea Tiles changes allowing claims on the Faroe Islands. 2015-05-04
5 Eastern Europe Eastern Europe and Poland. 2015-05-06
6 Germans Map showing all German cultures. 2015-05-13
7 New Revolter Tags Diplomacy Screens of four new revolter tag nations. 2015-05-13
8 Western Mediterranean Changes in the provinces in the Iberia, Italy and North Africa. 2015-05-20
9 Forts Preview Presentation of 3D models that will be used to represent fort buildings. 2015-05-25
10 Trade Routes of Europe Trade map of Europe with few changes to trade nodes. 2015-05-27
11 Mighty Sultanate of Hormuz View of Hormuz with province screen of Yazd. 2015-05-27
12 Something with more Meath on it The Earldom of Meath 2015-05-27
13 Religions of the East New religion setup for the East Asia. 2015-06-03

El Dorado

All developer diaries about El Dorado expansion, patch 1.10 and patch 1.11.

Patch 1.10
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Nahuatl, Exploration & Treaty of Tordesillas The mechanics of the new Nahuatl religion, changes to how naval exploration works, and the addition of a system to simulate how the New World was historically divided between Spain and Portugal 2015-01-22
2 The Nation Designer Introduction to the nation designer which enables customized nations. 2015-01-29
3 Inti, Maya and Liberty Desire Introduction to the Inti and Maya religions, and the changes made to liberty desire. 2015-02-05
4 Seven Cities of Gold and Colonial Merchants Changes to land exploration, caravan power - a new mechanic for inland trade and dynamic historical events for South- and Mesoamericans. 2015-02-12
5 Treasure fleets and pirate hunting New treasure fleet mechanic and its associated pirate hunting mechanic, and changes to terrain 2015-02-19
Patch 1.11
No. Title and Link Description Date
6 Dynamic Random Nations teaser Dynamic random nations mode, that creates custom countries instead of using historical ones. 2015-03-04

Art of War

All developer diaries about Art of War expansion, patch 1.8 and patch 1.9.

Patch 1.8
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Fleets, Autonomy & India A detailed dev diary of the third major expansion 2014-08-22
2 Marches, Unrest & Persia Second dev diary about vassals, revolts, and Persian map 2014-08-29
3 Military Cooperation, Tradegoods & West Africa Third dev diary about directing allies in war, new trade goods, and West African map changes 2014-09-05
4 Army Builder, Rebel Relocation and China Fourth dev diary about army management, rebels on islands, and East Asian map changes 2014-09-12
5 Diplomacy, Catholics and Southeast Asia & Indonesia Fifth dev diary about diplomacy, revamping the Curia, and map changes to Indochina and Indonesia 2014-09-19
6 Client States, Allied Transports and Central Asia Sixth dev diary about custom client states, allied transports, improved battle displays, and the remapping of Central Asia & Siberia. 2014-09-26
7 Religious Leagues, The Reformation and the Near East Seventh dev diary about the new HRE and reformation mechanics, and map changes in the Near East 2014-10-03
8 Sorties, Terrain and the Maghreb Eighth dev diary about the new sortie and terrain mechanics, abandoning idea groups and cores, the change from a supply-and-demand trade system, and map changes in the Maghreb 2014-10-10
9 Revolutions, 1618 Bookmark and North America Ninth dev diary about the French Revolution and revolutions in other countries, the 30 Years War bookmark, new historical events and the map changes in North America 2014-10-17
10 Achievements, Auto Transport and South America Tenth dev diary about automated fleet transport, miscellaneous mechanics changes, new achievements and the map changes in South America, East Africa and south Russia 2014-10-24
Patch 1.9
No. Title and Link Description Date
11 New Achievements Information about 20 new achievements that will be added in the patch, mostly focusing on countries that currently lack of unique achievements. 2014-11-28
12 Disasters, New Ideas and Other Free Features New disasters system and the idea groups added in the patch. 2014-12-05

List of new national ideagroups in patch 1.8.

No. Nations and Links Date
1 Provence 2014-10-09
2 Mogadishu 2014-10-10
3 Trebizond 2014-10-11
4 Georgia 2014-10-12
5 Majapahit & Sunda, Afghanistan, Wallachia 2014-10-13
6 Croatia, Cyprus, Navarra 2014-10-14
7 Aztecs, Dahomey, Kanem Bornu 2014-10-15
8 Theodoro, Silesia, Danzig 2014-10-16
9 Krakow, Ajuuraan, Ryazan, Tver 2014-10-17
10 Yaroslavl, Pskov, Tarasca 2014-10-18
11 Smolensk, Bosnia, Moldavia, Air 2014-10-19
12 Mossi & Yatenga, Sokoto, Moldavia 2014-10-20
13 Montenegro, Romania, Athens, Gotland 2014-10-21
14 Finland, Albania, Polotsk, Perm 2014-10-22
15 Mughals & Timurids, Ashanti, Mapuche, Inca 2014-10-23
N/A England, Castile, Portugal, Austria (changes) 2014-10-23
16 Chimu, Muisca, Chachapoya, Teutonic Order, Bulgaria 2014-10-24
17 Kiev, Naxos, Tapuia, Pomerania, Kazan 2014-10-25
18 Armenia, Wales, Hausan, Guarani, Charrua 2014-10-26
19 Circassia, Lan Xang, Khiva, Bahmanis, Habsan, Jaunpur, Hamburg 2014-10-27
20 Client State, West African, Andean, Aymaran, Tupi 2014-10-28
21 Ruthenian, Caucasian, Central Indic, Pacific Northwestern, Sumatran, Swahili, Guajiro, Siberian, Mesoamerican 2014-10-29

Res Publica

All developer diaries about Res Publica mini-expansion and patch 1.7.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Merchant Republics / National Focus New governmental mechanics 2014-06-26
2 Dutch Republic & Ideas Dutch factions added & 3 new ideagroups 2014-07-03
3 Elective Monarchy & Rivals Elective Monarchy explained & changes to rival mechanics 2014-07-10

Wealth of Nations

All developer diaries about Wealth of Nations expansion and patch 1.6.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 General Information Introduction & design goals 2014-03-20
2 Trade Improvements New trade mechanics 2014-03-27
3 Naval Improvement New naval mechanics 2014-04-03
4 Companies and Canals Trade company mechanics & buildable canals 2014-04-10
5 Religion New religion mechanics 2014-04-17
6 Improved Diplomacy New rival system & trade related CBs 2014-04-24
7 Free Features #1 Lots of features expanded in the 1.6 patch 2014-05-06
8 Free Features #2 Interface improvements (esp. Macro Build Interface) 2014-05-08
9 Policies & Ideas & More Policies added & expanded climate mechanics 2014-05-15
10 Balance Changes Changes and improvements to mechanics and balance in 1.6 patch 2014-05-22

Conquest of Paradise

All developer diaries about Conquest of Paradise expansion, patch 1.4 and patch 1.5.

Patch 1.4
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Finding Paradise Introduction & design goals 2013-11-04
2 Exploring a new world American continent randomization 2013-11-08
3 The Tribes New North American native countries 2013-11-15
4 American Progression New tech system for Native Americans 2013-11-22
5 A new way of playing Migrations & federations 2013-11-29
6 Colonial nations Semi-independent colonies 2013-12-06
7 Colonial Diplomacy Colonial diplomatic rules 2013-12-13
8 Liberty! Colonial independence mechanics 2013-12-20
9 Random free stuff! Features included with patch 1.4 2014-01-10
Patch 1.5
No. Title and Link Description Date
10 Post Mortem diary Post-release thoughts on CoP 2014-03-03

Base game

All developer diaries about Europa Universalis IV (base game).

No. Title and Link Description Date
0 Our Vision Design goals 2012-08-31
1 The world is at your feet Map of the world: interface consideration for province shapes, projection, colors, terrain, seasons, etc. 2012-09-07
2 The purge & all cards on the table Purging outdated systems and new design ideas 2012-09-14
3 Your envoys are awaiting your orders! Envoys: diplomats, missionaries, merchants and colonists 2012-09-21
4 Your Economy is about to change Income, expenses, stability, no "minting" (as in EUIII), Loans 2012-09-28
N/A The 3 tiers... Discussion of the different tiers of countries, and a listing of which countries fall into each tier; the tier of the country determines the amount of developer focus on national events, features and mechanics. 2012-10-03
5 The Return of the Kings Rulers, monarchs and power, heirs, advisors 2012-10-04
6 Do you have any idea about it? Idea groups, national ideas, and ideas interface 2012-10-12
7 And did those feet in ancient time.... England and dynamic historical events: War of the Roses and English Civil War, War of Captain Jenkin's Ear and The Muscovy Trade Company; plus national ideas, missions and decisions 2012-10-19
8 With God on Your Side? Religion: unique abilities for Catholic, Orthodox, Sunni & Shia, religious unity now visible, and new religion interface 2012-10-26
9 It's a rich man's world... Trade system: trade nodes, merchants, trade power, trade mission, supply and demand, trade efficiency, trade range, trade steering, trade income, and mercantilism 2012-11-02
10 It all belongs to Mother Russia... Russia: strategic possibilities, dynamic historical events (Time of Troubles, Grand Embassy for westernization), missions and decisions, national ideas; army tradition and navy tradition changes 2012-11-09
11 The Cost & Reward for Technology Technology investment and cost, administrative, diplomatic and military technologies defined. Plus a related video developer diary. 2012-11-16
12 Dominium Maris Baltici Sweden: strategic possibilities, dynamic historical events (The Dacke Feud and French Wars of Religion), missions, decisions, national ideas; plus stability changes from EUIII 2012-11-23
13 FREEEDOM! Rebels, their causes and mitigation: stability, government types, war exhaustion, and overextension 2012-11-30
14 Nobody expects the... Spain: strategic possibilities, events, missions, decisions, and national ideas; plus details on cultural conversion. 2012-12-07
15 Et tu Brute? Milan: strategic possibilities, dynamic historical events (Ambrosian Republic, national ideas, and republican tradition as an analogous mechanism for legitimacy for monarchies 2012-12-14
16 Vive la France! France: strategic possibilities, national missions, decisions and ideas; also brief notes on harsh treatment to curtail revolts and army morale recovery. 2013-01-11
17 Honey, don't you want to talk about it? Diplomacy: new diplomatic interface, opinions and rivals 2013-01-18
18 Sail away with me! Portugal: events, missions, decisions, ideas, and a detail on colonization 2013-01-25
18 Part II - Colonisation Clarification Colonization 2013-01-26
19 War has never been so much fun... Shattering armies, disorganization, combat interface, combat width, flanking, supply limits, attrition, manpower, reinforcement changes, maintenance cost increases. Plus a video: the World Map Trailer. 2013-02-08
20 A Tale of Two Cities The republics of Venice, Genoa, and a link to a video interview of Thomas "Besuchov" Johansson, project lead at Europa Universalis IV. 2013-02-15
21 Leaders & Mercenaries Land units, naval units, leaders, mercenaries; plus a link to an article at Strategy Informer: Paradox Hands-On Special: Master Class 2013-03-01
22 A.E.I.O.U Austria: strategic possibilities, dynamic historical events (The Italian Wars, Privilegium Maius), missions, decisions and national ideas; plus Holy Roman Empire improvements (diplomacy, reforms, elections and wars within the empire) 2013-03-08
23 Tell me sweet little lies... Coalitions, relations (improve relations and insults, overextension and coring provinces. 2013-03-15
24 Heir of Rome Ottoman Empire: strategic possibilities, events (including a series of events for the provincial system and the Janissaries), national ideas; plus a feature on Westernization 2013-03-22
25 Anna Karenina Wargoals, peace options, peace interface; plus April Fool's: "EUIV, The Musical!" (songs to download and a video) 2013-04-05
26 A smoke and a pancake? A look at Burgundy and the Low Countries 2013-04-11
27 An offer you can't refuse Spy ideas and diplomatic covert actions: fabricate claim, infiltrate administration, sow discontent, sabotage reputation, support rebels, and changes to rebels. 2013-04-18
28 A Kinderegg! Three in one! Scotland, The Hansa, and the Reformation 2013-04-26
29 For the Horde! Province interface and the Hordes of Central Asia: Steppe Nomad government type, separate technology group, automatic casus belli against neighbors, 50% damage modifier for fighting on plains and grasslands terrain and, aside from the Timurids, a set of national ideas; video link to the call to arms 2013-05-03
30 Four more countries and even more... The Mamelukes, Persia, Timurids, Oman; video link to the call to arms. 2013-05-10
31 A Point of Honor Japan: Daimyos and the Shogunate, unification, events, ideas; plus a discussion of the new scoring system. Plus links to the call to arms and to download the songs of the EUIV musical. 2013-05-17
32 The more the merrier! Multiplayer changes, including new networking code, hotjoining, matchmaking, standalone servers, improved chat, and AI takeover (of players who drop out). There is also a video link to the "EUIV musical" "Casus Belli". 2013-05-24
33 Go East! Ming China: The Mandate of Heaven, faction system, national events and ideas; plus debts and loans. Link to the Casus Belli music video. 2013-05-31
34 Unit interfaces and more Changes to unitview, and the need for military power (MP) for special actions. Also a note on forced march and Berber culture national ideas. 2013-06-07
35 Alt for Norge! Denmark, Norway, and a brief look at sieges 2013-06-14
36 Hot States in the Holy Roman Empire Quick look at the start positions and national ideas of Brandenburg, Bavaria, and Bohemia. 2013-06-20
37 Aragon, Naples and Korea National ideas for Aragon, Naples and Korea 2013-06-28
38 Ayutthaya, Viyanagar & Muslim Sultanates A look at the national ideas major powers in the Indian subcontinent: Ayutthaya, Viyanagar and the Indian Sultanates. 2013-07-05
39 Divine Tactics Fleet basing rights, enforce peace, and Christian Theocracies 2013-07-12
40 What is our mission? Missions, decisions, achievements and Ironman mode. Plus links to the initial videos of an England game play-through by Quill18. 2013-07-19
41 What we all waited for! National ideas of central Europe: Poland, Lithuania, Hungary 2013-07-26
42 The Crusader Kings II Converter Article and video developer diary of how the Europa Universalis 4 Save Converter DLC will work. Saved games will be brought in as a mod. 2013-07-31
43 Artificially Improved Changes to the Artificial Intelligence (AI), detailing how it makes decisions based on its attitudes for alliances and coalitions, and how it handles its armies in wartime. There is also a brief look at how AI difficulty and handicapping can be set. 2013-08-01
44 Newbie Friendly Describes changes to the ledger, hints system, production interface, tutorial 2013-08-01
45 A very small development diary Demo will be released by the end of the week (10 August 2013); the game will be released on 13 August 2013 at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time (3 PM Swedish time). 2013-08-05

Archives & Videos

Archive threads (on the forum) and video developer diaries on the various expansions.

No. Diary archive Start date End date
1 EUIV (base game) 2012-08-31 2013-08-05
2 Conquest of Paradise 2013-11-04 2014-03-03
3 Wealth of Nations 2014-03-20 2014-05-22
4 Art of War 2014-08-22 2014-12-05
5 El Dorado 2015-01-22 2015-03-04
6 Common Sense 2015-03-27 2015-08-20
7 The Cossacks 2015-07-09 2016-01-14
Title and Link Description Date
Developer Walkthrough Thomas Johansson, project lead for Europa Universalis IV shows off this new game from Paradox Interactive. 2012-11-09
Technology changes shown off. 2013-02-13
Religion delved into in detail 2013-07-01
Video developer diary from Thomas Johansson about how to colonize as an option for more nimble powers. 2013-07-15
A Guide to Conquering Nations the Old-fashioned Way Project Lead Thomas Johansson describes the nuances of war strategy. 2013-07-25
Converter Tool Highlights How the Crusader Kings II-to-EUIV converter DLC will work. Saved games will be brought in as a mod. 2013-07-31
Conquest of Paradise Livestream Highlights Project Lead Thomas sits down with Matt to discus the first expansion for Europa Universalis IV. 2013-11-08
Conquest of Paradise - Native Americans Studio Manager Johan Andersson speaks about the new features in the upcoming expansion, Conquest of Paradise. This DD focuses on the expanded gameplay and mechanics for the Native American tribes, including new nations, unique buildings, and nomadic peoples 2013-12-12
The History of Historical Strategy Highlighting the studio's humble beginnings with its adaptation of Europa Universalis from the tabletop to the desktop, this short film goes on to examine the team responsible for such titles as the Hearts of Iron and Crusader Kings series. Games both old and new are shared from the designers' perspective, including a look at what's next for Paradox Development Studio -- their first RPG, Runemaster. 2014-04-30
Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations Video Developer Diary #1 Project Lead Thomas Johansson talk about the features of the upcoming Europa Universalis IV-expansion "Wealth of Nations", which focuses on trade and how to make the wealth of the world flow into your coffers. 2014-05-16
Paradox Live 0010 - The Art of War Europa Universalis IV, The Art of War is coming, lets sit down with Martin and talk about it. 2014-09-13
The Art of War - Feature Highlights We sat down with Wiz to talk about the upcoming expansion for Europa Universalis IV, The Art of War. 2014-09-23
Europa Universalis IV: Art of War Video Developer Diary Martin "Wiz" Anward, Project Lead for Europa Universalis IV, explains some of the new tools available to players as they march to war. Learn about new diplomatic options, the new powers of rebels and other notable changes. 2014-10-10
The Art of War - Features 2 Highlights There's smoke on the horizon, war is brewing. So here's the highlights for the Art of War to get you up to speed on the mechanics in this expansion. 2014-10-20
The Art of War - Feature 3 Highlights We needed to do a third feature presentation for the Art of War to cover the final bits that we needed to cover. 2014-10-29
Paradox Live 0017 - A reply to Arumba Earlier this week, Arumba posted a video about how to improve Europa Universalis IV in twelve minor ways. The video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAHCRTSGdLw 2014-11-27
Paradox Live 0018 - EUIV Patch 1.9 and free features We're working on the 1.9 patch for EUIV, this patch includes both bug fixes and a content update. 2014-12-04
El Dorado - Developer Diary Feature Spotlight In this seven minute video, Project Lead Martin Anward describes the new mechanics for Central and South American native states, including three new religions that promise to challenge even the most experienced desktop monarchs. Anward also goes into great detail on the Nation Designer and alternate starting maps that will be available for the first time in Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado. 2015-02-24
Common Sense - Developer Diary Feature Spotlight In this video, Project Lead Martin Anward gives us his insights of the expansion. 2015-06-04
Cossacks - Video Dev Diary Paradox Walks You Through Major Improvements 2015-11-24